Students Make a Difference by Serving Others

Select students from St. Joseph’s take part in service groups to benefit the Chamberlain community.

Young boys and girls today are destined to change the world. In large and small ways, they will impact the future for themselves and others – even if that only includes the community right outside their front doors.

This is especially true for the members of two service groups that St. Joseph’s students participate in. Continue reading “Students Make a Difference by Serving Others”

Students Encouraged to ‘Take What You Need’

St. Joseph’s Indian School now features a place for students to receive encouraging messages.

“Hope is like the sun, which as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.” – Samuel Smiles

Encouraging words and a positive quote like this, is an example of the phrases found in the newly posted “Take What You Need” board in the St. Joseph’s Indian School elementary hallway.

Many people, St. Joseph’s staff and Lakota students included, fight invisible battles. It might be Continue reading “Students Encouraged to ‘Take What You Need’”

Lakota Language Takes Center Stage at LNI

St. Joseph’s students compete against another team during the Lakota Language Bowl.

Native Americans from across the Midwest gather to compete and represent themselves, their families and their schools every year at the Lakota Nation Invitational.

It takes place in Rapid City, S.D. – about 220 miles west from St. Joseph’s Indian School in Chamberlain. St. Joseph’s participates every year in varying categories such as archery, hand games and the Lakota Language Bowl.

This year, for the first time ever, Continue reading “Lakota Language Takes Center Stage at LNI”

Lakota Students Explore Watercolors with Visiting Artist

A St. Joseph’s Indian School fourth grade student creates watercolor art with help from artist Hector Curriel.

“Pilamaya, Hector! That means ‘thank you’ in Lakota,” said Mario, a St. Joseph’s fourth grader who recently spent a week with visiting artist Hector Curriel.

A smile broke across Hector’s face. Continue reading “Lakota Students Explore Watercolors with Visiting Artist”

Power of the Horse: Students Participate in Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy is the newest addition to counseling services offered at St. Joseph’s.

A young Lakota girl takes her hand and gently brushes the brown fur of her new friend, who she’s named Charlotte. For a moment, no words are spoken between the pair, but there seems to be a connection – a quiet understanding – between them. Continue reading “Power of the Horse: Students Participate in Equine Therapy”

Supplies Needed for Student Group that Rescues Unwanted Animals

St. Joseph’s students help forge a new path for unwanted animals. They are collecting supplies to make these rescues easier and more efficient.

“That one right there – that’s my favorite,” said Rudy, a St. Joseph’s student, pointing to one of eight puppies in a photo on a mobile phone.

“Well, then you have to get your grades up if you want to go on the trip with me,” responded Maija, St. Joseph’s residential support, as she put the phone back into her pocket.

The trip Maija was referring to was a rescue mission for Continue reading “Supplies Needed for Student Group that Rescues Unwanted Animals”

Revitalizing the Lakota Language, One Student at a Time

St. Joseph’s students study Lakota culture, traditions and language in their Native American Studies class.

Language is a core expression of a people’s existence. It provides identity, conversation and understanding.

However, the Lakota language has been disappearing over the past 400 years, and it is currently considered an endangered language. Continue reading “Revitalizing the Lakota Language, One Student at a Time”

Students Learn from the Tatanka at Buffalo Harvest

Eighth grade students ventured to Pine Ridge for the opportunity to participate in a Buffalo Harvest.

On a frigid fall morning, St. Joseph’s Indian School’s eighth grade students journeyed to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for an experience many had never had before: a sacred buffalo harvest. Continue reading “Students Learn from the Tatanka at Buffalo Harvest”

GOTCHA! St. Joseph’s Rewards Students ‘Caught Doing Something Good!’

Students at SJIS are rewarded for doing good deeds for others.

Doing the right thing has its rewards – just ask St. Joseph’s Indian School students who are “Caught Doing Something Good!”

As students go about their school days, they have opportunities to help their peers and teachers. Whether that’s holding the door open for someone, standing up for a classmate, or assisting someone who is hurt – the opportunities to do the right thing are endless.

To reward students who strive to do good Continue reading “GOTCHA! St. Joseph’s Rewards Students ‘Caught Doing Something Good!’”

Instilling Students with a Heart for Giving

St. Joseph’s high school girls showed love to the elderly with a visit to a local retirement center.

Our Native American students enjoy living on St. Joseph’s Indian School’s campus, but every now and then a change of scenery is needed.

The high school girls in the Giles Home recently enjoyed an outing to the Regency Retirement Center in Chamberlain, S.D., to spend time with its elderly residents.

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