Staff update on Fr. Steve

Many of us know when one has major surgery there can be up and down days. Thursday night and Friday were some of those down days for Fr. Steve.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Many of us know when one has major surgery there can be up and down days. Thursday night and Friday were some of those down days for Fr. Steve.

After some adjustments with his medications, etc., Fr. Steve was feeling much better. He told me he felt he had passed some difficult hurdles. I am certain having his family by his side and all the prayers being sent up for him have been a real help during his recovery.

As of today, Fr. Steve has been able to walk more; he began to eat soft foods and, quite simply, feels so much better. Having some of “the tubes” removed has certainly been a most welcome relief!

Fr. Steve has been told he may be ready to come home by Thursday if his healing continues well. I will return to the hospital on Tuesday and stay with him until we’re given the green light to head home. What a joyous day that will be for so many!

Today, Fr. Steve celebrated his birthday with two Twinkies and two candles. It seems a good enough celebration when you are in the hospital and just beginning a soft diet! We can celebrate more after he returns home.

Once again, on behalf of Fr. Steve and his family, I thank you for your Masses, prayers and thoughts for him, especially during this past week. You are all sincerely appreciated. I know he remains so grateful to you … Your prayers not only help, they work!

Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

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13 thoughts on “Staff update on Fr. Steve”

  1. Thank you for your ongoing posts! Our prayers continue for Father Steve and all of you who do the wonderful work at St. Joseph’s. The world is a better place for you. We will continue to pray for Father Steve’s complete recovery and his being able to look at these days in the past tense as he moves for many healthy years to the future.
    P.S. Twinkies are always a good treat!! 🙂

  2. Love and prayers as I think of your smiling face. May you feel stronger tomorrow and again the next day until you are fully restored.

  3. Fr. Stever, First of all I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I’m very delighted to here that you might go home on Thursday, that is a real blessing. Its so good to hear that you are getting stronger, all our prayers have helped. God Bless you Angie & Kenny

  4. Dear Fr. Steve & staff,

    First of all we want to wish Fr. Steve a very happy birthday. We are so glad that his progress is coming along nicely. We know all too well about setbacks after a surgery. It isn’t easy.

    Knowing that so many are pulling for you must be of some comfort. Our prayers continue to be with him during this difficult time in his life. We pray for his family, the children of St. Joseph’s and the staff who are keeping us up to date while Fr. Steve is in the hospital and unable to post his updates himself.

    We pray for the house staff who take care of the children and the staff who work so hard in the school to keep it running smoothly.

    We also pray for the family and friends of the children. Congratulations to all who graduated this year. Continued success for the school and for the future.

    God Bless you now and always,

    Nancy & Kenny Raymond

  5. It is with the greatest of of pleasure that we learn that Father Steve is improving so rapidly..
    Hip Hip Hooray..!
    And as for the birthday..Twinkies are mighty good birthday eatin’ food..! And it sounds like a party to us..!
    Thank you, staff, for the update…
    God Bless All of you..
    Mia and Bob

  6. I am so encouraged to hear of Fr. Steve’s progress. I know his family feels relieved also. Our prayers continue for his recovery.


  8. Happy Birthday Father Steve, albeit a little belated. I’m so happy to hear you are improving and feeling somewhat better.
    The prayers continue.
    Peace, Love, and Joy,
    Theresa from Florida

  9. Dear Fr.Steve
    We are keeping you in our prayers starting tonight.We just heard about the operation and chemo. God Bless You and hope you get stronger each day.

    Ken&kathy wrobel,New York

  10. And to you Father, so many, many thanks for
    being our middleman and keeping us informed.
    Father Steve has been and will continued to
    be mentioned in our Intentions and during
    Grace and at bedtime.

    His recovery, may it continue, is from his strength and that of the Lord. May it continue through this new year for him as it has in the past.

    Although the Twinkies are not the best meds, they certainly can work wonders.

  11. Wonderful Father Steve, The Lord has truly Blessed YOU for coming through the surgery. I knew HE was with YOU and the Surgeons. My prayers are that you will be able to return home Thursday or very soon after. Pray you will be able to eat more and solids. Need to put on the weight. LORD Bless and Keep YOU in His Tender Loving Care. Truly to YOU, NITA MARIE

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