Archery, wrestling and Saturday school

My Saturday was a quiet one in the office with homily preparation, letters and odds and ends. I did take a few breaks to go stroll around St. Joseph’s Indian School’s campus, for it is mostly a fun and relaxing day for our Lakota students. The bowling league was again in action at the alley, and our 1st – 3rd graders who are learning to wrestle practiced at the high school. Archery has begun again, and I watched the veterans from last year try to shake some of the rust off their aim. We also had eight more new students sign up so they can learn how to use bow and arrow!

One academic program though, is run by our high school support staff. “Saturday school” is required for students who have missing assignments, need tutoring or encouragement. Because the public school has a long weekend, many of our high school students took advantage and got checked out to spend some days at home. Pam only had one student to tutor this morning. But it did give her time to prepare information for summer camps and educational opportunities that she will also encourage the students to participate in.