Martina – Army Achievement Medal

Martina, an alumna of St. Joseph’s Indian Schools graduating class of 2016, was recently awarded the Army Achievement Medal.

Martina attended St. Joseph’s for eleven years and was very involved in the St. Joseph’s and Chamberlain High School communities.

We are so very proud of her!

PFC Martina Hawk was recently award the AAM , The Army Achievement Medal.  Private First Class Martina H. Hawk, currently stationed in Hawaii, received this medal “For exceptionally meritorious achievement while assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 65th Brigade Engineer Battalion During PTA Range Density. PFC Hawk’s commitment to excellence, dedication to duty and technical expertise made her a valuable asset to the unit and contributor to mission success. PFC Hawk’s actions reflect credit upon herself, the “Renegade” Company, The “Bayonet” Battalion, The “Warrior” Brigade, and the United States Army.” 

“During PTA Range Density week PFC Hawk qualified on multiple weapons and weapon systems helping raise the Company’s readiness numbers. She qualified Expert on her assigned weapon, M4, as well as Expert in the CROW mounted M240B. Because of her knowledge and consistently setting the example, she was able to teach and coach two other Soldiers to qualify on the CROW mounted M240B. PFC Hawk’s motivation, willingness to learn, and dedication to her team’s success bolstered the morale of Soldiers around her.”

The Award Certificate also states “Exceptionally Meritorious Achievement while assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 65th Brigade Engineer Battalion, Private First Class Hawk’s professionalism, dedication to duty and technical expertise made her a valuable asset to the Unit and contributor to mission success.  Her selfless service reflects great credit upon her.  The “Renegade” Company, the “Bayonet” Battalion, the “Warrior” Brigade, the “Tropic Lightning” Division and the United States Army.

PFC Martina Hawk is from Lower Brule, South Dakota.  She attended St. Joseph’s Indian School and graduated from Chamberlain High School in 2016.

Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

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17 thoughts on “Martina – Army Achievement Medal”

  1. Outstanding young woman! Hard work has it’s rewards. Good job. 🙂

  2. “Huzzah”…What a blessing God has made of you. We look up to others…but there are always those who look up to us…often we are unaware. But we are always in position to be a role model to others…even in very small but significant ways. May you continue to bless others in your journey

  3. I am not surprised on any accomplish to acquire!!! You are a great, strong and dedicated women. I am proud to say that I know you. Sending prayers. Enjoy Hawaii!!! Love Ronda the best nurse at St Joes

  4. Congratulations on your award! I am a retired Master Sergeant of the Air Force and married an Army Sergeant and I can tell you that your exceptional service to the Armed Forces is a great accomplishment for your military journey. Keep going strong and hope to see more of the award letters in the future.

    1. Congradulations on your award! I am a retired Technical Sargeant of
      the Air Force and married a South Korean girl and adopted our daughter. The award that you have received is due to your constant training and helping others. Your outstanding performance will give you many new awards. Thank you for your service in the US Army

  5. Dear Martina ,

    Congratulations for your award of the Army Achievement Medal.
    You are a great Native American, thank you for your service.
    I pray for your safety.
    God bless you ,
    Dan Reeves

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