Our mission and vision are rounded out by a series of core values that describe how we operate:
• Faith
• Integrity
• Stewardship
• Respect
• Collaboration
• Excellence.

St. Joseph’s Indian School continually strives to make progress in each of these values.

Vision 2015, along with the updated mission and vision statements will shape St. Joseph’s programs and guide placement of our resources for many years to come.

Wopila tanka — many thanks — for being part of our tiyospaye — extended family. With your help, St. Joseph’s Indian School enables the Lakota students to dream, and helps everyone work together so those dreams can be fulfilled.

A wacipi — powwow — is a Native American gathering focused on dance, song and family celebration. Powwows celebrate the connections to tradition and spirituality, to the Earth and to one another in a social, personal and spiritual meeting.

Cultural education at St. Joseph’s Indian School provides the youngsters at our school with the tools to preserve their proud culture — to learn about their heritage and to build a bright future.

As Lakota (Sioux) elders pass on, cultural education becomes more important than ever.

Lakota (Sioux) students from St. Joseph’s Indian School comment on life experiences, drawing from both their reservations and our campus.

St. Joseph’s Indian School provides a safe, stable atmosphere which celebrates Native American, specifically Lakota, culture.

Children in need at St. Joseph’s speak to the importance of our school’s programs and supporters. Friends just like you make endless opportunities available to Native American children in great need.

Our 34th Annual Wacipi (powwow) was a success! People from across the country gathered on our campus to help hundreds of Lakota (Sioux) children celebrate their culture and heritage.

While we truly enjoyed this entire weekend of events, we also sadly recognize not every child who wanted to participate was able to do so because we lacked personal regalia for them.

As we look to future celebrations, we thank you for sharing in our work and helping Lakota children in need reach for a brighter future!

9 thoughts on “Videos”

  1. Those are beautiful and inspiring videos and sentiments.
    It’s good to see the smiling faces.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. I have to wholeheartedly agree with David. Powerful images And audio clips. Thank you for posting. Makes me want to visit!

  3. You all are a beautiful and amazing inspiration to me and the reason why I formed my nonprofit organization. I am descended from Blackfeet Nation and I feel a strong bond to my culture and those who practice it and wish to preserve our heritage for you, the younger generation and the future of our people.

    John 2Spirits.

  4. When I first saw your school I was concerned. I thought of the Boarding Schools of the 1800’s that stripped these beautiful cultures of everything they believed and held dear. I thought of their harsh treatment when the children tried to hold onto their language and way of life. I worried that this school was just another way to Christianize the Native Americans and drive them to become more “mainstream”, losing everything that made them unique and beautiful.

    After watching the videos it warmed my heart to see these children holding onto their culture. It is my sincerest desire to support any program that allows the Native Peoples to grow and build their reservations to the state of their once proud race. Your school seems to be doing just that.

    We are Hereditary Wiccans that hold onto our Irish heritage. We believe in Pluralism… every culture, race, and religion living side by side with appreciation for our differences, and love for our similarities. I see this in your videos. I make a vow to do my best to spread the word through out the Pagan and Wiccan communities through our network to support your school and what you are doing for the Proud Lakota peoples.

    Blessed be,
    Mother Willow Moon
    Family Wicca

  5. I think the school and powwow look great. I have been contributing to the school. I would love to come for a visit and would also love to work with your St. Jo children.

  6. hi ,what a wonderful inspiration this videos was. I hope my e-mail was received I asked for some information regarding social work or case mgt people there at your school ,. I needed the info for my term paper in a Social Services class. Your school sent me such wonderful gifts for me to use and I have forgot this school. I am very happy learning about your culture.Hope I can hear from someone before next Wednesday. Thank you!!!!

  7. I very much enjoyed seeing your “home” and all the fun and happiness that
    being in a loving and safe environment along with Gods wonderful blessings
    can do for so many. Continue your hard work–it’s paying off each and every
    child. Thank you Staff for supporting and loving these beautiful families!
    Sandy Hofmann, PA 4/7/16

  8. Loved the video! Wish I could be there for the wacipi. If at all possible, please post video or pictures of the 2016 powwow. Love and prayers to you all.

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