Prom for our high school students

St. Joseph’s seniors enjoy prom as part of their high school experience.
Erica, a senior, and her date are ready to go!

The highlight of last Saturday evening was the Chamberlain High School Prom. I don’t know what it’s like in bigger cities but, in our small town, almost everyone from town crams into the gym for the Grand March!

Our sharply dressed young couples are introduced and walk around the court so family and friends can shoot pictures before the actual dance begins. We had a dozen of our St. Joseph’s High School students take part.

The Lakota girls love dressing up for prom!
The Lakota girls in the Hogebach Home show off their beautiful dresses.
The Lakota boys sport tuxes for the special evening.
The Lakota boys in the Sheehy Home flex their muscles in their tuxedos.

Afterwards, the community organized a lock-in with lots of fun activities until early in the morning. The hope is to keep students safe and make the evening memorable in a good way. Our students clean up well and looked so grown up! It was an exciting night for everyone who participated.

Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

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  1. everyone looked so beautiful and handsome dressed up. i am glad that they had a great time at the prom

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