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Wednesday afternoon, January 27, 2010

I took an afternoon nap so I’d be ready to celebrate with our A and B honor roll students at a special banquet in the dining hall.

All the students who made A and B honor roll got to invite a favorite teacher, counselor or houseparent to the festive meal. The theme was “Superheroes,” and I smiled at the staff dressed like Superman, Zorro, Wonder Woman and the like. Really, our staff are the heroes who brighten the lives of the young people we’re entrusted to serve.

Besides a certificate, we had the T-shirt shop in town make a batch of colorful “SuperStudent” shirts for the honor roll students. A nice cultural tradition we started years ago is that each student who makes honor roll is also honored with a feather inscribed with their name and date. It’s our hope all the students will earn many feathers for honorable achievements throughout their lives.

Academic Banquet 2010

As I walked to the office to put my things away and call it an early evening, I ran into our group of high school boys getting ready to start their “Sons of Tradition” class, which will help them learn more about their Lakota cultural heritage.

They asked me if I could spare a few minutes and join them in their opening prayer circle. We stepped outside onto patch of ground partially cleared of snow, and in the brisk night, a bundle of sage was lit.

Each of us purified ourselves and placed ourselves in a prayerful space. Each person offered prayers for their family and friends; the young men also offered prayers for me, that I will continue to heal and get well and beat this cancer.

I got a bit emotional, but in a good and healing way. It was overwhelming to feel their power and support. I want to be a strong witness and role model for each of them as they start to make important choices about their own lives.

Wednesday morning, January 27, 2010

We published the blog yesterday, and so many life-giving messages have already come streaming in.

I recognized names of friends I’ve met at our powwows, while dropping by for a campus visits or at donor appreciation luncheons. Yet, there are so many more folks I’ve never met personally who are such an important part of St. Joseph’s tiyospayeextended family.

Some messages inspire; some offer hope, while others give advice and encouragement. Many of you have been caretakers for a loved one and others are survivors with great hope. Some messages are fun and bring a needed smile. Thank you for all your care!

One of the hidden blessings of being ill may be a greater awareness of the many people around us who suffer daily. It prompted me to call a friend who recently lost his mom and see how he’s doing.

There is so much love and good will around; yet, there are always people who suffer alone and would so appreciate the outstretched arm of friendship. I’ll try to be more aware of people that may be alone and not have the people and resources I’ve been blessed with.

As I have energy, I’m trying to do what I can around campus.

I stopped in with the first graders, who were playing a game of bingo using long and soft vowel sounds rather than numbers so they can learn their phonics. I sat to play a round myself, and Sasha wanted to share some of her prizes with me. I didn’t win but came home with two Tinkerbell stickers to put on my notebook. It’s heartwarming to be the recipient of a child’s generosity.

I also got to some overdue paperwork. One pile I was happy to sign was the pile of grants submitted for our winter college scholarship awards. We have 19 alumni in college right now in fields such as business, nursing, law enforcement, electronics and education. It’s satisfying to share their journey and encourage them to dream and achieve.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I came home to Chamberlain from my first round of chemotherapy on Saturday, and return for another cycle in 3 weeks. The challenge now is to keep eating and not lose weight when I don’t feel all that hungry. I’m not in any pain, but I feel tired, and try to pay attention to when my body tells me to rest. On Sunday Fr. Anthony led the mass, and I was able to concelebrate. Just being with the students and staff during that time of prayer, and getting a big pile of homemade get well cards at the end of church was a great boost to my spirits.

We have very talented and committed staff at St. Joseph’s. I know that when I am not able to be here for periods of time, the important things always get done. And now that I’ve been with them for 5 years, we have a shared vision of where we’re trying to take the school. Beyond the meetings and paperwork, one of the best parts of my job is just walking around campus and offering encouragement, and checking on how plans and projects are going. Monday morning I spent about an hour at the office, visiting staff, and in the afternoon I made rounds at the school to see what the students have been up to. While the doctors can prescribe the drugs, the children’s’ hugs and greetings were even more therapeutic. As always, there are many activities on the schedule each day. As my energy allows, I’ll be involved with what I can.
Monday, January 25, 2010

Ever since I joined religious life 28 years ago I have been a faithful daily journaler. I reflect on the blessings each day brings, what I learn about life, God and myself, and also pay close attention to the struggles and difficulties I need to work through. When I finish one volume and open the pages of a new one, I pause and wonder what God will write in the next chapter of my life?

When I finish one volume and open the pages of a new one, I pause and wonder what God will write in the next chapter of my life?


Cancer! – Mxyoid Liposarcoma. Discovering I have cancer just a month ago marks one of those big life turning points. When illness strikes you wonder how that’s part of God’s plan, or where that difficult journey will take you. Yet it’s part of the human condition we all share in. I was very sad and scared when I first heard. I’m hopeful now because the doctors believe we’re headed toward a cure, but it will take several months of chemo, radiation, and eventually surgery to treat this right.
Here at St. Joseph’s, I get letters every day from people asking the children and I to pray for healing, comfort, patience, and hope that so many people need when faced with health concerns and personal problems.  As I continually pray for those needs, I ask for your prayers in return.  I know my recent illness has already deepened my sense of compassion and solidarity.
I won’t be able to answer everyone’s notes personally, but with this space, I, or staff, can give you updates, and also give you a chance to write anything you may wish to share.

Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

At St. Joseph's Indian School, our privately-funded programs for Lakota (Sioux) children in need have evolved over 90 years of family partnership, experience and education. Because of generous friends who share tax-deductible donations, Native American youth receive a safe, stable home life; individual counseling and guidance; carefully planned curriculum based on Lakota culture and individual student needs and tools to help build confidence, boost self-esteem and improve cultural awareness. All of this helps children to live a bright, productive, possibility-filled future.

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  1. You are in my prayers, Father Steve. I pray that God will watch over you now with extra special attention and share with you his healing love.

    1. As I have asked for prayers for family and friends so many times over the years and feel confident your community is praying with and for us; we will do likewise in our family.

    2. This challenge you are facing will bring goodness and kindness to you. All that you have given to others all your life will be returned to you now. Our prayers are with you during this journey. It won’t be easy, but you have never taken the easy road – so continue to be strong and brave…let your wonderful staff take care of things at St. Joe’s for a while, you take care of YOU…God bless you, Fr. Steve!

    3. Fr. Steve,

      After hearing of your problems several prayer groups have started saying prayers for you.

      Many in those groups know of you and your good works.


    4. dear father i lost my wife to cancer 8/22/01 she was santee sioux.i looked all the time on internet for cure no avail. but i found a way ? every thing for a reason to touch someones life to beleive their is a cure. (please) go to cancer there is help how to cure almost any cancer the book. i am catholic i beleive there is medicine god put on this earth that can cure sicknes not to the tune of millions of dollars that this rich mans diseace institutes please go to the website and get the book how to cure almost any cancer it can save your life by the grace of god. in my prayers god bless

    5. I think it’s interesting that you got TINKERBELL stickers today. Remember in Peter Pan when Tinkerbell drank the poison…the question was asked…DO YOU BELIEVE? If you do clap…and everyone clapped and Tink was saved!

      WE ARE ALL CLAPPING FOR YOU FR. STEVE…and we believe!

      God bless, and get some rest tonight!

  2. Fr. Steve:

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you during this journey. May God give you the strength and will to fight this disease. The children need you!

    Best regards,


  3. Bless you Father and you’ll have my prayers as often as I can possibly do them for you and the children
    Bro. James Wilkinson

  4. Fr. Steve,
    Please know that my prayers are with you. I am presently assisting my closest friend who has been going through chemotherapy since May. He has a soft-cell sarcoma attached to his lung and esophagus and it is very close to his heart. While praying for you, I am also asking that you pray for Tony Fasulo. My thoughts will be with you at every Mass I attend and I pray that you will overcome this new burden.
    God Bless you,

  5. Dear Father Steve, you are and will be in my prayers until you have beat this. You have been many things to me, an employer, a teacher, a fellow
    baseball card collector, but most of all, you have been a friend. Our friendship has been the most important thing to me. I know that the kids
    are praying for you and will keep your spirits up. That is so important.

    God Bless You, Cora

  6. Dear Fr. Steve,
    I am so sorry to learn of your condition. I haven’t been able to send money like I did but I have been going through some difficulties, nothing that compares to yours. I hope that I will soon be able to start sending a small amount at least. I hold you and your work in high esteem. You have been in my prayers and definately will continue to be. I pray that the treatment that they have you on will be successful and a cure or remission is in your near future. I know the kids love you and the staff and will remain doing everything they can to show it. You are in my prayers. I will be watching your progress.
    Sue Kleck

  7. Fr. Steve,

    I was so sad to hear the news but absolute faith can conquer anything!

