Good camaraderie and collaboration

Houseparents are beginning the end of the year clean up in the homes. The Summerlee and William Home (both 4th-5th grade girls) are packing as much as they can into storage pods so that extensive remodeling can begin as soon as school is out.

Frank, our Residential Coordinator for the junior high homes gathered all his staff together and, as a way of saying thanks, cooked them all breakfast in the Speyer Home. There’s good camaraderie and collaboration between the homes for each particular age group.

This evening after supper in the Perky Home (4th-5th grade boys) one of the students got very upset and started into something of a temper tantrum that demanded the houseparents full attention. Since it was homework time I stayed and worked with the other boys in math, reading and spelling. Helping Anthony memorize a few new Lakota words for his Native American Studies class helped refresh some of my limited vocabulary.