A Commitment to Serve

For over 20 years, St. Joseph’s Indian School’s Thrift Store has provided outreach support to several South Dakota communities including Eagle Butte, Wanblee, Okreek, Fort Thompson, Martin, Kyle, Allen, Mission and Potato Creek. The program typically visits each community three to four times each year, sometimes more if there is an increase in donations. Continue reading “A Commitment to Serve”

Spirit of St. Joseph’s

The following reflection was written by Joe, St. Joseph’s Indian School’s Director of Mission Integration.

Anna Sewell once said “It is good people who make good places.” This couldn’t be more applicable than during these challenging times we currently face with the outbreak of COVID-19.

St. Joseph’s Indian School shut down campus activities a little over a week ago, with only Continue reading “Spirit of St. Joseph’s”

Parent and Houseparent Work Together to Share the Art of Traditional Beading

Beading isn’t only a traditional form of art for Native American people, it’s also a fun and relaxing activity for students at St. Joseph’s Indian School.

Catherine, a St. Joseph’s houseparent, recently organized a day of beading lessons for the girls in her home and another campus home. She worked hard around activity schedules and winter weather to coordinate the lessons. Jackie, a parent of a St. Joseph’s student, traveled from North Dakota to teach the girls the basics of beading. Continue reading “Parent and Houseparent Work Together to Share the Art of Traditional Beading”

St. Joseph’s Students Bring Home Archery Trophies

St. Joseph's boys competing at Dakota Oyate Challenge

Historically, the itázipabow — and waŋhíŋkpearrow — served as protection and a source of life for Native American people. The bow and arrow were often integral pieces in their day to day lives. From a young age, boys were taught how to craft the tools, as they would someday be the hunters for their families and the warriors for their people. The boys would polish their archery skills over time and be skilled marksmen by the time they were men. Women and girls were also taught the skill of archery; however, less directly. They learned so they could protect their homes and families if the men were out hunting or at war. Continue reading “St. Joseph’s Students Bring Home Archery Trophies”

Eighth Graders Venture to State Capital

Do you know how to properly pronounce the name of the South Dakota state capital? St. Joseph’s Indian School students could tell you (Hint: it doesn’t have a French accent)! Here in South Dakota we pronounce it “peer”.

Recently, St. Joseph’s eighth graders traveled to Pierre, SD, to learn about the South Dakota State Legislature and tour the historical capitol building. Continue reading “Eighth Graders Venture to State Capital”

“Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!” — St. Joseph’s Students Take a Trip to Florida

Staff and students representing St. Joseph’s Indian School travel to select cities throughout the nation so donors can hear firsthand from students. While the staff share about our mission, projects and future plans, students talk about being a St. Joseph’s student and what life is like on the South Dakota Indian reservations.

Colton, a Residential Support Member, shares about his recent donor luncheon trip to Ponte Vedra Beach that he helped supervise. Continue reading ““Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!” — St. Joseph’s Students Take a Trip to Florida”

St. Joseph’s Educates Students to Say ‘NO’ to Addictive Substances

Students show some love and have some fun during the Valentine Celebration.

Did you know that about 47% of students at St. Joseph’s Indian School have been exposed to drug and alcohol abuse? Because of this, we work with our students to make good choices and to overcome trauma that these young people may have experienced as a result of these addictions. Special events and regular classes help teach students about substance abuse and how to say ‘NO’ to using alcohol and drugs.

The following is an overview of just a few of the things Chris, St. Joseph’s Prevention Coordinator, works on to help our students: Continue reading “St. Joseph’s Educates Students to Say ‘NO’ to Addictive Substances”