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As I got closer to the hospital, the dreary, gray fog gave way to bright sunshine, and the temperature neared 60 degrees. It felt like spring and lifted my spirits.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yesterday (Monday) was a travel day.

As I got closer to the hospital, the dreary, gray fog gave way to bright sunshine, and the temperature neared 60 degrees. It felt like spring and lifted my spirits.

I took advantage of the weather and washed the layers of mud and grime off the car. I also did some grocery shopping and settled in.

I brought lots of staples from home, but got perishables like milk, lunch meat and – my post chemo staple when nothing else tastes good – cottage cheese!

Today, the battery of tests began first thing in the morning with blood work. Then, I met with the radiologist who very caringly explained the process over the next six weeks.

Next, they molded forms for my legs and head so I’ll be in the same position every day, and using tiny bits of India Ink, they tattooed freckle-sized dots in three places on my stomach to guide the equipment.

The medical team needs a few days to work out dosage and where they’ll concentrate the radiation, and I won’t actually start all that until next Monday.

I took a CT scan of my chest area to make sure nothing is spreading, and after lunch spent 90 minutes in the MRI room for another scan of the tumor. We’ll go over the results tomorrow.

While none of the procedures are especially comfortable, I’ve been handling them OK.

The local parish had a noon Mass, and I dropped by to feel God’s love and grace. Today’s gospel was appropriately about healing.

I looked around at many other patients and caregivers, and included them in my prayers, as well as all the folks back home and all over who are praying for me.

I also got about an hour’s walk in. The doctors said if I keep up my exercises now, it will help me bounce back more quickly after surgery. It’s also a nice stress relief after a day of being poked and prodded.

The local parish had a noon Mass,
and I dropped by to feel God’s love and grace

Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

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11 thoughts on “Fr. Steve’s updates”

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you Fr. Steve! Being poked and prodded is never fun. We are praying for you, and for the doctors and medical staff who are working with you. God bless!

  2. May Gods loving and healing hands embrace you now and thoughout your life Fr.Steve. May you always feel His Grace now and thouhgout eternity. God speed you on your recovery and return you quickly to the children who count on you. May He see fit to put your cancer into remmission and never for it to return. God Bless you and keep you in his care always.


    Nancy & Kenny Raymond

  3. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Fr. Steve! Hope it’s a good one for you.


    Nancy & Kenny Raymond

  4. From a good Irishman, Happy St Patrick’s Day. It sounds like you are doing well. Cottage Cheese ha. I ate the same thing for the same reason! I hope the sunshine is lifting your spirits. It always really helps me. Take care of yourself, and be assured of our ongoing prayer.

  5. Hello Fr, Steve –

    I can’t imagine what you are going through right now, but I pray that God will draw close to strengthen you in body & spirit.
    Get as much sunshine as you can & ask the Dr. about Vitamin D3 supplements. There are many studies showing the effects of Vitamin D on cancer cells.

    Blessings to you – Susan Peterson

  6. St. Patrick prayed: “Against all Satan’s spells and wiles… against the death-wound and the burning, the choking wave and poisoned shaft, protect me, Christ, till Thy returning. Christ be with me, Christ within me, Christ behind me, Christ before me,
    Christ to comfort and restore me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me… Christ in danger, Christ in all that love me…”
    I pray all this for you today.
    Maureen Reilly

  7. Thinking of you often..You are always in our prayers..! Enjoy St. Paddy’s Day…and don’t forget to wear your green..We do not want you to be mistaken for an ORANGE MAN while you are there !
    Mia and Bob

  8. Dear Fr. Steve,

    In 1987, my husband Ed and I, along with his brother Jack and sister-in-law Mary, visited St Joseph’s while on a cross-country trip, and ever since have had a special feeling of closeness and affection for all of you. You have been praying for Ed and Jack, who are now with God, and your prayers have been comforting and strength-giving. Now Mary and I ask them to pray for you, asking our dear Lord in His Love and compassion, to bless you with peace and trust throughout your ordeal and bring you healing.

    Today at a Bible study gathering we read again and meditated on “St. Patrick’s Breastplate”, and I included you in my praying of it. God be with you every day. You will remain in my prayers.
    Clare Hayes

  9. Father Steve,
    I am certainly praying for you.
    My boss went through a lot of what you’re going through: the radiation, and chemo, and wondering what was to happen. I know it’s different for everybody, but she survived and I pray you will too.

  10. Fr. Steve it was so good to read online today of what is happening with the process you are going through to achieve “wellness”. I marvel at your journaling–it is so interesting!

    May your tumor continue to shrink, and your cancer not spread, that is my prayer for you.

    LOTS or PRAYERS for you, wishing you the best,

  11. Dear padre,
    On wednesday I lost my best friend to cancer. One weekend we were laughing and joking, the next his wife was telling me larry was dyeing. I went and saw him which made me cry. He died wednesday the 18th of march. His wife is sick and needs surgery but wont come down from the mountain so we can take care of her. My wife tells me how we are blessed to help others. I guess I am getting a little depressed, since for the last 4 years I have lost 2 sisters and my father is getting grouchy to being 83 and waiting for death as is my mother in law who is 88. i wish you well, but my faith is being tested in this easter season. I think you are a good person to give me some light on this situation. As you know I work with the worst of the worst students. I have become insensitive to all situations. Can you help me? I can not get out of this funk and pray all the time. I still feel hollow and depressed.

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