Applauding Their Efforts

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In reservation communities, housing is in short supply and it is not uncommon to find an extended family up to 15 people sharing a two bedroom home.  The parents of one of our students finally got an apartment to move into and called to see if we could help them with any basic household supplies like bedding and plates. Because people know we will get those kinds of items to people in need, we do get enough drop offs to help from time to time. I am glad when we are able to be the bridge between those who have extra and those who are in need. 

As we started the 2nd quarter, a few students transferred to other schools. One of the main reasons was homesickness. Sometimes it is too hard for a child to be away from family, and sometimes it’s the family who misses the child too much. We have openings throughout the year, and our admissions committee is at work going over the waiting list and prioritizing which students have a greater need to be here. Our overall average length of stay for students is about 5 years, but we try to serve them well whether they’re here for a semester or all 12 years.

Tonight was our last volleyball game of the season. Like many of our other staff and students, I was in the stands to cheer the teams on. Due to distances or family circumstances, we don’t normally have a large number of parents in the stands, so it’s all the more important that we as staff applaud their efforts.

Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

At St. Joseph's Indian School, our privately-funded programs for Lakota (Sioux) children in need have evolved over 90 years of family partnership, experience and education. Because of generous friends who share tax-deductible donations, Native American youth receive a safe, stable home life; individual counseling and guidance; carefully planned curriculum based on Lakota culture and individual student needs and tools to help build confidence, boost self-esteem and improve cultural awareness. All of this helps children to live a bright, productive, possibility-filled future.

2 thoughts on “Applauding Their Efforts”

  1. You people at St. Jo’s do have a JOB…! I just thank God that the miracle called “YOU” is active in this insane and selfish world..!
    God Bless All of you…
    Mia and Bob

  2. Regretfully my work load kept me from reading and responding to the week’s blogs until today but I read them all with much interest and pleasure. I love hearing about the various home visits that Fr. Steve makes to share a meal with the students and have a little personal time with them. I also very much enjoy hearing individual reports, such as of Chance finding the antler rack …I hope we get to see a picture of him in his regalia at next PowWow!

    The days are mild and the nights quite cold here in the East Tennessee mountains now too and it warms my heart to know that St. Jo is providing education, stability, security and love to the children and the community. This is my favorite time of year and with it comes wonderful memories from childhood. That will be the same for those who are children now at St. Jo’s and I’m sure their memories will be good ones.

    God Bless all who live, learn, study, teach and work at St. Joseph’s.

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