Dealing with loss: St. Joseph’s Opiciye Okizi (Healing Camp)

Last Monday and Tuesday we held our Opiciye Okizi (Healing Camp) for students who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Our Lakota students were paired up with an adult—either a relative or a staff person—to accompany them throughout their time in camp. It was a time for using storytelling, ceremony and art to … Continue reading “Dealing with loss: St. Joseph’s Opiciye Okizi (Healing Camp)”

Students participate in Healing Camp

St. Joseph’s counseling staff set up our annual Healing Camp for 16 Lakota students who have lost a loved one through death this past year. Four of the children were grieving the death of a parent, and several more the death of brothers and sisters. One of the sad tragedies of life on Indian Reservations … Continue reading “Students participate in Healing Camp”

Healing camp for our Lakota students

Today we held our annual healing camp for students who are grieving the loss of a loved one, especially those who have lost someone dear to them over the past year. Fourteen staff members volunteered to spend the day with 15 students (two sisters shared one counselor) in a variety of activities that help them … Continue reading “Healing camp for our Lakota students”

Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown, Girls on the Run, Flat Francis and Healing at St. Joseph’s Indian School!

Greetings from a snowy St. Joseph’s Indian School. We were lucky it was not snowing on Sunday when our students and staff returned to campus after Thanksgiving Break, but the weather has been making up for it since with wind, snow and low temperatures. Break Home While everyone was away for the holiday, it was … Continue reading “Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown, Girls on the Run, Flat Francis and Healing at St. Joseph’s Indian School!”

Summer Day Camp at St. Joseph’s Indian School

Anpetu waste’! LaRayne imaciyapi ksto! Good Day, LaRayne is my name! We are in our second week of my 14th day camp at St. Joseph’s Indian School! I remember those overwhelming, exciting feeling from the very first year because I still get them today. Part of the overwhelming feeling comes from wanting to give the … Continue reading “Summer Day Camp at St. Joseph’s Indian School”

Healing Racism

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 Afternoon brought a break from our Clergy Days meetings, and I came back to campus to check on things. St. Joseph’s is hosting a workshop called “Healing Racism.” We’re starting with a mixed group of our own staff, some of our students’ parents, and key people in the community. It’s a … Continue reading “Healing Racism”

Growing through fellowship, healing with time

Wow – what a whirlwind of activity we’ve been living these last couple weeks! Last week was full of home visits, fellowship and learning for all of us here at St. Joseph’s. Times of fellowship are especially enjoyable for me. From brunch after Mass with the freshman girls in our Crane Home to supper with … Continue reading “Growing through fellowship, healing with time”


IT’S BACK!!!!  Just when we thought we might be getting over the snow, the third storm in three weeks nailed us. Interstate 90 was closed from Chamberlain to Rapid City– a stretch of about 200 miles. The big event this past weekend was the Student Christmas Store! The store is a yearly tradition that allows … Continue reading “IT’S BACK!”

Oh, the snow!

What a mess!  The Chamberlain area was recently hit with over six inches of snow! The storm caused over thirty students and several staff members to be caught away from campus after the Thanksgiving break.  Everyone had the option to be back either Sunday or Monday– those who came back on Sunday made it with … Continue reading “Oh, the snow!”

All kinds of talent at St. Joseph’s Indian School

Good afternoon from St. Joseph’s Indian School! I hope your Advent is off to a great start and that we can put into practice the message from Sunday’s scripture, ‘prepare the way of the Lord.’ Last week, we held Healing Camp for those who have lost loved ones recently. My mother passed away in September, … Continue reading “All kinds of talent at St. Joseph’s Indian School”