Weekly Reflection

After masses were done, all the SCJ priests and our seminarian gathered in Lower Brule for our monthly time of meeting, fellowship, prayer and food.

Sunday, July 4

After masses were done, all the SCJ priests and our seminarian gathered in Lower Brule for our monthly time of meeting, fellowship, prayer and food. The discussion at the meeting was lively and continued through supper. We have a good and committed group here trying to fulfill the mission of our community in South Dakota.

We live at the western edge of the Central Time zone, so it’s not dark enough here for fireworks until after 10.

Chamberlain/ Oacoma always puts on a good show, and our house sits high atop a hill for a good view from our back yard without having to go anywhere. The drawback of the yard is that it’s been so wet here this year we have a bumper crop of mosquitoes, so inside was better for viewing.

I watched the first few explosions to get a flavor of the holiday, then crashed into bed because that was late enough for me to stay up.

Monday, July 5

Today was the business holiday on campus. Almost all our staff had the day off, so campus was very quiet. When I went to check on the summer home, I found out even they were gone for an outing.

I stopped by the school gym to try my had at free throws. So much of my shooting power comes from the legs, and at first, I shot like the NBA centers who get intentionally fouled because they can’t hit anything. It took me many tries even to get myself back to a 50/50 rate.

While I feel sharp mentally, physically I have a long way back. This morning, I tried some simple yoga I’ve done for years and found even that painful.

But, whether I rest or exercise, my foot still hurts, so I may as well go and exercise!

Tuesday, July 6

A couple from Portland, Oregon, who has been giving to the school many years, stopped by for the first time today.

They’d been to Mt. Rushmore and figured the extra 200 miles was worth it to see what they’ve been a part of. I answered their questions as best I could and showed them one of the homes where the students live.

They were grateful and satisfied and headed back west toward the sunset. I’m always grateful, too, for our wide and varied array of donors who make St. Joseph’s possible.

Heavy rains, some hail and tornado warnings filled our afternoon and evening.

Because we’re redoing the chapel roof, we had some water seeping through and had to get out the buckets to catch where it was leaking. That’s one of the calculated risks of redoing a roof, but the years have taken their toll and it needed doing. We expect the new roof to be lots more energy efficient and last for many years when it’s all done.

Wednesday, July 7

I tackled the hill today!

From our house to the office is just 2/10 of a mile, and the hill has a pretty steep grade in parts. I used to walk it all the time, but since surgery, I’ve had to drive.

Tonight after supper, I needed something from the office and decided to give it a try on foot. Down and back would normally take 10 minutes, but today it took me a half hour.

I huffed and puffed climbing back up, and I’m sore in places that are not where the nerves are hurting. But, it was a good feeling as I try to get back to tackling bigger hills and more important issues.

As people on campus and in town ask how I’m doing, I wish I could say “better every day,” but I’m stuck in the position of feeling about the same every day.

When the doctors told me 6 – 12 weeks of recovery, I optimistically believed I could whip it in six, but as that time nears, I know it’s going to take longer and have to deal with that disappointment.

But, I need to not forget to ask people how and what they are doing and listen with care and empathy.

Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

At St. Joseph's Indian School, our privately-funded programs for Lakota (Sioux) children in need have evolved over 90 years of family partnership, experience and education. Because of generous friends who share tax-deductible donations, Native American youth receive a safe, stable home life; individual counseling and guidance; carefully planned curriculum based on Lakota culture and individual student needs and tools to help build confidence, boost self-esteem and improve cultural awareness. All of this helps children to live a bright, productive, possibility-filled future.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Reflection”

  1. It is always helpful to me to see an update from you. I’m sorry for your foot pain. I have that also, but as a part of diabeties. At any rate keep your faith for a complete recovery from your surgeries and side effects. I guess I always remind myself —
    “thank God, I can feel pain”!

  2. I understand your frustration at taking 30 minutes to do what used to take you 10. But how wonderful that you were able to do it in 30. I sound a bit like Pollyanna, but being able to walk at all is something to be joyful about. If recovery takes 12 weeks or 12 months, you are amongst friends, so everything will be OK.

  3. We “pooped out” on the fireworks, too..! There were soooo many..and nothing out of the ordinary…so, we got bored..and left them all to the kids this year..!
    We hope that what is goind to happen..is..one morning you are going to wake up..Foot pain all gone..!..Just a little more of it..and over. Our son in law was damaged under fire in Iraq..and will have foot pain for the rest of his life. Thanks be to God, you can have hope that yours will get better.
    Always in our prayers..
    Mia and Bob

  4. sounds like you need a little vision…You were in bed – unable to move when??? 6 weeks ago? And now you “Tackled” the hill! That is awesome Steve. I appreciate your challenges more than I can tell you. It has been one year for me since I started on the road to recovery…Yesterday in the gym I walked a full mile, road a bike 2 miles and did 25 mins of weight machines. It really surprises me how much I can do..andthe same will come for you. Hang in there and don’t get down on yourself. Our God has brought us through this journey for a reason…take care of yurself and rest – your body and soul can both use some!

  5. JMJ / MMM 8 July 2010
    Dear Fr Steve — I’m happy that you have settled back into home and your people. May Jesus and Mary continue to healing back to %120. (That way you can work more.)

    Continue to pray, please (in general, I realize), for my wife, Katie, and me .. for ONE thing only, that the Eternal Will of God be done! (I’m afraid to pray for anything else.) So slowly and so painfully for a long, long time God has taught me. BOY! does God teach ROUGH! John (& Katie)

  6. Dear Fr Steve,

    Glad you had a good Fourth. Sorry you couldn’t enjoy an outside show, but, at least you got to see some of them anyway.

    Hope you are gaining strength every day and hope the nerves in your feet stop bothering you soon.

    You are still in our prayers as you will be for the rest of time. Hope the heat isn’t too oppressive for you. When will school start again? Will you be resuming your role there? Hope you are better soon.

    Love and Prayers,

    Nancy & Kenny

  7. To Mia Archer,

    Our prayers will be with you and your family. God Bless your son-in-law for fighting for our country. Hope he will find a way to reieve the pain. Who knows with medicine evolving everyday perhaps one day soon they will find a cure for him. Thank him for us please.

    May peace find us all very soon,

    Nancy & Kenny

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