Legacies and future plans

A former St. Joseph’s Indian School employee, Peggy, died at the age of 92. Her son Mike works on campus as our custodian, and I was asked to lead the funeral services. For many years Peggy was the public face of our Thrift Store on St. Joseph’s Indian School’s campus, who enjoyed interacting with all the people who passed her way. At 92, she outlived many of her peers, and the “friends” side of the church had only a handful of people. But the “family” side was filled with a vast number of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. I was struck by how one life, especially a mother’s life, can touch so many others and leave a legacy of love and care.

Our four high school seniors are finalizing their plans for the fall. D’Kera and Erin have been accepted to South Dakota State in Brookings, South Dakota. D’Kera will first spend some training time in the Army Reserves. Danisha plans to attend Dakota State in Madison, South Dakota. She also got word today that she was accepted for a summer internship at Crazy Horse Monument. While there she will earn college credit to get her off to a good start. Nick is still undecided about his post high school plans are, but would like to study business and accounting.