School and life

I went over to school for a while today. When I visit, I find that first grade is always one of my favorite stops. The day was winding down and the students had some self-structured time for learning activities. I helped Paite work on a jigsaw puzzle for a while. Once I helped him sort out the straight edges for the frame, he started to make speedy progress. Gavin asked if I wanted to help him build a tower with colorful plastic connectors. It fell over a few times on us, but we built it high and had fun. Other students simply read some favorite books, which is always a hopeful sign when kids learn to enjoy reading.

Mostly, I worked on materials for our Board of Directors meeting which will take place in two weeks. Budgeting gets complicated and takes not only good explanations, but careful checking. We have a great accounting staff that keeps the numbers balanced and true, which helps tremendously.

I stopped by Carola Home (high school boys) and shared a burger with the crew as they came in from sports practices and time with the tutor. The high school homes seldom have everyone together for dinner; they eat in shifts because of all the coming and going. But sitting with four or five guys at a time gave me a better chance to visit, asking about school and life.