    Get this book on healing! If you can’t afford it, give me an address and I’ll send you a copy right away! It’s entitled “This is for Everyone: Universal Principles of Healing and the Jewish Mystics”

    An unusual pair of collaborators have produced this manual for curing illness through prayer and meditation. Goldhamer is a Reform rabbi in Skokie, Ill., where his congregation consists largely of deaf people. Stengel, a Catholic, is a social worker in private practice who teaches at Northwestern University. In 1982, Goldhamer was told that he had a rare disease that required amputation of his leg. Refusing to accept this prescription, he sought out an Orthodox rabbi who taught the value of healing prayer. After seven months of regular sessions during which he learned to pray with intensity and total focus, he was cured.


    Let me know how else I can help.

    btw, I’m Jewish and Native American!

    Have a Blessed day!

    Dennis Ouellette aka Shlomo ben Avraham

  8. Dear Fr. Steve,

    You and the school will be in my prayers as you all go through this journey together. May God comfort and strengthen you and surround you with love and encouragement. I pray that God will lead the Doctors to the correct course of treatment and that you will be able to endure it well. Even if the Doctors don’t know or recognize it, all of their knowledge and skill comes from Him and we place you in His hands as He guides theirs. May God bless you and others through you as you travel this new road together.

    Yours very truly,


  9. Dear Fr. Steve, Be assured you will be in my prayers daily. With all the children there at St. Joseph School praying for you too, I’m sure God will cure you. We need you! I will follow your progress & continue to remember you & your kids. Sincere love & prayers, Elizabeth Dietrich in Independence, MO.

  10. Dear Father Steve,

    We are sorry to hear of the difficult journey you’ve embarked on. We’ve been receiving your mailings on behalf of St. Joseph’s Indian School for years now, and you always seem like a friend to us as well as the children. We will certainly be keeping you in our prayers.

    Some things will remain a mystery until we meet Jesus face-to-face. The only thing we know for sure is that He will use every situation to accomplish His good purpose, which is always for our eternal companionship with Him.

    May God give you strength, hope, courage, and peace as you walk this difficult road.

  11. Dear Father,

    Keeping you close in prayer and want you to know I sincerely thank you for all your dedication and love for the Indian children.

  12. I have had cancer, though not the same kind as you. The experience held many lessons and many pleasant surprises along with a deepened awareness of the Spiritual. I wish you Well.

  13. I am sorry to learn of your condition, Fr. Steve. Speaking as a survivor (since 2008), it was difficult at the time to believe that my life would return after the chemo and radiation treatments. After about a year, though, I was as good as new, albeit with a few battle scars. As you are surrounded by so much love, I’m sure you will make the full circle to recovery! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    One of your supporters,

  14. Dear Steve,
    Ron and I would like you to know that we hold you in prayer in this lastest journey. It’s never an easy one, but we hope you feel the support and care of those around you. St. Joe’s was home a very long time for us – me, 13 years and Ron, 10. Our two boys were born there. We have very special memories of our days there, and it will always be a part of who we are. We know that between the children and those who you work with, you are surrounded by a wonderful community.
    It’s certain that this journey will be one that is sometimes difficult, but we pray that the end result will be better health and long days ahead.
    We’ll look forward to hearing about your progress.
    In peace,
    Lisa and Ron Zeilinger

  15. Dear Fr.Steve,
    I received notice just today of your recent diagnosis. I am a pathologist for the last 35 years and I myself have had prostate cancer (7 years ago)and a heart stent. I am 71 years old and I see deadly disease every day. I make such diagnoses frequently that will kill these patients. But when we are struck with such a diagnosis it become really real! I am with you in these times and I joyfully share in you thoughts and prayers with our Lord.

    I myself practice St. Paul’s statement: Oh death where is your sting, oh death where is you victory? I hold your hand from afar as we go down life’s road.

    arthur neyle sollee

  16. Our prayers are with you. Walking with God at this time is the only way. Each day is a blessing. My husband found that high protein bars and Boost help to keep weight. We are not Catholic but do believe that God heals, especially when your work is not done yet. God bless, Chris and Joni Behm, Little Canada, Mn

  17. Dear Fr. Steve,
    My prayers are with you for the strength that you will need during this difficult time. May the road to recovery be sweetened by the love of the St. Joseph School family and the friends who have come to know you through the exchanges of the many newsletters and letters over time. Our hearts are with you and with your wonderful faith, you can be assured that our Lord is smiling upon you and comforting you through the difficulties of the chemotherapy.
    Much love with many prayers,
    Madeline Mignone

  18. Dear Father,

    You will be particularly close to my heart, as I pray St-Peregrino to support and heal you…
    I just found out myself Jan. 10th) that I have breast cancer for the second time but it is carcinoma in situ (again). Having friends in Haïti suffering and dying because of the lack of adequate medical care made me grateful for what we have available in North America… although not always affordable!

    May God keep blessing you with patience (as I am sure you will have been tested! ;)and lay a healing hand on you.



    1. Dear Father Steve,

      Be strong and of good courage. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, please remember that the Lord Jesus went around healing all who were sick and in the grip of the devil.

  19. Dearest Fr. Steve,

    Our thoughts and prayers are also with you and may god continue to bless you and your family in your trying time of need. I remember what my dad told me years before he passed…

    Live each and every minute of the day to the fullest and love, respect and be patient with one other. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


    John & Veronica M.

  20. Dear Father: Know that our whole family’s thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. May God’s love, our family’s love, and the love of all the children at St. Joseph’s, sustain you during this challenging journey.

  21. It was with a sense of shock that I read of your cancer diagnosis.
    You know that He is watching over you. Please take care of yourself, too, in the very best way you can. Let His peace wash over you.

  22. Dear Father Steve,

    My prayers and thoughts for return to good health are with you today after I received your
    e-mail. I will continue to remeber you every
    day and say the prayer that you enclosed.

  23. My Friend,
    I’m very sorry to hear that such a blessing like yourself has become ill. You and the children have always been there for me, and I will be there for you. I will put your name through our Circle of Prayer, in our Church. Hang Tough.
    Your Friend,
    Holly Duffy

  24. Dear Fr. Steve:

    I worked at the City of Hope in Duarte, California for quite a few years. (Southern California).

    City of Hope is, basically, a cancer treating facility. they have an interesting philosophy: “What is the point in curing the body, if in the process we destroy the soul?”

    My prayers are with you; however, I simply turn EVERYTHING over to our Lord, and the Father. Who are we to know WHAT in YOU needs healing? Physical? Emotional, Spiritual?

    Perhaps, we have something deep inside which God and His Son are hoping we will come to terms with in His Name, and we haven’t done so as of yet. I feel that I am not qualified to tell GOD and His Son what needs to be healed within me (or another person).

    Rather, I ask Him to heal that which needs to be healed for my eternal good, and spiritual growth. In that vein, I do so for you.

    His loving arms surround you NOW, and you are HIS perfect child.

    Perhaps, you are meant to give a ‘blessing’ to some other person who is diagnosed with this certain condition; I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter.

    You will stay on earth for as long as God can and will use the gifts and blessings He gave to you on your humanly birth. We are His Servants; right up to the last.

    Blessings and Peace to You,

    Lela Oaks
    Anaheim Hills, CA
    In HIs Name we give thanks for the greatest gift ever given to man; His Son,
    Your sister in Christ,

  25. Dear Steve,

    I add my thoughts and prayers to those above. You are a dear, dear person, beloved of the Lord, with friends all over the world. Accept the outpouring of love and support as tangible signs of God’s love, too.


  26. It’s always heart-wrenching to read about anyone with a diagnosis of cancer. Our thoughts, hopes and prayers are with you.

  27. Father Steve
    Here in Bedford,pa. we will be praying for you everyday! We are so proud and grateful for all you do and continue to do. My wife Kathy and I will be praying for you and many of our church friends. When i give a talk at church at times, I mention you and the children often, and share pictures and messages. Keep smiling and do what you are able. many will be encouraged as you run this vital test in your life. The good and the not so good times hit us all. Endurance to the end, is always our goal. Your a perfect example of that. thanks so much for all you continue to do. I look forward to nothing but good reports about you. That is what you have always given us. God bless you as always. Mike and Kathy Clapper!!!!

  28. I know what you’re going through; my brother is dying of advanced stage 4 colo-rectal cancer and doesn’t have long to live. It has spread to his liver and there’s no hope. One can only hope that your life is longer and better than his.

