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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Parts east of us really got socked with snow. We had a 2 foot ridge in front of Central Offices, and higher drifts in the courtyard between the school and the homes, which always seems to be a good trap for the snow. But our crew was out by 9:30 and as the winds died down the campus quickly got cleared for both foot and car traffic.

Today’s Christmas Store was a success, as our students did their holiday “shopping” for their families. Each home had 20 minutes to shop as each student had a book of tickets they could exchange for various items. Cathy and Glenda saved some of the nicer donated items for the occasion – from clothes and toys, to costume jewelry and lotions for the students to choose from. The baby clothes for younger brothers and sisters at home were especially popular, but the students needed some help from caring adults to help figure out what size might be appropriate. Unlike some of the big department stores, we don’t have the luxury of being able to come back and exchange it for a different size.

When they finished picking out presents, they moved down to the Skate Room where Santa was waiting. Jim, one of our houseparent, jovially played the role for the day. Some of the youngest kids whispered in his ear about what they hoped to get for themselves. Then they got some holiday goodies donated and baked by staff, and went to one of the wrapping stations where our staff and High School students were waiting to help them.

I relaxed by going downtown to the movies tonight. Knowing the price of a ticket in bigger cities, I feel spoiled by the State Theater in Chamberlain, where a Saturday night move costs $4.50, and pop and popcorn a buck apiece! Most of the junior high homes were there to see the latest Harry Potter movie. A good number of our students have read through the books. Since it was the first Harry Potter movie for some of the houseparents, the students had to fill them in on the back-story.


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