A Time for Lunch, A Time to Learn…

Hi! I’m Nicole. I am one of the Family Service Counselors at St. Joseph’s Indian School.

Family Service Counselors wear many hats—not only do we provide clinical mental health counseling, conduct guidance lessons in the school and assist with student issues in the homes – we are also the main contact for our students’ parents and guardians. Continue reading “A Time for Lunch, A Time to Learn…”

Focusing on the future…

Though some things ended with graduation mid-May, others have kept moving along… helping us focus on the future and what comes next!


Before the end of the school year, our students got the chance to visit the classrooms they will be in next year on what we call ‘Step Up Day!’


During the last week of school, our 1st-8th grade students participated in Field Day. Field Day is an annual St. Joseph’s event that helps our students burn off a bit of energy and make a few extra fun memories before the school year culminates. After the Field Day activities, our students were able to watch a movie at the local movie theatre. Continue reading “Focusing on the future…”

A time for endings… a time for new beginnings!

Whew!  It’s all over.

Our 89th school year has come to a close with the graduation of our high school students on Mother’s Day and our 8th graders on May 26.  On May 25 and 26, all students returned home to their families for the summer.


Our four high school graduates—Justin, Danielle, Lilly and Ashley—joined their classmates to walk across the stage, receive their diplomas and take the first steps into their futures.  Justin is looking forward to learning how to weld, Danielle will study nursing, Lilly is interested in Astrophysics and Ashely is currently undecided.  We wish our grads all the best as they walk the path the Great Spirit opens before them. Continue reading “A time for endings… a time for new beginnings!”

A recap of the last few weeks at St. Joseph’s Indian School!

Good day from St. Joseph’s Indian School!

As the school year wound down throughout the month of May, our students kept active!  Many of the Homes took their year-end trips to Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Pierre or Minnesota.  The various classes also took day trips to visit local points of interest.

Though the students always get excited about going off campus to visit various sites, they also like to be involved in what is happening in the local Chamberlain-Oacoma area.


In mid-April, the Chamberlain Big Bend Shrine Club Circus came to town.  The students were excited about having the chance to ride an elephant, camel or pony.  They also were excited about seeing clowns and the acts of the circus performers—especially those working with lions and tigers. Continue reading “A recap of the last few weeks at St. Joseph’s Indian School!”

A trip they will never forget!

Hello, I’m Frank. I currently serve as the 7-8 Grade Residential Coordinator at St. Joseph’s.

In April, St. Joseph’s traveled to New Orleans for a donor luncheon. Each time St. Joseph’s host a donor luncheon, two students are chosen to travel along. This gives our students a unique opportunity to see the country and meet many people who so generously support them!

Let me tell you a little about the preparations on our end… Continue reading “A trip they will never forget!”

There’s many things going on at St. Joseph’s!

Greetings from St. Joseph’s Indian School,


This past Sunday was a very grace-filled day for St. Joseph’s as 27 of our students, who had been studying since September, received the Sacraments. Nineteen students were fully initiated through Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion.  Two students, previously baptized in another Christian tradition, made a profession of faith in the Catholic Church, were confirmed and received First Communion. Six others who were baptized Catholic as infants, made their First Communion. Continue reading “There’s many things going on at St. Joseph’s!”

Holy Week at St. Joseph’s

Happy Holy Week from St. Joseph’s Indian School!

What is the old adage, ‘if you don’t like the weather just wait a few moments?’ That has been the truth here in Chamberlain these past few days. It was in the 80’s on Saturday and then on Monday, the temperatures dropped to the low 30’s along with rain, sleet and snow. On Tuesday, most of the snow melted and on Wednesday, the weather was overcast and rainy. The moisture is allowing the grass to green-up nicely!

Last Friday, our 3rd graders hosted a ‘wax museum’. Continue reading “Holy Week at St. Joseph’s”

Odds and Ends at St. Joseph’s Indian School!

Good day from St. Joseph’s Indian School.

I thought I’d write about a few odds-and-ends of what has been happening here on campus and in the local community.


Last Friday, I was driving back to campus and came across one of our local motels that had their sign up saying “No Vacancy.” Continue reading “Odds and Ends at St. Joseph’s Indian School!”

Mathias/Stevens Home- Spotlight

Every Tuesday for the next few months, we will be highlighting one of our 20 homes on St. Joseph’s campus.

Here at St. Joseph’s, we provide nationally-accredited home-away-from-homes for Native American children in grades one through twelve.

There are no dorms at St. Joseph’s. Children live in one of our campus homes with two specially-trained houseparents. They live and play together as any family would. The boys and girls learn life skills and enjoy spending time with their ‘St. Joseph’s family’.


Diane and Milton are two of our 3-day houseparent staff. During their 6 days on, 3 days off schedule that is typical for all of our houseparents, they spend 3 days in the Mathias and 3 days in the Stevens homes. This type of schedule allows for both our 6-day and 3-day houseparents to have 3 days off after their 6-day shift.

Our 3-day houseparents play an integral role in both homes they serve! Continue reading “Mathias/Stevens Home- Spotlight”

Softball, Luncheons, GEMS, Basketball and Flat Francis have kept us busy!

Good morning from St. Joseph’s Indian School!


The softball season kicked off last Monday evening with a lot of fans in the bleachers to watch and cheer on their favorite team. Since I was watching from the SCJ Community House, I felt like I had a box seat at the Toronto Blue Jays’ stadium! (They have a hotel in deep center so you can watch the game from your room). Continue reading “Softball, Luncheons, GEMS, Basketball and Flat Francis have kept us busy!”