  29. Dear Father Steve,
    I am terrible sorry to hear of your illness, I lost my husband of 41 years due to lung cancer from estabestes,in 2003.
    You will be in prayers ever night along with so many others. I am sorry for not being able to send much money but it iis with difficulities in my own living and family,but will try and do better.
    with loving prayes for you and the children:

  30. Dearest Fr. Steve,
    I should like to call on all of heaven and on the holy souls who are so eager to help us! May they intercede on your behalf and may the Lord’s Will be done. I know how scary cancer is, my sister has it and I pulled out all the stops. Not that I can do anything but pray. But there are so many saints that all the celestial beings are just waiting to be summoned. God love you. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

    Palm Bay, FL

  31. Father Steve: I know very well what you are going through in March 2007 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. At first impression I thought I was not going to last long. Fortunately my cancer was in the early stages and was treatable. I have responded to treatment. We will be praying for your health, and hoping that you make a quick recovery.

    Ramon Cordies

  32. Father Steve,
    You will remain in our heart and prayers as you journey through this tough time.I too,was stricken by this dreaded disease at an early age.The road ahead will be difficult,but hopefully you’ll find comfort in God’s love and through the prayers of all of us out here who are wishing you well.

  33. Father,

    Your email was titled “Cancer has come to visit.” Please tell him that he is an unwelcome visitor, and hopefully has a very short stay with you. You are in our heartfelt prayers.

  34. Some people believe that when we are born, the trauma of being thrust into this world makes us forget where we were. Some believe that we go onto another life and body depending on how enlightened we have become in this life. What ever is true, I believe that although we are afraid, there is another purpose and a higher being that makes it alright, May you be or become at peace with the universe! Louella

  35. Dearest Father Steve: Hang in there “cowboy”, the one with the white hat. Assume you are getting medical care in Rapid?
    My cousin Lois in Tucson has had chemo keeping her going for 10yrs. with an initial diagnosis of breast CA, metastisizing to kidneys, etc. She has a strong faith like you.
    Jumala Rauha-God’s Peace in Finnish. You are in our thoughts & prayers.
    Love from Ely Ranch in Paris, MO
    Pam & Tom Ely

  36. My thoughts and prayers are with you Father Steve. May the good Lord place a healing hand upon you. Bless you, Donna

  37. Father Steve,

    Please know that you will be in my daily prayers. I wish there was more that I could do for you and the children at St. Joseph’s.

    You do so much good, and I wish you peace and health on your journey with cancer. With God’s help you will win your battle.

    Seal Rock,OR

  38. Father Steve,
    I am saddened to hear of your illness. I am a cancer survivor
    twice over, the first being over 30 years ago. As always, you will continue to be in my prayers. Just let God take over, surround you with his healing hands through whatever means he has to heal you. The medical doctors are here for a reason. I like to think God is working through them. Don’t worry about tomorrow, God is already there.

  39. Father Steve,

    I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. My heartfelt and sincere prayers for you in this difficult time. You have blessed so many, I pray God continues to bless you with healing, health and the love of all those you serve . Pilamaya to you for all you do.

    Sincerest Regards,

  40. Dear Fr. Steve,

    I was saddened to hear of your burden – I am hopeful and will pray for you that you beat this thing – Cancer decided to invade my left breast in 2007, chemo and radiation took the cancer away and I hope it stays away. I was fortunate in that many many friends and acquaintances were praying for my recovery, and I found an inner strength I did not know I had and my faith in God kept me going. You are doing so much good at St. Joseph’s and I am very hopeful that all our prayers will be answered – wishing you all the best during your treatment,

    Sincerely, Kris Kerley, CDMI.

  41. Father Steve,
    I Pray for strength and grace on your journey through this storm in your life. Ask Jesus to hold your hand and lead you to where He wants you and also Mary will be with you ALL the time,and it can’t get any better than that !! I will say the Rosary for you. Jesus and Mary will hold your hand !! God Bless You

  42. Bless you Father Steve. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I have a Prayer Circle called the Prayer Warriors and I will put it out there for all my Warriors to pray for you. Hope this is ok.

  43. Dear Fr,Steve: I’m so sorry to hear about your cancer,I will Keep you in my prayers. My husband had cancer twice, once in 1996 and again in 2001, Non Hodkins Lumphoma, he had 36 treatments of Chemo and 37 treatments of radiation, It effected his mine, He’s still with us , but in a care center with demantia, 82 yrs old,I will keep you in my prayer,and pray God will give you strengh and healing.

    God’s Blessings:
    Carol Buschmann

  44. Dearest Fr.Steve, I have been sending money and boxtops, soup labels for many years along with my love and prayers for the children and staff, I will now add extra ones for you, I know that our heavenly father with hold and cradle you in the safety of his hands. Remember it is not our time but his, not our wishes but his. What ever he has in store for you is for a reason, not one of punishment for he is a all loving God, we don’t always understand his ways or whys, but know he loves you. I wish you much success with your treatments and may God bless you.
    sincerly Shirley Hasselaar of west virginia

  45. Father Steve,

    Having just lost my 95 year old Mother to cancer … I understand the fear and the questions of how is this in God’s plan? Well, somehow it is and one day we will know and understand. The Lakota children need you there and they love you and I’m sure with God’s plan and our prayers you will be with them healthy and happy. God Bless your speedy recovery.


  47. Dear Brother in Christ, I thank you for announcing this illness as soon as you did. There is nothing I enjoy more in life than carrying a brother or sister’s cares and concerns to our Lord in prayer. I am so thankful to be able to perform this deed now on your behalf. I shall lift you up in prayer beginning this very evening and shall continue to bring your name before the Lord each day that your life may be granted the same gift which Hezekiah sought so desperately and was so compassionately granted. And now may He grant you His peace in whatever path He takes you on.

    Upper Marlboro, MD

  48. Father Steve, I was so shocked and saddened to hear your news. It really does make you ask WHY?? I know the Lord sends the toughest challenges to those who he knows are strong enough to get through it and who will learn from and share their experience with others. You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you a speedy and successful treatment series! God Bless you! …Diana

  49. JMJ / MMM 26 Jan 2010
    Dear Fr Steve —
    You are and will continue to be in our prayers, Katie and John’s prayers. We take this as a special assignment from Jesus.
    Kathleen left me almost two years ago, two agonizing years ago. Jesus has asked me, John, in my heartmind, several things. One of these is to share with him, from time to time as he decides, hanging on the Cross with him. This painful gift is meant to help others. The other thing Jesus wants of me — I am retired and have time — is to pray for those in need, for those who suffer.
    I will pray for you, especially, Fr Steve, that you may be healed and continue your work for Jesus at St Joseph’s.
    I include Katie as praying with me. I say WE will pray because her heart loves Jesus and she will not object.
    When all this becoming and maturing have been accomplished and we are all One in God, there will be finally only One Infinite Love and Infinite Joy. Until then we must walk the Way and help each other walk the Way.
    Katie and I love you, Fr Steve. John (& Katie)

  50. Dear Fr. Steve,

    I am so sorry to hear about you temporary problem.

    All of our problems are just temporary problems when we believe in The Great Healer Jesus Christ.

    God is blessing you now and He loves you and so do i.

    Your fellow believer.

    Leonaed Reiners

  51. Father Steve,
    My prayers are with you during this time. I hope that God will spare you from suffering, and have mercy on you.
    Take care Father! 🙂

  52. Dear Father Steve-
    You are in my prayers and I wish you the best of luck. You are truly doing God’s work.

    -Michael Isabell

  53. May God strengthen you, Father Steve. I am a three time cancer survivor so I can confidentily say that there IS LIFE after cancer! Keep focused on the children and please do not let this ugly disease consume your every waking moment, as it is want to do.

  54. You are in my prayers Father. May God comfort and heal you. You are a Great Man. Blessed Be. I wish I had words of wisdom–but I don’t. Just that you are in my thoughts.

  55. Fr. Steve: Hopefully you will recall my visit two summers ago on a Sunday afternoon when I was passing through S.D. on an extended vacation driving around the U.S. I was brought to the residence to meet you and you gave me a wonderful tour of the entire facility. I was the person who was originally from upstate New York and now live in Reno and was and still am a rabid NY Yankee fan. I so enjoyed my tour with you that I have made a provision in my will for St. Joes. I will never forget my visit there and will certainly never forget you and the extraordinary work you do for those beautful children. I don’t believe that God could have chosen a better man than you to work so closely with the children. I will pray for your full recovery and wait with anticipation of your return to perfect health! May God bless and keep you safely in his loving hands.

    John Linden
    Reno, Nevada

  56. Dear Father Steve,
    I am so sorry to hear of your illness. Three and a half months ago I finished a 72 week chemo treatment for viral hepatitis. Daily injections of A concoction that made me so sick I came close to death several times. Our Dear Priest at Our Lady of Lourdes stopped me after mass one sunday and said, always remember that it is your body that is sick and you can remain spiritually healthy through out your struggle. That helped me and I hope you find it helpful also. You will daily be in my prayers and i hope that one day we may meet either here or there when we have gone home to our lord.
    With love and prayers Samuel

  57. All my prayers and healing warmth are sent to you today. May you know God’s will in your path and let His touch be upon you.

