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I met with four of the doctors on the surgical team. My test results show no further problems, but it’s still going to be a complicated surgery.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fr. Bill and I arrived at the hospital last night.

Mom and dad arrived today to be extra support for the duration of the time I’m here. They’ve been there so many times in the past for me in so many ways, but this will be my first surgery.

I met with four of the doctors on the surgical team. My test results show no further problems, but it’s still going to be a complicated surgery.

The biggest area of concern is what they’ll need to do to the blood vessels in my leg and nerve endings on my spine once they remove the tumor and see how much damage has been done.

They still can’t say if the surgery will take a few hours or all day. They just won’t know until they go in, and I won’t know until I come out!

While roaming the halls in between appointments, I ran into two of the couples I got to know from Hope Lodge.

Bill was in for a follow-up check up, and Robin in for a surgery of her own. I again experienced the caring bond of support that saw me through the weeks of chemotherapy and radiation.

This will be the last time I write for a while, but staff will provide an occasional update here until I’m able to speak for myself.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. It’s been awesome, and I’m confident that, with God’s help, we’re going to come through this OK.

Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

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8 thoughts on “Fr. Steve’s updates”

  1. Dear Fr. Steve,

    Please be, “rest-assured,” that my prayers are with you. My, “upstairs-buddy,” Saint Raphael – the Archangel get his/her ear bent by me, very often.

    “Missy,” Susan Pauline Bauer

  2. God Bless you Father Steve. Prayer warriors all over the world are praying for your complete recovery. We look forward to hearing your good news.

    Jim & Marianne

  3. Fr. Steve,

    I haven’t always had time to follow your posts, but just “happened” to catch up today and see that you are in for surgery even as I write this.

    We’re praying that God will guide the surgeon’s hands and that the surgery will be a miraculous success and testimony to God’s ability to make the rough places straight. May you be blessed with peace, hope, and a speedy recovery!

    Thank you so much for courageously sharing your journey and school stories. We really appreciate it, and you!

    Judy & Bruce

  4. I hear that ALL of the saints are very busy today. In order to ask a saint to pray today, one has to take a ticket and wait for the number to come up. Our daughter’s pekingese tried get through to St.Francis of Assisi, and was able to get through, but it took about an hour. We tried St. Ninian, the healer..and we got through immediately, but lines were backing up already with him, too.
    SO..! Consider yourself well prayed for..and we anticipate only the BEST results…!
    As Always….Hugs..
    Mia and Bob

  5. Dearest Father Steve,

    Our prayers are with you that the recovery from the surgery will be as “uneventful” as
    the recovery from the radiation treatments.

    Although we are back in ordinary time, you
    are no ordinary individual, but rather an
    extraordinary individual in all you have done for so many.

    May this surgery be successful and your recovery complete. We ask our Lord to
    be with you and assist as He always does.

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