Guest Blogger: Allyssa

My name is Allyssa and I am the Human Resource Associate here at St. Joseph’s Indian School. I have worked at St. Joseph’s for two years. My duties mostly include the employee relation aspects of the organization. This includes the staff appreciation breakfasts, the Christmas party, staff recognition, staff wellness and our annual chili cook-off.

Those involved with the wellness group enjoy guest speakers, newsletters and healthy activities on seven dimensions of wellness. The seven dimensions include physical, spiritual, emotional, occupational, intellectual, environmental and social wellness. The overall goal of the program is to provide employees and their families a holistic approach to wellness. Most recently we held a 5/10K walk, run, bike for staff and family members. We had a wonderful turnout of 100 participants and are planning another event for the fall.

HR will temporarily relocate during the summer months while our offices get a facelift. We have begun the packing process, but have a ways to go yet.  Our tentative moving date is July 1. Although moving is never fun, we are looking forward to the end result!

We wish everyone a happy and safe summer!