  58. Fr. Steve;

    Be assured that you will be in my daily prayers as I ask Jesus, Our Loving Savior to walk with you and help you with the physical and mental burden you are carrying.
    May our Merciful and Loving Heavenly Father bless and make you well soon.



  59. Father Steve,
    My work for the Lord is as a volunteer at a Cancer Clinic four days of every week. I assure you, you were in my prayers even before you announced you had cancer, because I pray daily for God’s strength and comfort for all those who bear this terrible cross. I shall continue to pray for you by name now.
    Thank you so much for what you’ve done for the precious children at St. Joseph.

  60. God bless you and I will pray for you every nite on my knees… God rules my life !!! Most sincerely , Ruth Creighton

  61. Father Steve,

    I know about these cancer treatments, not personally, but because so many of my relatives and my ex husband have undergone them and survived. Just remember there are lots of us who value you personally and your love for the children, and sense of giving. I think God will “hold you in the hollow of his hand” !


  62. I just wanted to say that I will put you in my prayers. I am a breast cancer survivor, two years as of next month. It is definitely a scary process but you need to have a positive attitude no matter how bad things may seem and a wonderful support system. I am sure that you will have that. My daughter’s father-in-law is also going through cancer treatment, surgery is done and radiation and chemo to come. I will include you in my prayers as I pray for my daughter’s father-in-law speedy recovery.


    Karyl Bruketa

  63. Fr Steve,
    Although you did not know it, since I was very young I have received newletters via snail mail and now email from you. It has always been a source of encouragement just opening and eading what was going on. Now it is time for encouragement to you…and i know that it will be received in many many ways. I will pray for you as you enter my thoughts. Know that you have touchedmany lives…more than you could know. May God bless


  65. Father Steve
    My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Always remember, that you are not or never alone. You have the guidance and love from friends .
    May God look after you in your recovery.

  66. Hau Fr. Steve,

    It pains me deeply to hear of your Cancer discovery recently. I too had a Squamous Cell cancer of the throat in 2000 and recovered from it to survive now for 10 years and no further return. Even with my abiding faith in Grandfather, the sound of Cancer on the Doctors lips was a frightening thing to hear. I know in my heart that with all the many prayers that will be said for you, and with faith in the Doctors who will care for you, you will emerge from this trial of the flesh triumphant and go on to continue all the good works you were put on the Grandmother to carry out. I will pray through the Chanupa for you and mingle my prayers with all those who love and respect you.


  67. Fr. Steve, you have been there for everyone else so now it’s our turn to pray for you. With God at our side, we never get more than we can handle. Our prayers are with you and wish you a peaceful journey to the next level of your life.

  68. Father Steve,
    I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. May the Lord give you the strength, courage and endurance that you need during this time. I pray that during the dark times, He hold you and love you as only He can, and give you many smiles and joys in the days to come. May you remember that you have many hearts who love you and are praying for you.

    Cindi Nicks
    St. Joseph, MO

  69. we pray to the Good Lord that soon cancer will be a word we no longer hear of…God bless u for all u do for the kids and the fellowship. I will keep u in my thoughts and prayers that God will heal ure body.

  70. Father Steve,

    As we all know, God has a plan for us, though we may not always know what it is at the time that we’re going through the trial. He has used you to touch many lives, helping many children along the way. Perhaps this is His way of saying that even the servant needs to be served at times. I have you in my prayers always.

    Your sister in Christ,

  71. Dear Father Steve,
    I am confident that God with cause a healing to happen for you. Your work there is SO important. I already pray for all of you there, but will specifically add you to my prayer list.

  72. Father Steve,

    I have worked in the cancer field for over 20 years in a clinic as part of the administrative staff. My experiences interacitng with the patients brought me back to and closer to God. I have seen the difference having faith made for patients as they went through treatment. You are already there given your life’s work so I know that God will give you strength to go through your treatment for you to be able to continue to do the wonderful work you do at St. Joseph’s. You made such a profound affect on us in assisting our son with his Eagle Scout project and welcoming us at St. Joseph’s – taking time from your busy schedule. I know that the children who are there now and all those that you have touched are alos praying for you so I can anticipate nothing but a positive outcome for you. I add my thoughts and prayers.

  73. I am so sorry to hear of your condition. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. My brother was diagnosed with a spinal cord melanoma, so I know that the battle is a tough one. Hopefully, you will be surrounded in love, and this is the time for you to soak up all the love and goodness that you give out. Peace be with you.

  74. Dear Father Steave,

    I prayed for you too. I believe God and Christ know what is best for you. I believe they are well able to heal you, or do whatever is best for you. I pray for your welfear. Good Luck.

  75. Dear Father Steve,

    I will remember you in my prayers each day from this day on. Get well soon!

    Joan B. Vincent

    I have followed the progress you and your staff and students have achieved at St. Joseph’s Indian School, and have been blessed to know that you all have been building future citizens with an awareness of the importance of Christ in their lives. I’ve been glad to participate with you in support of your mission on behalf of the Sioux children and families.
    I have just now received you email, and was saddened by the news, but encouraged that you and the doctors believe you are on your way to a cure. Thank God.
    I have just prayed that Jesus will heal you and restore you. I will continue to pray that you’ll be restored and returned fully to your very important job.
    And, thanks for sharing your challenge. We can hold you up and support you as you face this challenge. As a cancer survivor, I know how important it is to have support and love from those important to you. I know the kids will lift up your spirits, as they were last Sunday. Hang in there, Father, ’cause the Lord’s not done with you yet.
    From a Friend of the School and of yours,
    Fred Jackson

  77. Dear Fr. Steve…In your correspondecce I receive from time to time on behalf of St. Joseph’s school, I think by the way you write and express thoughts, you seem to have a very close relationship with God the Father and the love and compssion of Jesus. For a long time I have wanted to write and let you know the inspiration you give, and now I certainly want to take this opportunity to tell you. The “prayer for healing” enclosed in your email is wonderfully worded and I’ll be using it many times in prayers for friends and loved ones.
    May God’s blessings be with you, keep you feeling good without pain, and heal you completely. Your work at St. Joseph’s is so important and the children need you!!
    I’m not Catholic, but I feel so much for the impoverished Indian people and children that you help.

    Elinor Rose Wright

  78. Dear Father Steve, May our Lord Bless you with strength, wisdom, strength and courage during this time. May His healing arms enfold you and protect you! He is the great physician. Helen Winberg

  79. God Bless you Father Steve~

    I know that anything our Heavenly Father has not planted shall be uprooted.

    I behold your dis ease as I would a lump of sugar in a cup of hot tea . . . dissolving, disappearing and returning to a neutral condition as harmless and non-threatening and benign as a simple, additional flavor in Life. I behold you as healed and perfected in mind and body. Keep your focus on the Truth of Healing and not the fear and doubt we can fall into so easily.
    As a Snow Flake melts on a warm surface, so your tumor is melting as I write this, from the warmth and passion of LOVE from all who pray radiating to your body.
    Since Spirit is always Whole and Complete, we know It will envelope you and give you healing and serenity.

    I know you are a loved man or you would not have been called to care for the Children. And it is Love that Heals. My prayers are constant. I await your good news.

    Ruth Phares
    a friend in Arkansas

  80. Deary Fr. Steve:
    Be sure that God is embracing you during this time. Be sure that all our prayers are heard and be with you. Thank you for all the care and love you provide to each person and kid who has approached you and reached you.
    God Bless you Fr. Steve, stay strong! May the peace remain with you.

  81. Father Steve: Another shock in my life to hear of your cancer, and I am so sorry you will have to endure the chemo, radiation, and even surgery. It will be a difficult time for you, but my faith has been in the medical profession since my daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia in 1977, at 5 years old. She died 1-1/2 years ago at the age of 35, but she led a full life after her cancer was in remission, and I know it will be the same for you. PLEASE see the best, top-notch doctors for your treatment, doctors who specialize in Mxyoid Liposarcoma. There are many doctors out there, and you need to find the best one in this field, even if you need to travel half the world over. You are definitely going to need a second opinion, so why not get one from a specialist in your type of cancer. Cancer treatments have come so far in these last years, and your chances for a cure are now overwhelming. You keep the faith in your fight for a cure; my faith disappeared in 1977, never to return, but I will wish that you get to the doctor that can do the most for you, and I will wish for a cure soon. The world and your children cannot live without you in it.


