Learning Life Skills in PLS

Things have been heating up in Personal Living Skills (PLS) class this last month! St. Joseph’s sixth, seventh and eighth grade Lakota students have been busy in the kitchen, planning menus, and preparing foods.

We put lots of emphasis on how to plan nutritious meals, making wise food choices when shopping, and how to store foods properly.

Our Native American students also learn how to follow recipes, which includes reading food preparation directions and measuring ingredients.  Then, of course, we give it a try! Some of their favorite labs have been pizza Stromboli, fry bread, donuts, pumpkin French toast, Butterfinger cake, and fruit smoothies.

A great meal also includes proper table etiquette. Setting the table is an important part of meal preparation, especially in a formal setting.  When our students are faced with the dilemma of three forks, they will know which one to use!

The Lakota students learn to cook in Personal Living Skills class.
Learning to read a recipe and measure ingredients are important first steps.
The Native American children learned that measuring flour can be difficult!
The flour can get away from you if you’re not careful!