Staff update on Fr. Steve

I just received a call from Fr. Steve telling me his doctors want him to stay in the hospital until Friday. They want to adjust his blood clotting medications.

Hi all – quick change of plans!

I just received a call from Fr. Steve telling me his doctors want him to stay in the hospital until Friday. They want to adjust his blood clotting medications.

So, we will be staying here a couple extra days to make sure things are well and steady for Fr. Steve to come home. He is very ok with staying to make sure things are ok before we leave.

There’s another Chamberlain man here receiving treatments, and since we’ll be staying, I plan to visit with Jim as well.

Please keep Fr. Steve and all who are battling or healing from cancer in your prayers and thoughts.

As ever,
Fr. Bill

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12 thoughts on “Staff update on Fr. Steve”

  1. We will always send up prayers for cancer “warriors.” I am an almost 2 year survivor myself. One day with prayer and fund raising efforts, cancer will be a distant memory. Thank you, again, Father Bill for your steady updates.

  2. Dear Frs. Steve and Bill,

    Sorry to hear that Fr. Steve is unable to come home today. Hope when Friday comes along he will be allowed to leave.

    We continue our vigil and prayers for Fr. Steve and all who are suffering in one way or another.

    Hope return is soon,

    Nancy & Kenny Raymond

  3. Our prayers and good thoughts are sent rushing to all of you..and thank you, Fr.Bill, for your timely posts.!
    Best Regards,
    Mia and Bob

  4. yes, please make VERY sure fr Steve is medically ready to come home: i just lost a very dear friend to this scourge of our times.
    wishing ft Steve a swift recovery and sending ‘Carolina Sunshine’, paula

  5. Father Bill,

    After the surgical procedure that Father Steve
    went through, I think the extra time will be well worth it. I don’t want to hear that
    Father Steve overdid himself once he returned to Chamberlain.

    As in the St Francis Prayer, “Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace,” how can Father Steve be 100 percent on his return without the necessary rest.

    You, Father Bill, and Father Steve continue to be in our prayers for your assistance to Father, as well as our link to him.

    Take care in these last few days prior to departure.

  6. My prayers are with you all during this challenging time. Much love to everyone. And Fr. Steve, I am so happy I met you in Seattle. You are an inspiration to the children and staff, and all of us. Having spent last summer in the hospital and nursing home with Wegener’s Disease, and after 8 months of oral chemo, I am doing well, praise the Lord for His constant care and for giving me even more empathy for others who suffer. Including Our Lord!

    God bless you dear Father.

  7. We are happy to hear that you are doing so good FR. Steve. You are in our prayers, hope you wil be home real soon. Sounds like FRiday is the day. God Bless are prayers are with you always. Angie & Kenny

    1. Fr. Steve, you are such a good patient.
      You know I’m with you in prayers and thought every day.
      Thanks you Fr. Bill for your wonderful updates on Fr. Steve.


  8. Fr. Steve, you are such a good patient!

    Thank you Fr. Bill for the updates.

    Know of my prayers and love everyday.

    Love to Fr. Steve’s family, too.

    Sr. Leah

  9. Dear Father Steve; Just wanted you to know that I am praying for a full recovery for you. God will work out the bad things and turn them for the good for you, the bible tells me this so I am confident in Christ that you will be healed!! Sincerely Patricia Latham

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