  82. Father Steve,

    Mine and my family’s prayers are with you, and may GOD give the strength to fight this disease.We also believe your strong belief in GOD shall help you through this and to be cured.They say GOD never gives you more then you can handle, so this shows you are a strong person and will fight this disease and GOD willing will beat this.

    The Aguilar Family

  83. Father Steve

    The News is not a good one but we must put our faith that God is with us and know he hears our prayers, Pray is very powerful abnd I will be praying for you , your staffd and the Children, They love and need you and you are a very strong man and a very good hearted man, God is with you and will be there to get you throught the Visit, That is what is happen, a visit and the Cancer must know it is not wanted, so it can just go on down the road. My Husband had Prostate Cancer and was cleared of that, we know there is still some Caner but it can be controled and God will help you and all our prayers, be strong, CANCER does not like the strong,
    Praying for you. Love to you
    Deem SmitSpopkane, WaSAHINGTON

  84. Dear Father Steve,

    You are in my prayers and I wish you a speedy road back to health. I’m sure you get alot of suggestions to help along your journey but might I suggest Ginger? Ginger settles the stomach and a Ginger tea can be very soothing. Also ginger candies can help with stomach irritation after chemo as well as relieve any bitter taste in your mouth. I know your faith will guide you through this and I will continue to pray for you.

    God Bless You,

    MaryLou Van Houten

  85. Fr. Steve, Our prayers are with you now and also for the children at St. Joseph’s. We are aware of what a special gift your life has been to all of the Lakota Children over the years. May God grant you his mercy and peace during this new journey you are on. We will hold the faith that His grace will sustain you and that the physicians and medical personnel caring for you will use all their God given wisdom and talents to serve you in a miraculous manner. We pray for your faith to hold strong and for the school to soon welcome you back whole and healed. Sincerely, Rose Mary and John

  86. Father Steve, My thoughts and best wishes are with you during this trying time in your life. You will be remembered in my morning and evening prayers…Peace Be With You! Pamela

  87. Fr. Steve,
    I will keep your physical, spiritual and emotional well being in my morning and evening prayers. This is the prayer I will be using:

    Oh God who honors those that honor you, make sacred the memory of your servant, John Sullivan, by granting through his intersession the petitions we now make: for Fr. Steve’s physical, spiritual and emotional well being and health and hasten the day when his name will be remembered among those of your saints. We make this our prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen.

    May God bless you and your work.
    Most Sincerely in Christ.
    Jean Easterly

  88. Dear Father Steve,
    The mystery of suffering, eh! There is nothing, not one particle of space or time that is not guided by the mysterious hand of God’s providence to His utmost glory and good. You are surrounded by much love and as you go on this new journey of healing your courage and strength will take you through. You will be remembered in my masses, rosaries, and adorations.
    God is doing wonderful things through you…even if we don’t understand it now. Praise God! Janet Wesley

  89. Dear Fr. Steve,
    Bob and I are so very sorry to hear of your trials. As with all the others praying for you, we will hold you close in prayer for a healing and recovery. Although you are the one going through all this, you are not alone. Those who know you, and those of us who haven’t yet had the pleasure, will be with you in love and spirit.

    Margaret Leiendecker
    Charlottesville, VA

  90. Fr.Stephen,
    May the Good Lord fill you with His peace and healing through the Sacred heart of Jesus coupled with the Immaculate Heart of mary. Stay strong…You’ve an army of warriors praying for you.
    In Him

  91. Many years ago we became friendly with Mary Agnes Big Eagle and her husband Henry and the St.Joseph’s School. We sent packages and whatever money we could afford to S.Dakota and in more recent years we have been donating to St. Joseph’s, the small amounts we are able to manage. We did visit the School a few years ago while on our first trip out west and were sorry that we weren’t able to meet with you. I, too, am a cancer survivor. I had colon cancer 6 years ago and have been fine since my post-surgery was complete. I am praying that your successful fight against this disease will be an example for all to help them through their various challenges in life. I just wanted you to know that your support comes from all sources, as we are of the Hebrew faith, but try to be as generous as working people can be. Our gifts are in small amounts but our history with your School is continuous. Anyone who dedicates his life to the service of others has earned the respect and loyalty of all who are aware of his service. You are a beloved figure, an inspiration to your students and the Native American community and your life is a worthwhile existence, which is not the case with most. May you be blessed with good health and long life and if loving wishes are any factor in the success of medical treatment, then you certainly have the support of masses of dedicated people. Best always, Linda

  92. Dear Father Steve,

    God bless you and strengthen you as you travel this new path of life. Our prayers are especially with you and the children during this time of challenge. Take peace in God’s comfort as well as the love and prayers of friends and “family”.

    With our prayers,
    Marla & Wint

  93. Fr. Steve,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of trial. Feel God’s arms holding you tight, and feel the love being lifted to him through the prayers of all who love you.
    My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2 1/2 years ago, and we know it is only by the grace of God he is here today. Cancer-free. That is my prayer for you: complete healing.
    Remember, you are under the wings of He whom even the wind and waves obey.

  94. Dear Father Steve,

    My prayers are with you as you undergo cancer treatment. Almost everyone I know has a family member or friend or co-worker that either has now or has had cancer. My 23 yr. old youngest son died of Lymphoma 10 months after diagnosis in 1994. He had chemo, radiation, a bone-marrow transfer and more chemo. It was just God’s plan to take him home and we learned so much about love and trusting in God from watching our dear Bobby who was so trusting and loved God so much. We know he is in heaven with his sister Sherry who was killed at age 14 by a wreckless driver. We have 3 children left (all adults now). Our family has had it’s share of pain but we know we are not unique. Keep on fighting. God definitely has a plan for you and I believe that many others will strenghten their faith by watching and knowing you. Many blessings to you.

    Judy Skapik

  95. Dear Father Steve,
    May God bless you and keep you during this time especially. I pray for healing, strength and courage for you. I know you can feel the love and support that is being delivered to you through the power of prayer. God is always faithful.

    In His Love,

  96. Dear Father Steve,
    You may be sure that I will remember you in my prayers. May God give you the strength and courage you need in this journey. And may he give the doctors the wisdom to find a cure.
    Patty Davidson

  97. Father Steve, You are in my prayers.

    In January 2005, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since neither side of my family ever had cancer, I refused to believe I could have cancer. I humored my doctors by having a lumpeptomy. Then they told me I needed a masectomy. The operation sites healed as expected and by early Spring 2005, I followed a course of chemo then radiation. By summer’s end I was sleeping half of my day. Treatments ended in October and I started a five year daily program of tamaxofin which should successfully end this November 2010. It took a lot of B12 and other vitimins over the past few years to help me regain my strength and stamina.

    I am a survivor and so will you be a survivor. You must eat during the chemo: pasta and good breads are excellent to eat before you eat your vegatables. Stop eating red meat and anything fatty. You will get through this because God still has a lot of work and responsibilities for you.

    Again, prayers from all your friends and followers definitely will help your successful healing. Always there, Ellen Spain and Seton Hill University

  98. Father Steve, God has sent you another challenge and will be with you all the way. You will be in our prayers as will all your children. I am a survivor of a one year round of chemo and rituxan for Non-Hodkins Lymphoma in 2001 and believe it was my angel and the Holy Family and prayer to St Peregrine that got me through it. Also rest and having EWTN on all the time to strengthen my faith and trust. Doing the Divine Mercy Chaplet several times a day didn’t hurt either. We will follow you and your healing. Til the next time, God Bless and keep you……
    Pax Bona,
    Sue Grieco

  99. Dear Father,

    i have just read your e-mail about your recent diagnosis. My prayers are with you, I know that all who know and love you are thinking of you and praying for you. I shall be writing to you in the next few days. God Bless you!

    Yours in Christ,

    Gloria Wheeler

  100. I have to take a tour of duty overseas. Will be off line for a while. Good luck Fr.Steve…God bl3ess you…..Roy

  101. Fr Steve,
    Be well and positive, I am a 2 time survivor of cancer and believe that I had so many people who prayed for me that helped me overcome the challenges, I am grateful for those prayers. You are in my thoughts, we need you! God bless

  102. Dear Father Steve,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you for a complete recovery. You have so many dear people praying for you and sending good thoughts! I can feel the love all around you!
    I have always felt that God hears the prayers of children first, and you have so many wonderful chidren praying very hard for you everyday. You are going through a very difficult chapter in your life right now, but God has given you the strength and grace to come through stronger than ever! God Bless you.
    Sincerely, Barbara Hall

  103. Father Steve, St.Joseph and you will be in my prayers. Your leadership to the children and the community that serve is needed. I pray that you allow a time to heal and don’t push to hard to continue your load. The joy of giving to the school has been a honor. May you feel God’s presence everyday while you walk on this journey. Today,I was considering fasting for a period to draw near to God. I feel the Holy Spirit was preparing me to spend more time in prayer as I struggled how to handle my diabetes and fast. Now,I see God is once more operating in His mysterious ways to teach me the importance of prayer on my level in the hierachy of God’s kingdom. I do believe that by the stripes Jesus took on his back that Father Steve can be healed.



