Please Send Your Prayers!

Urgent prayer request! There is an affliction running through our eighth graders and seniors in varying degrees of intensity. The kids are displaying bouts of talking back, reverting to behaviors from early in their development, flat out disrespect and little to no signs of gratitude. The official and technical term for the affliction is “eighth-grade-itis” or “senior-itis.” Continue reading “Please Send Your Prayers!”

Flipping over St. Joseph’s Indian School!

Starting in 2011 the Rec Center decided to give our younger girls an opportunity to try gymnastics. When we started out, we just had a small room with a tile floor and a stack of puzzle mats. The first couple of years, only girls in first through third grades participated, learning basic tumbling skills and stretching. Continue reading “Flipping over St. Joseph’s Indian School!”

CATCH program gives students new approach to diet and exercise

2018 is shaping up to be a healthy year at St. Joseph’s Indian School!

As of January 15, a new program called Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) is in place for students. The program is part of a nationwide effort to combat childhood obesity and teach students healthy lifestyles. Continue reading “CATCH program gives students new approach to diet and exercise”

Reflections from a Residential Coordinator

St. Joseph’s students spending time outdoors this fall on the playground.

My grandmother, Emerald, took pictures all the time. She always had her camera on the ready with back up batteries and film. She would take pictures at family gatherings, funerals, graduations, a new house; you name it and Emerald was taking pictures. She was always herding people together for a picture. The running joke in the family was about Emerald and her camera. “Emerald better get a picture of that!” Continue reading “Reflections from a Residential Coordinator”

St. Joseph’s Language Efforts Earn Recognition from Lakota Language Consortium

St. Joseph’s students earned the highest achieving spot at the middle school level.

For the second year in a row, St. Joseph’s Indian School students have earned awards from the Lakota Language Consortium! At the elementary level, test scores earned the Most Improved distinction. At the middle school level, St. Joseph’s students earned the highest achieving spot! In addition to ranking overall scores, the “highest achieving” recognition takes into account number of students participating and especially focuses on number of students in higher level classes.

“It’s a wonderful honor,” said LaRayne Woster, St. Joseph’s Native American Studies teacher.  “This is our third year using the curriculum, and it’s so exciting to see it working and hear students speaking Lakota!” Continue reading “St. Joseph’s Language Efforts Earn Recognition from Lakota Language Consortium”

PFC Martina Hawk receives 2nd AAM Award

Martina, an alumna of St. Joseph’s Indian School’s graduating class of 2016, was recently awarded the Army Achievement Medal for the second time!

Martina attended St. Joseph’s for 11 years and was very involved in the St. Joseph’s and Chamberlain High School communities. Continue reading “PFC Martina Hawk receives 2nd AAM Award”

Christmas Store helps spread cheer to student families

Ho ho ho! Santa’s helper made an appearance during the festivities on December 9.

The students attending St. Joseph’s Indian School appreciate receiving gifts from our donors – especially during the Christmas season. This kindness makes each boy and girl feel extra special.

But, part of the holiday season is the practice of not only receiving, but giving. That’s why St. Joseph’s Christmas Store is something so many students look forward to. Within the store, our students can shop – not for themselves, but for their family members back home in their reservation communities.

Continue reading “Christmas Store helps spread cheer to student families”