Guest Blogger: Mike

The heat is on … as the saying goes.

It looks like the temperatures are high throughout the US, and it is no different here in Chamberlain, South Dakota at St. Joseph’s Indian School.  Even though the thermostat has topped out over 100 degrees every day this week, our facilities staff are working hard to have the campus ready for students’ arrival on August 12th.

Hi, my name is Mike T. and I am the Executive Director of Child Services.  I have been here at St. Joseph’s Indian School for 27 years.  Each summer I am amazed what our facilities crew is able to accomplish.  From home renovations to street repair; from keeping the grounds looking great to dealing with a variety of summer maintenance requisitions (small jobs that need to be done in offices, homes and classrooms), there is no shortage of work to be finished.  And although it is hot, our staff continue to work hard to get the campus ready.

In terms of programs we have one home still open including two high school students living here as they maintain summer employment.  Our counseling staff have been on the road visiting our students, making sure they are doing well and getting paperwork for the upcoming school year.  Also, our administrators are busy preparing for staff, then students to arrive in August.  So, as you can see, even the summer is a busy time here at St. Joseph’s Indian School.

We appreciate all your support that allows us to upgrade our campus and prepare for our students to arrive.  All of the above helps us to provide a quality environment and first-rate programming to work with our students who are never far from our thoughts …

We hope you had a good Fourth of July!  God Bless!

Spring has sprung at St. Joseph’s Indian School

Spring has sprung and the campus at St. Joseph’s Indian School is coming alive!  The kids have returned from their Easter break  and now look toward the end of the school year. With the warmer temperatures the students are spending as much time outside as they can!  There are a great many activities going on for our students, tee-ball, softball, soccer and track to name a few.  The students stay busy and and their teachers, houseparents and support staff are always there supporting and cheering them on in all of their activities !

What does the end of school year mean for the Clinical Services Department?  Well, we spend the rest of the school year helping the kids stay focused on school and helping the older students finalize plans for driver’s education, summer employment, INMED (Indians in Medicine), Gear Up and plans for next year. We also work with our eighth grade students to  to prepare them for high school.

As spring gives way to summer, we will start working on new student admissions for next school year. The Family Service Counselors travel in the summer to visit our students and meet new prospective students and families. Traveling around the state to visit with old and new students  is always a great part of the summer.

As another year begins to wind down, I am thankful for the time I have been able to spend with our Native American students. The students get excited to go home and be with their families, but hopefully they know we will miss them while they are away for the summer!