  104. Father Steve,
    You are surrounded by prayer,love and angels!
    The kindness and love that you poured out to all your children will now come flowing back to you as wonderful loving, healing prayer support.
    We all pray for your health and future blessings!

  105. Fr. Steve,
    I have prayed to the Healer for you quick recovery and remission. I will continue to do so. Don’t forget that by His stripes you are healed. I’ve seen so many miracles, I myself am one. God bless you and please keep writing to me.


    Laurrie Anne

  106. Fr. Stephen,




  107. Father Steve,
    You are a child of GOD. As a Child, your strenth grows and learns the grace of our Lord. Do not be forsaken and down trodden, believe and you will live. Remember, God gives us his promise, believe and your faith will will carry you. You are a good man and never forget the lives who you have touched are in our prayers. May the lord touch you, bless you, and be in his grasp, as you go through this earthly experience as we grow old. Remember you have done good works, but your faith will bring you to the lord. Rememmber, I can do anything from the lord, the lord who strenthens me and helps me:
    Peace and Love from above
    Mr. Mitch

  108. Father Steve, you will be in my prayers! As a two time cancer survivor I know this will be a difficult journey for you. God brought me through those difficult days; when I was feeling weak and nauseated, I would read His word and relax with Him and His love gave me enough strength to continue the fight. I will prayer that God is there with you every step of the way.

  109. Father Steve,

    I am truly moved by what you are going through. But I am writing to give you hope. I have many friends who are cancer survivors and I only lost two to this dreaded disease. MD Anderson helped some of them and it made a huge difference in one of my friend’s lives. She’s still here to share with everyone her experiences and to let them know that cancer can be beaten. You’ve done so much for the Lakota children. I ask God to please let you continue for as long as you want to. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and ask God to heal you so you can continue to do the so vitally important work that you do. This is the longest list of blogs I’ve ever seen. That proves how loved you are. God bless you, Fr.

  110. Father Steve, I will keep you in my prayers, having just went through a round of chemo, I know it’s not easy but God does give us the strength to endure and He is an awsome God, so keep the faith and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  111. Dear Fathrer Steve,
    I am so sorry to hear of you having cancer. You are in my thoughts and prayers for a full and speedy recovery. I know the children are a blessing to you and I pray for them as well. You do not have to answer this note, I’ll keep up with your blog.

    Bless you,

  112. Father Steve,
    My prayers are with you that you will feel God’s presence as you go through this time in your life. I pray for your doctors and those people who will be helping you go through this. I believe we do not know what God has in store for us, but what I do know is that we do not go through these things alone.
    I had the opportunity to be at the Pow Wow and meet you this last fall. I saw the wonderful work you are doing at the school and see how much the children love you. I know God has His hand on you. I will be praying for you daily.
    God bless you,
    Linda Brown

  113. Dear Fr.Steve……You and the children have always been an inspiration to me and now it’s my turn to return the favor by asking my Father in Heaven to hear our prayers. God has healed me in many ways and know that God takes care of His children. We are brothers in God’s kingdom and when one hurts, the other is there to give comfort by offering up prayers to Almighty God, who created us all. I pray for your speedy recovery…Larry

  114. Fr. Steve, You are in my prayers and I am asking the Lord to bless you and heal you as you are so needed by the children at St. Joseph’s. I attened the pow wow a few years ago and met you there. I admire all that you do for the children and see that it is a real need, because these are real people and not just a PO Box to collect money. That visit really opened my eyes to the realities of these innocent children. Again thank you for all you have done and plan to do. May God put His healing hands on you.

  115. Father Steve,

    What can one say to you, after all that you mean to St. Jospeh’s and the children there. Many times it seems God gives us tests of one kind or another where one asks, “Why Me”? Whatever Gods plans for you are, our prayers are always with you no matter what. May God bless and keep you and may your work at St. Josephs go on for many, many more years.




  117. I have been told that much laughter is good for healing, Read humor books, watch comdey movie. Laugh,laugh laugh as mcuh as you can. Keep a postive mine.
    And yes I will be praying.

  118. Dear Father Steve,
    We have been friends of St. Joseph’s for nearly 25 years. We have followed God’s wonderful work at the school through your guidance. May you feel the healing presence of God in your life. Our prayers are with you.
    May God’s Peace be with you,
    Doug & MaryAnne

  119. father steve,
    you are in my thoughts and a firm believer that GOD will not put any more on you than you can handle.hang in there your in GODS hands!!!!!!

    love your sister in CHRIST,

  120. Dear Father Steve,

    We were saddened when we received your e-mail informing us of your cancer. We teared up as we read your comments. It was as though a family member had told us of their health issue.

    We were inspired by your courage and positive attitude. From our first meeting with you, Father Steve, we knew that you are a very Special Person who has great strengh and perseverance.

    Know that your family at St. Joseph’s and your extended family throughout the world(all of us whose lives have been touched by you)are praying for your cure and recovery.

    You will be remembered in our daily thoughts and prayers.

    With Much Love,

    Maureen and Len

  121. Dear Father,

    I am so sorry to hear of your personal health setback. You are doing wonderful work with the children and I am sure the Lord will allow you to continue. Keep your heart open to what He is telling you, even if that means you must slow down! Sometimes, taking time for one’s self is the hardiest thing to do!

    I will include you in my nightly prayers and look forward to seeing your good progress in future posts. I had a grandma and mom that beat colon cancer which puts me at grave risk. Do not cut your chemo short…follow through! Be strong but lean on others when you feel the need…sometimes the Lord makes us weak so others can become strong!

    I will pray the Lord teaches you what He wants you to learn along your journey and that He heals you completely to continue you wonderful work.

    With Loving Thoughts,
    Marilyn Cavanaugh

  122. Dear Father Steve – You are in my prayers. Please keep a positive attitude throughout your treatment as I know that helps a great deal.

  123. Dear Father Steve:

    You are in my prayer. I have a group of people who are, as I am, cancer survivors. Wer all atre free of cancert for over five years now. We all pray for each other and for new members of the group who, like you have been diagnosed with cancer. I believe in the power of prayer. You know what our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Himself said about prayer. I know you have courage, or you would not do what you arte doing. What I ask you to do is to have confidence. Confidence that The Fayther will hear your plea to permit you to continue your good works for a long time and confidence in the prayers of all your friends and acquaintences who join you in your prayer. As a consequence we know with certainty that God will have your “best interest” under special consideration. Of course, we do include in our prayers your lovely children.
    May God bless you and keep you and make his face yto shine upon you and your children.
    Faithfully yours,
    Frrancis Daniel Coleman

  124. Dear Father Steve,
    My favorite Bible passage is Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” As the beautiful Lakota children at St Joseph’s have put their trust in you, so will you now put your trust in God. As you can see by the many heartfelt messages, we are all making this journey with you…and you will continue to lead and inspire us along the way. Wishing you peace, strength, and healing.
    With prayers, love, and blessings,

  125. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. A year ago I had a serious illness and recovered after 6 months; prayers pulled me thru. I will keep praying for you to recover and carry on God’s work at St Joseph’s. We visited St Jospeh’s a few years ago and discovered what a great place it is and helping so many children. An Iowa Grandmother

  126. Hello Father Steve, You and the Lakota children have brought fun times and joy to my 79-year old mother who has been corresponding with you for the last few years. She loves hearing the news and gets a kick out of the letters. She has always felt that you are very special. This Christmas in lieu of a gift to her, she asked me to send something to you for the children, so I did. I mentioned this sad news to her this evening and she said she will pray for you to have strength and that you do not ever have pain. All the best and hang in there!

  127. Dear Father Steve:

    My thought and prayers are with you. My daughter just completed her first round of chemotherapy following breast cancer surgery, so I can sympathize with what you are going through, knowing how the chemo and follow up shots have affected her, but she is handling things well as I know you will and remains grateful for the life saving medications that have been developed and are being used for healing. Good nutrition and hydration remain so important even though they may be the last things you want. I pray for your healing and that of all of those who suffer from cancer and other life threatening illnesses that each be given the strength, comfort, courage and love to sustain them through the challenge.

  128. Dear Father Steve,

    I will pray for you, as well as for my husband, who was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer a month ago.
    I pray for healing for both of you. May the Archangel Raphael wrap his healing wings around both of you.

