Guest Blogger: Lori

Greetings to everyone from St. Joseph’s Indian School! The technology department has a very busy schedule during the summer months.   Many hours are spent setting up and installing new computers, rebuilding older computers and making sure everything will work when the students and staff return for the new school year.

The ever-changing world of technology can be very exciting but it can also be very frustrating.  There is always new software that needs to be learned and integrated into our network.  Working through “kinks,” “bugs,” and the like can take many complex hours of intricate design and development.   It’s very important to us that everything works well once it gets to our end users (students and staff), and we work diligently to make sure this happens.

Along with computer changes, there are many software changes that need to be made over the summer.  We write a lot of our own computer programs here at St. Joseph’s Indian School.  The programs range from keeping information on each student to tracking their educational progress.  Creating our own computer programs enables us to tweak the program to our exact needs.  The summer is the time to make these changes.  The list seems to grow each year with minor changes to some programs, adding a few reports to other programs or creating a whole new application for staff to use in the fall.

Don’t forget the training on these new programs – we’ll be preparing for that as well!

We have been putting off moving to Windows 7 but now seems to be the time.  Windows XP has been a great operating system for us and we stuck with it a long time.  We are just starting to rotate out XP and move in Windows 7.  With this change will also come additional support.   We provide technical support for the entire campus, which means days filled with nothing else.

This can make our days very interesting and also very satisfying – we enjoy it very much!  We strive to be a very user-friendly technology department.