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I arrived home from Mayo after two days of tests and consultations. On the cancer front, everything looks good. I don’t need any more treatments for now.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I arrived home from the hospital after two days of tests and consultations.

On the cancer front, everything looks good. I don’t need any more treatments for now, and I’ll just go on their regular 3 month checkup interval for this first year.

They were very pleased with how the incision is healing up, and how things look inside after the surgery. They think they were able to get all the cancer.

The nerves in my foot are still in a lot of pain. The doctor said that will take a while to heal, several months or even as long as a year … you just never know with the nerves.

I’m on some pain meds to manage that, but the down side is the medication make me sleepy.

The doctor said I can start pushing myself – doing a little more exercise and activity every day – and try to get back to a normal routine. But, I still may need more rest for a while and have to pay attention to my body.

Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

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14 thoughts on “Fr. Steve’s updates”

  1. Hmmmm ! Does this mean you can’t dance for a YEAR.. ? That’s a cover-up, if ever we heard one..!
    Truly, the news couldn’t be better !
    But ..God is good…and so many of we selfish people need you here..!
    You just keep on improving now..D’ya hyar..?
    Our prayers remain with you..
    Mia and Bob

  2. Wonderful to hear how well you’re doing and the great report from the docs. God bless you and Saint Joe’s!!!

  3. JMJ / MMM 23 June 2010
    Dear Fr Steve —
    Wonderful news you send! And you can up your activities, with care. Prayers will continue for your full and continuing recovery. And all Blessing on you, all staff, and especially on all the children in St Joseph’s School. Thanks be to God!
    John (& Katie)

  4. Dear Fr. Steve,

    So happy to hear that things are going so well for you. Hope it continues on this course. We’re still praying for you and always will. Love you!

    Nancy & Kenny

  5. I’m glad to hear you’re on the road to recovery, Father Steve! May you be held in the hands of Our Holy Mothere until you are fully recovered!

    God Bless you Father Steve!

  6. Dear Father Steve,
    It is so good to know that you are doing so well. For awhile you might need to take a short nap in the middle of the day. But as the Lord is helping you, I know you will see a full recovery. I will continue to pray for you. Take it easy Paticia Latham

  7. Praise the Lord. We are so thankful for the good news. May it continue. After what you have gone through, physically and emotionally,
    you deserve the rest that comes as a side effect from the medication.

    Please take your time and don’t overdo. May
    the Lord bless you and keep you.

    Thanks be to God.

  8. Hello!
    Good news the checkups are every three months!

    The sun finally came out in Seattle, and we all looked up in the sky and said, “So that’s what it’s supposed to look like!”

    Use this resting time in your life to regroup a bit and reward yourself a bit.
    If you feel unsteady or weak in your legs or
    even tired when you walk–get a cane.
    I use one sometimes when I get tired. I painted mine. You could have a contest to see who could decorate yours, and maybe you could have more than one cane. Maybe one carved out of beautiful wood. Canes do take the weight and pressure off the legs.
    I’m supposed to be challenging myself,and I took a part-time job teaching preschool. Constant cook, no resting. I get tired in the afternoon and a little achy, BUT I don’t hurt like I did working last year.
    Honestly, I do feel discouraged sometimes, and I just get really quiet.But then I try to do some work where I don’t have to move around so much,like in my kitchen, and I let the bad feelings go.I tell myself I am still here for a reason, and I better go find it.Enjoy the beauty of summer, and don’t let pain that you might be having keep you from eating all the summer foods.
    Sir, you are an important person to many people. Let some of these wonderful people
    help you a bit. Let someone carry your groceries home. You know what I mean.

    We pray for you here in the Pacific NW,and I played a drum song for you recently. When there aren’t clouds, the stars are beautiful. When there are clouds, ths stars are no less beautiful. They are just hiding,obscured until we remember to remember.

    I was down for awhile because of the recurring pain. I couldn’t type some friendly words if I wasn’t living it.That would be like lying. Sometimes I fail me….. but I started looking around and finding things to be grateful about and I started feeling better.

    Look around, find the beauty.
    Grow stronger.
    We believe in you, here.


  9. Hi Fr. Steve –

    Thanks for sharing this good news!
    Vitamin B-6 is good for healing nerves. You should be taking some.

    I keep you in my prayers – Susan

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