  129. Dear Fr. Steve

    This is not a casual cliche As Christians we have the power and privilege of asking Our Father and

    His Son OUR Lord Jesus for miracles that pertain to daily life.Daily life it self is a miracle

    I will pray with a stout heart for your healing, As Paul said he could not decide whether he wanted to

    ask God for healing or let Him take him home Paul found himself torn between ministering to those Our Lord
    gave him to minister to and Pauls wanting to be with the Lord.Fr. Steve you have been given a great ministry and those directly around you have been blessed and those like myself, I will ask the Lord to heal you not in fear of death but for continued life so that many may continue to be blessed by you
    Peace in Our Lord Jesus
    Love Gina and Dominick Capizola

  130. Father Steve,
    May the divine Savior keep you safe, and watch over you. Wrap his loving arms around you, protect you, and ease your troubles.

  131. Father Steve,

    I realize how scary cancer can be. It’s so important to not only pray but to focus on your sense of humor-try to watch funny vidio’s or read funny book’s. Both have been known to beat cancer. You will always have my prayer’s and good wishes. Take care and try to eat something.

  132. Jim and I are praying that God will heal you and lessen the pain of the chemo.
    We are still hoping to make it up there in September or October.
    You are loved by us and many others.

  133. I was saddened to hear of your situation. My prayers and thoughts are with you and I pray that you gather strength from those who love and care about you. May God be with you and give you the strength, courage and peace you need at this time.

  134. Father Steve, I pray that you are healed by chemotherapy that God takes his hands and pulls the tumor straight out of your body and throws it away. I stumbled onto the St. Joseph website by accident last year. Father Steve has made me feel as a family member ever since I’ll have friends and church pray for Father Steve every day. God speed. Always, Susan

  135. Steve! I’m sorry to hear of the health issues that you are dealing with and sad that it kept you from being with us in St. Louis. You were/are/and always will be in our thoughts and prayers! Certainly, I will call upon Our Great God to be with you and embrace you. Good night!

  136. hi father we are sorry to hear of your cancer,my wife navada was also confirmed with cancer of the thyroid gland we will pray to god to make this disapper,we will also pray to saint valentin ,my cousin,and to all we know and don’t know for this to disapper you have did so much and now its time for everyone that reads this to tell everyone they know to pray,for this to leave your body.may the loard hear our prayers.
    Bless you
    tom and navada(Berriochoa)wheeler

  137. father steve,
    thank you for your constant devotion to the lakota children, and for being such a wonderful facilitator and bridge for others to reach out to them……i know that Grandfather holds you in the palm of his hand and will give you all the stength and grace you need to walk this path……he holds the future in his hands, and i know he holds you safe within his arms of love……. i will hold you up constantly in prayer, as well as the new prophetic prayer warrior group he has just this very day led me into….you are greatly loved father………….sincerely donna duncan anderson

  138. Dear Father Steve,
    I will pray to Saint Peregrine on your behalf as often as posssible. May your faith remain strong on this journey. Also may the love of your children continue to keep a smile on your soul.

  139. I pray our Blessed Mother will wrap her arms around you. I pray she asks her son to bring you strength, comfort and healing. I thank God for the wonderful gift of you He has given us.

  140. Dear Father Steve,

    I will be praying for you, and I will ask several of my friends to pray with me as well. We will be praying that you keep bodily strength, because we already know you have spiritual strength. I will be emailing them, and calling them to pray with me for you.

    God bless you, the children and the school.

    Kindest Regards, Bethany Wilson

  141. Blessings Fr. Steve and Everyone,

    I read about your diagnosis of cancer. I have had it too, twice, and am healed. You are healed, too. His Word says so–Ex. 15:26, Ish 53:45,Matt.8:16-17,! Pet.2:24 are just a few scriptures. Whether it’s a hang nail or cancer or a cold, it’s healed!!! God wants you well!! T.L.Osborn’s book, HEALING THE SICK, CHRIST THE HEALER by F.F. Bosworth, Andrew Wommack’s Min. has a study on God Wants You Well. You can down load all of his studies. Henry Wright’s book, A MORE EXCELLENT WAY (he deals with unforgiveness and curses)are just a few places to start you in full scripture to grab your healing. Nothing in scripture says this illness is to make you a better Christian and it’s God’s will for you to be sick. If that is the case, then why are you seeing doctors, getting chemo and seeking a cure?! Andrew Wommack’s son was brought back to life after being dead for over 5 hours. Smith Wiggelsworth raised many people from the dead and healed people on the spot. T.L. Osborn, the same. Get out of traditonal teaching of man and get into the Spirit of Christ, the healer of ALL diseases!!! John 14:12 tells us that we, as believers in Christ, will do more then He did while on earth because He was going to His Father. We are to heal the sick, lame, deaf, blind, the mute and raise the dead. Christ died that we now have His authority over satan and all his demons. If we don’t hear the Word and then act on the Word, we die (Rm. 10:17). God wants us to live and live abundantely and in excellent health (Jn. 10:10). This is not a “thorn” in your side, Fr. Steve, because Paul was being buffeted by satan and his demons not illnesses. Paul had revelations that satan didn’t want people to know about and act on. Yes, Christ’s grace is sufficient and He is ALL healing through His Word. Believe It, don’t doubt It and run with It!!!
    Your healing will bring visable hope of God’s Word for those around you because you are first in the Spirit. Your spirit is already healed, now press it into your flesh and let it manifest. Don’t go by your senses, go by the Spirit of God. I speak this in the love of Jesus Christ. Know that you are healed because the Word says so!! God bless and keep. Judith Leitner

  142. Fr. Steve, I just read your email and was so saddened to read that you have this sickness. I will certainly remember you in my prayers, as God is still in the answering business. I know you are so needed in the work there. God will give you the strength to face this. Bless you, Fr. Steve.

  143. Father Steve, you have been very close to my heart these past five years. I greatly appreciate all that you do at the school and for the children and I know they do also. I’m a retired nurse so I understand what you are going through physically. However, I know that ALL things are possible with our Lord and I see you as fully recovered. I will uplift you in my daily prayers and I am passing this info to others so they may also add their prayers with each of us here. I pray not only for your physical healing, but the ability to face each day and each new challenge with hope and good spirits.
    Angela WindDancing Hatchett

  144. Father Steve,
    I too have cancer. May God grant you the strength, stamina and the ability to see the humor and positive in every experience. Take it one day, one challenge at a time. I pray for your return to good health.

    God bless

  145. Ft. Steve, first I want to thank you for all the hard work that you put into the boys and girls of St Joseph. Now to hear about your cancer I believe that the good Lord will do what ever it takes to keep you doing all it is that you do for those kids. Along with the power of pray I thruly believe you will beat this cancer as I have. My cancer coast me some, like my family but I was still able to win the battle of cancer. I will add you to my prays and ask the Knights of Columbus to also add you to it’s pray list so you will have on top of all those from St. Joseph praying for you. There are going to be several hundred thousand more prays for you. God know our faith and he knows all that leans on you and your work. May God Bless You and keep a positive vier point. Thank You and your Kids for all they have been able to bless me with their pray’s.

  146. Dear Fr. Steve,
    I’m sorry to hear of your illness and will think of you and pray for your recovery. I have my own health problem and have become more aware of what it can do to your sense of self, but also what a joy it is to have friends and family who care and are there for me. I know you have a large family of friends and children that you care for and that their love is surrounding you now more that ever in your efforts to heal. I have found that finally accepting that I have a
    possibly life-threatening condition has actually
    strengthened my beliefs and resolve to live my life to the fullest and to be the best person I can be. I have contributed to your school a couple of times and have enjoyed the little gifts you have sent me in return. You are doing God’s work. I have also, seemingly by accident,
    visited your museum while on a trip cross country
    a few years ago. I was very impressed with your
    collection and the presentation of native american artifacts and history. I know your positive outlook and the love that is all around you will see you through. With all my heart,
    Bob Greenan

  147. Father Steve, Having lost my husband to lung cancer on 3-28-08, & several other members of my family, I can relate to your shock of the diagnose. My husband & I had visted St. Joe’s’s several years ago, & were impressed . You & those before you are serving a great purpose in God’s plan. I know you are on a difficult journey, but with prayers, good doctors, & strong faith, I pray God will grant you healing & many more years of good health.You will be in my thoughts & prayers.

    God Bless,
    Shirley Wolfe

  148. Dear Father Steve,

    You are in my thoughts and prayers for full victory over the cancer. God is faithful and wants you well. We have a group of 6 meeting every Tuesday morning for study and prayer and we will remember you then, too.

    Love and prayers,


  149. You are in my prayers Fr. Steve. These are difficult times for you — stay focused and mentally positive. Prayer and your mental approach to your body’s fight is just as important as the medical treatment you are receiving.

  150. Dear Father Steve,

    I am saddened to learn that you have cancer. You will always be in my thoughts and I will constantly pray for you to overcome this horrible affliction.

