Famous Faces Come to Life at Wax Museum

The room was filled with visionaries, including Martin Luther King Jr.

Just think what it would be like if Sally Ride, Amelia Earhart, Jackie Robinson and Abraham Lincoln were all in one room together.

Well, that’s exactly what took place at the St. Joseph’s Indian School Wax Museum earlier this month! Students dressed-up like famous, historical subjects and stood as still as any squirmy, third grade human is able until someone “pressed their button.”

When their button was pressed, the famous faces came to life and recited interesting facts about themselves. Did you know Sacagawea is pictured on the dollar coin? Or that Ruby Bridges didn’t cry, even when her peers teased her for being the first black student in an all-white school?

Rosa Parks came to life to tell her story.

These are just two of the facts that were presented in the St. Joseph’s Indian School gym.

If presenting their reports verbally was not a large task in itself, our students worked hard researching and writing their reports before the big presentation.

Amelia Earhart stands very still, waiting for someone to press her button.

Jennifer and Melissa, third grade teachers at St. Joseph’s, said they were so happy with the students’ performance.

“It was rewarding to see the students’ hard work come to life at the Wax Museum,” said Jennifer. “The students worked so hard researching and learning about their famous historical figure. I am proud of the effort they put into this project and enjoy seeing the students’ pride and excitement when showing off what they have learned.”

Franklin Roosevelt shared about his time as president at the wax museum presentation.

To see the Wax Museum in action, head over to our Facebook page to watch the live video we shot on the big day.

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Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

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16 thoughts on “Famous Faces Come to Life at Wax Museum”

  1. What an awesome way to learn about history! I am a retired teacher, so this really made me smile!!

  2. When I taught 5 th grade, I did this with my classes every year….it was so much fun and the students really learned about various famous Americans….love the hands on and interactive role playing. Way-to-go, St. Joseph’s Indian School.

  3. It’s amazing how much history is out there, and how much is really taught correctly. I am glad to see children doing something like this, showing people that there is more to education than computers and electronics.
    When they do things like this they can carry on conversations intelligently.

    1. Getting kids away from their “screens” is definitely something we highlight at St. Joseph’s whenever possible. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. A creative, educational and interesting program. What an excellent way to learn history.

    Hats off to all.


  5. What a wonderful and even enjoyable way to learn about real people in history! Thank all you, students, for working so hard to show us what real people can do in our own lives!

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