Student Reflects on Overseas Trip to Germany

Four St. Joseph’s students and two staff members recently returned from a trip abroad!

Every summer, St. Joseph’s Indian School flies four students and two staff members to Germany as part of an exchange program with Gymnasium Leonium in Handrup, which is another school founded by the Priests of the Sacred Heart.

The following is a personal reflection written by Jacie, who attended the Germany trip in June.  Continue reading “Student Reflects on Overseas Trip to Germany”

Supporters Help Graduates with Season of Change

Because of generous supporters, all seven of our recent high school graduates will receive a Senior Suitcase!

They did it, and so did you! Our high school seniors collected their diplomas in May and now, because of generous people like you, they’ll have a Senior Suitcase stashed with essentials to get their next chapters started off right!  Continue reading “Supporters Help Graduates with Season of Change”

Joining the Fight to Revitalize the Lakota Language

All students at St. Joseph’s learn the Lakota language in their Native American Studies class.

The Lakota language is dangerously close to extinction.

According to the Lakota Language Consortium, recent linguistic surveys and anecdotal evidence reveal there are only 2,000 first-language Lakota speakers remaining, on and around the reservations of North Dakota and South Dakota. This number represents less than 2% of the total Lakota population.  Continue reading “Joining the Fight to Revitalize the Lakota Language”

‘An Attitude of Gratitude’ Surrounds St. Joseph’s Bookmobile Tour

Thanks to caring supporters, books for all ages are available in South Dakota reservation communities during St. Joseph’s Bookmobile stops!

The following is a reflection written by two St. Joseph’s Houseparents, Mike and Bette, who participated in St. Joseph’s Indian School outreach program: The Bookmobile. This is their experience in their own words.

We were happy to be chosen again this year to participate in the Bookmobile program for St. Joseph’s Indian School. We had the honor of accompanying the rest of the team, Andy and Julie. For three days, we traveled a route taking us to the South Dakota reservation communities of Wanblee, Potato Creek, Kyle, Porcupine, Manderson, Pine Ridge, Oglala, and Lower Brule and its surrounding area. Continue reading “‘An Attitude of Gratitude’ Surrounds St. Joseph’s Bookmobile Tour”

Happy International Day of Yoga!

June 21, 2019 is the International Day of Yoga. Students enjoyed learning yoga at school last year.

Roll out your mats and stretch your limbs – today is the International Day of Yoga!

According to the 2016 Yoga in America Study, the top five reasons people start yoga are: flexibility (61%), stress relief (56%), general fitness (49%), improve overall health (49%) and physical fitness (44%). Continue reading “Happy International Day of Yoga!”

St. Joseph’s Cultural Trip: Where the Past and Present Collide

St. Joseph’s Indian School seventh grade students embarked on a week-long cultural trip in May.

St. Joseph’s Indian School students embarked on a six day, five night cultural trip in May to visit important and sacred sites of their ancestors. It gave them the opportunity to walk where their ancestors once walked, and pray where they once prayed. Continue reading “St. Joseph’s Cultural Trip: Where the Past and Present Collide”

St. Joseph’s Names Kingfisher as Distinguished Alumnus

Dr. Billie Kingfisher (second from right) stands beside two St. Joseph’s eighth grade graduates and President Mike Tyrell as he accepts the Distinguished Alumnus Award.

St. Joseph’s Indian School is pleased to announce Dr. Billie Kingfisher, Jr. has received the 2019 Distinguished Alumnus Award. Continue reading “St. Joseph’s Names Kingfisher as Distinguished Alumnus”

Celebrating ‘Mental Health Awareness Month’ by Fighting for a Future of Change

Therapy to heal from historical trauma and past abuse is available for students on campus at St. Joseph’s Indian School. One such program, is equine therapy.

People’s physical scars are often easily spotted. The visible wounds catch your eye, as if yelling to be noticed. But what about the hidden scars people – especially children – carry with them inside? What about the hurt within their hearts and minds?

Those are more difficult to see … which makes them easier to ignore.

Continue reading “Celebrating ‘Mental Health Awareness Month’ by Fighting for a Future of Change”

Flyin’ High and Crackin’ Crab in B’More

Two students recently visited the city of Baltimore. Here is the view from the Inner Harbor.

It was a trip filled with firsts and one students won’t soon forget!

St. Joseph’s Indian School senior students, Treyah and Listella, recently visited Baltimore to meet and visit with school supporters. It was a time to share about life on South Dakota reservations and about what St. Joseph’s means to them … and also have a little fun … Okay, A LOT of fun! Continue reading “Flyin’ High and Crackin’ Crab in B’More”

Staff Reflection: An Unexpected May Day Memory

Note: The following is a staff reflection written by Frank, our 7th-8th grade Residential Coordinator.

I attended a country school in the middle of nowhere South Dakota. This was my school from kindergarten to eighth grade. All the kids from this small country school were a tight-knit bunch, as were the families. We all belonged to 4-H, played softball in the summer, ice skated on stock ponds in the winter, took field trips during the school year and other childhood adventures. Looking back, those were fun times and I am lucky to have those memories.

Today is May Day – May 1 – and a random memory from my school days surfaced this morning that I am going to share now to illustrate a point later. It came to me quite unexpectedly. Continue reading “Staff Reflection: An Unexpected May Day Memory”