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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today’s mail included a stack of get well cards about 6 inches high from our supporters.

As with this blog, I can’t answer every one personally, but I do read the thoughtful and caring words that are sent my way and draw strength and inspiration from them.

Fr. Tom, the provincial superior of our Priests of the Sacred Heart community, is here for a visit. Primarily, he wanted to check on how I’m doing health wise and how I’m handling the cancer.

Physically, I feel a little stronger each day, at least until the next treatment. Emotionally, I’ve gotten lots of support to pull me through. Spiritually, I do have the occasional episode of “why me?” but overall it has deepened my trust and reliance on God.

When I start radiation March 16, I’ll be away for several weeks. Because my treatments will require me to be away from St. Joseph’s for some lengthy times, we also talked practically about who’s in charge when decisions need to be made.

Fortunately, I am blessed to work closely with a highly qualified and caring team of dedicated people. From our students and staff to our fundraising efforts, I know everyone will be taken care of and everything will be well run.

Knowing these daily bases are covered, frees me up to focus on healing and getting well. And, when I’m back on campus recuperating, the team spirit allows me to continue the healing process and give my attention to the students, staff and donors who need it.

Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

At St. Joseph's Indian School, our privately-funded programs for Lakota (Sioux) children in need have evolved over 90 years of family partnership, experience and education. Because of generous friends who share tax-deductible donations, Native American youth receive a safe, stable home life; individual counseling and guidance; carefully planned curriculum based on Lakota culture and individual student needs and tools to help build confidence, boost self-esteem and improve cultural awareness. All of this helps children to live a bright, productive, possibility-filled future.

11 thoughts on “Fr. Steve’s updates”

  1. Fr. Steve,
    Give my “hello’s” to Fr. Cassidy. I am thinking of, and praying for your good health. Spring and Summer are coming….and with them a return to your “normal ” life!
    I go to the oncologist on Friday morning for my first big follow up. Please remember me in your morning mass. This cancer thing is sure hard to live with. Be assured of our faith prayers for you!

  2. Guten Morgan..!
    Up and at ’em, Father..! The laziest Birdie is hopping about..! On your toes..and into the dance…! And There we our prayers..Swingin’ with you..!
    We’re at your back..!
    Mia and Bob

  3. The Judge I work with fought cancer last year. She told us in January 2009 and by July she was back to work. She had high hopes of working part time while taking treatments but it didn’t really happen and a visiting judge came to help us out.

    The staff at SJIS is amazing and they have the utmost respect for you. They will do you proud!

    God bless!

  4. Hi Father Steve – A good friend of mine was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer nearly twenty years ago. The odds of her recovery were 60/40 against her. As she got ready to celebrate her 5 year anniversary it was discovered by accident that she then had a different type of tumor that practically no one survives; there was barely any info on the internet about it. She is with us and healthy today!!! 🙂 She feels that God still has work for her to do(she has five children, the last of which just graduated from high school last June.) Since you currently have 200 children, with more coming every year, you also still have work to do (a lot of it!!) I am praying for you and wishing you God’s strength and unexplainable joy as you continue your cancer treatments. Love, Carol Quinn

  5. Fr. Steve:
    My prayers are with you for a quick return to good health. Glad to see your posts and many supporters in faith.
    God Bless
    Lorraine Hoy

  6. Fr. Steve,
    Your letters about the school and the children are aways a joy to read. God will give you the strength you need to continue your work. We pray for you especially during this lenten season. Love Mary and Bob

  7. Hi Father Steve:) Received your letter yesterday about the cancer, and my first reaction was “Why, Lord? Why is it always the good people?” How I love all the pictures and letters you send about your work with the children at St. Joseph’s! Surely the good God will heal you and spare you to continue this faith-filled and loving work! Please know that I join all the hundreds of your friends in constant prayer as you pass through the “Dark Night” and into a future of renewed good health and joy among the people you love.

  8. I have been a donor to Saint Joseph’s for 20 years and I met you at one of the luncheon conferences in Los Angeles, CA. I am sorry to hear about your health problems. I will include you in my prayers and may God’s healing power be upon you.

    Warm Regards,
    Darlene Parker

  9. Fr. Steve–
    As soon as I got your letter, I put you on my daily prayer list. I am praying to St. Peregrine, patron saint of cancer. We don’t, of course, know what God plans to do, whether heal you or not. But we do know that God will always be with you, and provide you with whatever you need each day, each moment. May He especially bless you with His peace.

  10. We have kept you in mind during this Lenten season along with all our other family and friends who are in need from intervention from our Lord.

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