Guest Blogger: Julie S.

A Circle of Courage School works to meet the belonging, mastery, independence and generosity needs of the students.


Research shows that the quality of human relationships in schools may be more influential than the specific techniques or interventions employed. Every child needs at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about him or her!


St. Joseph’s provides a summer home to approximately 13 students (in grades 1-8).  Summer home acceptance is based on family need.  While students attend school each weekday morning (approximately 2.5 hours), they are provided with many opportunities for social and emotional growth through the program as well.

The local swimming pool and beach have provided hours of fun and social interaction with peers from St. Joseph’s and the local community.  Students have additional opportunities for one-on-one time with staff, assisting with home chores, such as cooking or just visiting.  Given the varied ages of students in the home, natural opportunities for mentoring and role modeling have been captured as well.

We’ve been blessed with another wonderful summer!  As the program concludes on July 11, the students look forward to returning home for a few weeks before the school year begins.  Many memories have been made, leaving unforgettable smiles … but most of all, these students have been provided with a safe environment with numerous opportunities for academic, social and emotional growth because of your support – thank you!