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Tonight, I got back from a “quick” trip to the hospital for pre-surgery tests and appointments. The drive is long, 375 miles each way, but I’m feeling well enough to do that by myself.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tonight, I got back from a “quick” trip to the hospital for pre-surgery tests and appointments. The drive is long, 375 miles each way, but I’m feeling well enough to do that by myself.

I drove out Wednesday and back today. Driving on the prairie isn’t all that stressful when the weather is good. There’s little traffic, and I just put the cruise control on and use the time to pray, think or listen to music or a ball game.

The doctors packed in a lot of tests, and results I have back so far are encouraging. My blood work shows that my counts have climbed back to normal, which is especially good news for my immune system.

The CT scan of my chest shows the cancer has not affected my lungs. The EKG told the doctors my heart is strong (maybe part of my charisma as a Priest of the Sacred Heart?) and able to handle surgery.

I had two tests that the results are still pending from. The vascular surgeon ordered an ultrasound of the veins in my abdomen and legs, to look at the blood flow, and help them determine how much the blood vessels have been affected by the tumor. If some of the veins need to be resected or replaced that will be one of the more complicated parts of the surgery.

I had another MRI to see what effect the chemo and radiation has had on the tumor, but those results were not back by the time I met with the oncologist. When he looked over the other results, he was quite pleased. He doesn’t’ expect me to need any more chemotherapy, which is definitely good news.

With a little over a week to go before surgery, I’m feeling pretty good going in. I tell folks I’m about 85% of normal. The doctors expect 6 – 12 weeks of recovery, and I’ll just have to let the medicines and my body take the time to heal.

I came back home to another pile of cards and letters with lots of prayers and encouragement. I have certainly felt blessed and loved through this whole process!

Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

At St. Joseph's Indian School, our privately-funded programs for Lakota (Sioux) children in need have evolved over 90 years of family partnership, experience and education. Because of generous friends who share tax-deductible donations, Native American youth receive a safe, stable home life; individual counseling and guidance; carefully planned curriculum based on Lakota culture and individual student needs and tools to help build confidence, boost self-esteem and improve cultural awareness. All of this helps children to live a bright, productive, possibility-filled future.

14 thoughts on “Fr. Steve’s updates”

  1. VERY good news..! You are winning the battle..BUT..your intentions are to do exactly that..! So..HOORAY for your courage and determination..!
    YES..We believe the Sacred Heart has something to do with that..He’s no wimp, either..!
    Our prayers are with you..
    And so is our Love..
    Mia and Bob

  2. Wow,your news is very encouraging. Keep up the postive flow. It will all be a thing of the past soon. You will be able to claim the “cancer survivor” status!
    Be assured of our prayers for you.

    Joe and Sandy

  3. Our prayers will continue to be for your successful surgery. God bless the surgeons and those who care for you. You will come out of this strong. We pray for that for you. God bless you in all that you do.

  4. Fr.Steve, I was happy to hear that your tests so far are good thats sure great. All the prayers & blessings are helping you on your journey. We will pray for your speedy recovery God Bless you Angie & Kenny

  5. Dear Fr. Steve,

    We’re so happy that things are looking good fot your recovery. The prayers seem to be helping. We will continue to pray for you during this trying time in your life.

    Nancy has had some setbacks but she is hopeful that she too will recover soon. The diagnosis isn’t good for such an early ecovery.

    They say it will take moooooonths to recover completely with no guarentees that the ulcers or the infections will not return.

    Please continue to pray for her. She is still in a great deal of pain.

    Thank you and God Bless you and the school staff, children, families, friends and alumni.

    Nancy & Kenny Raymond

  6. Hi Fr. Steve –

    I’m happy to hear this good report! May God continue to bless & strengthen you. May He keep your mind in perfect peace. I keep you daily in my prayers.


  7. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. We are happy for you that tests are looking good. We know the Lord will watch over you as the unending work you do for the Indian nations is how he works through you.

    Hope to see you at this years POW-Wow. We will be sending 3 care boxes to you in the next 90 days, like the one you sent us a wonderful thank you letter for in 02/09.

    P.S. Please send us correct address for a UPS delivery.

    God Bless,

    Eugene & Joyce

  8. a quick 375 mile trip each way!!! you sound like us when we take a quick trip up to South Dakota! we are delighted with the encouraging news, and will continue to keep you in our prayers. we ask God for a complete recovery so that you can continue the amazing work you do at St. Joe’s. God bless!

    jim & marianne

  9. This is good news… Lisa and I will keep you in our prayers and hope to see a full recovery. Bless you for all the good work you do for the children.

    Bob & lisa

  10. God brought me safely through colon cancer and I am now past my 5 year mark. When I was diagnosed, I too, was scared, but then I saw that God was going to be teaching me some needed lessons, so I put my faith in him and didn’t worry after that. His Grace was such an overwhelming gift, that I struggle even today to describe it. I know how healing God is and how he loves each of us. You are a blessing and inspirationto us all, most especially to the children at St. Joseph’s. Stay strong and stay positive. I will keep you in the forefront of my prayers!

  11. I have sent healing hands to lay upon your soul to make you feel better.
    May the lord be with you and keep you safe.

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