Basketball crazy boys

Becky, who works in accounting and I went to Brule County Abstract this afternoon to close on a building downtown that we purchased and pick up the keys. The old grocery store on Main Street has been vacant for a couple of years and it will give us a lot of room to expand our thrift store.

Since it is just a block away from the post office, it will also make it easier to handle the boxes and packages that people send us each day.  The building needs a good cleaning and then quite a bit of work, but our maintenance staff is up for the challenge. When we went to check inside the store we invited Chantelle, who manages the current thrift store to go with us. She and Becky have done a lot of work to get the plans and proposal ready and were as excited as two St. Joseph’s kids at the Christmas Store.

After shooting a few baskets with the Raphael Home (1st – 3rd grade boys) I joined them for supper. The boys are basketball crazy, especially with the NBA playoffs in full swing. I remember third grade as the time I got so excited about baseball and basketball cards. These boys are just at the age where all of a sudden sports becomes such a central part of their life. They vied for my attention to tell me about their favorite teams and players.  They asked me all kinds of sports questions, like which stars I had actually seen play. When they asked about who was champion the most times, I turned on my cell phone and pulled up a list off the internet. Then they  crowded around and learned some of the history of the sport, cheering each time their team was listed.