    With love,


  151. God bless and be with you now and always.For with GOD all things are possible.Praying for your return to health.,DIbarra

  152. Father Steve, first and foremost remember that all things are possible through Christ our Lord. I believe in the gift of healing that comes through the loving kindness of the Holy Spirit. Time after time in the scriptures we are given a word of wisdom on such things. Let us claim victory over your health situation and pray with excitement and expectation that you will shortly overcome the challenge before you.

    For we are told that BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED and Iknow that this means exactly what it says. God gives abundantly, exceedingly greater than we can comprehend. For His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.

    We are given according to our level of belief and I believe that He (Our Savior Christ) will heal you. Ask and you WILL receive, Knock and the door WILL be open, Seek and you WILL Find.

    Remember Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord,”plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

    We have such victory in Christ, be well and let us together give all the glory to God.


    Dr. Marc Clark
    PS 63:7

  153. My heart goes out to you and the children that you so generously help. Cancer has hit our family and friends too many times and we pray constantly. Now we will add you to our prayer list. I belong to a small group at my Church and we will pray for you also. I am glad to hear you are not in pain, keep up your strength and courage, in Friendship, Jeannie Schmidt

  154. Fr. Steve: I will keep you in my prayers as you face this very difficult medical problem. I, too have faced life threatening medical issues and I am here to express gratitide to God for helping me through those times. I believe He is there for you too. May God grant you healing in your spirit and in your body. Thank you for the work you do for all the Lakota children.

  155. Dear Fr Steve

    I am a cancer survivor of 9 years. Over the years that I
    have received your letters and gifts from the children it
    has been a great journey for me. You are always in my prayers
    be strong and never give up. The children need you.

  156. Dear Father Steve:
    I am so sorry to hear about you being sick. I know through the Grace of God that he will heal you. He has the power to do mighty things for his children. You have shown him in your love and kindness that you are worthy of his good grace. He will be there for you through all your days. Father Steve you have many prayers from all the children and families who have loved you through all these years. May our Father and Earth Mother help you and look down on you . Great Father up above.i am praying to you to look down on your son ,our brother and guide him with your hands to be healed so he can continue to devote his life to our sisters and brothers that need him. Our prayers are strong and loving for this man of God to be blessed in health. I also pray for all that need prayers at this time Lord. Please Grant the prayers and graces i ask for at this time. I love you Dear Father in Heaven . Thank you , I know Father Steve that all our prayers will be heard. God Bless you my dear friend and brother. Your sister Native American Jo-Anne ( Treeswoman)

  157. Father, I am praying for you as you have prayed for so many. You are such an inspiration to me!

  158. Dear Father Steve
    Although I’ve never met you I know of your work through St. Joseph’s School. Your health journey will be a learning experience for your students too. Please add my prayers for you during this difficult time.

  159. Dear Father Steve–
    The work you do is so generous and loving to the Lakota children, it seems so unfair that you find yourself dealing with illness. God gives us the grace to help us through difficult times and he gives us ordinary people in our lives to love us and pray with us to get us through. I shall pray for you and your good work as so many others will be doing. God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand.

  160. Fr. Steve,
    A little over a year ago I was diag. with Kidney Cancer. Surgery was the only option so it was done. Two days after that blood clots from the surgery went to my heart and two heart attacks followed. A quad. bypass was needed to restore my heart to save me. To make a long story short…..all the nurses said is that I shouldn’t be here as most would not have servived that mess, and it was not my time to go yet. I believe God is not finished with you yet and there is a need for you to continue your tasks.

    God Bless you and keep you…

  161. Dear Fr. Steve, As I have prayed for the children at Lakota School and hoped that they would feel love and comfort when needed, so I pray for you. I can only try to imagine your concern, lack of energy, and sometimes discouragement at not feeling like yourself, but I pray tht God will touch you at those times and bring you peace of mind and soul……..

  162. Dear Fr. Steve,

    Thank you for all you’ve done to keep the children happy, well fed, warm, clothed, educated, protected from exploitation, diseases, and other maliciousness. I know you want to take care of all the work that makes it possible, but you have to let others do most of it for awhile.

    We have faith in your basic strength and know that you will return to robust health in a bit.

    Much love,

    Barbara Cannas

  163. Dear Fr. Steve,

    I, too, am shocked and saddened by your news. I will submit your name to my prayer chains. May God be at your side during this time of trial. The children at the center need you!

    Your friend in Maine,


  164. Dear Father Steve,

    My prayers and hope are with you in your time of healing. May God bless you as you have blessed others. May God heal you quickly so that you may continue your work for those who need you so desperately.

    Lisa in Florida

  165. Dear Father Stephen,

    As you said it is hard to understand when God includes Cancer as part of your journey. Just when we get comfortable with our routine, he throws us a curve ball. It is true that he sends nothing our way that we can’t handle along with the prayers of our friends and loved ones and with our faith in knowing that we are not alone in this challenge, we will gain the strength we need to get through it and often come out on the other side stronger and wiser for it. I will keep you in my daily prayers with the confidence that Jesus will heal you in his time and in the meantime you will be surrounded by love and comfort.

    In Christ,
    Reverend Kimberley L. Smith, MS, CGC
    Pastoral Counselor

  166. Fr Steve,

    As I sat and read the email from you and then your blog I wept and
    asked myself…Why??? Why You??? But then I saw in Your writings that Your spirits are high, that discoverd early enough….all will be well. There are thousands upon thousands of prayers being said for You out here. You have the admiration of many out here for the work that You have been doing. The Lord be with You…
    All will be well !!!!


  167. Father Steve,

    My family understands what you are going through. My family has been devastated by cancer and my sisters is in the hospital as we speak. My prayers and wishes for your recovery will be plentiful.
    Love and Peace to you

    Denise Robinson

  168. Good morning Fr. Steve! We have awoken to another blessed day that the Lord has given us. I pray you have a good one!

  169. Fr. Steve
    I am saddened by this news but confident that THE great healer will provide during this difficult time. Marilyn and I will pray fervently for the LORDS intervention and hands of comfort. HE will provide.

  170. Dear Fr. Steve,

    I am sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with cancer! I am hoping for the best for you and your little ones at the school, I will pray for you every day!!

  171. Dear Father Steve,

    I just received the sad news and I want to assure you of our prayers. We have just started our yearly novena to our Foundress, Blessed Anne-Marie Rivier, so I will include you in our prayers and will write your name and intentions in our Book of Intercessions in chapel, so you’ll get the benefit of the prayers of all our 60 Sisters here on the compound.

    May God bless you and give you all the graces you need to cope with this situation.


    Sr. Thérèse Forcier, p.m.


  173. Dear Fr. Steve
    You and the children are always in my prayers, but now I will step up the specific prayers for your healing and recovery. In addition, your concern will be added to the prayer list at All Saints Lutheran Church here in Hartland, Michigan.
    May you be given peace, hope and all benefits of the treatments you are receiving.
    Rev. Mary Duerksen

  174. Father Steve,
    So sad to hear about the cancer and will be praying for you and that he will give you a speedy recovery. Will also be praying for the children and the school.

  175. The Lord’s blessing on you Father. My prayers will go up with all the rest for you to be strengthened and heartened by those of us who hold you so dear. Your positive attitude will help you so much along this path. My pipe circle will lift you up in prayers as will my church.

    Peace and love to you,
    Joy Puryear

  176. Fr. Steve, Our prayers will be with you and know that we wish nothing but good things. Cancer has touched my husband and he is going to be 10 years cancer free. He had nonhodgkins lymphoma. His mother died from lung cancer at age 59 so cancer has taken many from us. You will be added to our prayer list. God bless you and know we are praying for you Sincerely Ida THompson.

  177. Dear Fr. Steve,

    I pray that the Good Lord will hold you in his hand as always and guide the hands of your caregivers. May he bring you strength, peace and perseverance each new day.

    God bless,


  178. Praying for you at this time. The work your doing will continue from you and to others. I am glad people care like you. I thank you and pray God heals you. God Bless

  179. We are not of the same religion but our prayers go to God for your return to good health. May God’s blessing carry through and keep you strong.

  180. Fr. Steve:

    I hope my e-mail forwards got through to the school.

    Please know that you, staff, children, medical personnel & anything else you need are in my prayers, those of my church, friends, relatives, and anything else I can think of.
    Barbara Damerst (crocheted hats, & rosaries)

  181. Tried to ascertain “why” … but only the Creator (God, the Father himself) has the answers. For that reason, with all the fibre of my being I will continue to prayer more fervently for your comfort and recovery from this illness. Like Our Savior who was afflicted with unimaginable pain, we must learn to emulate Him in our afflictions in this life; unfortunately, it is one of the ways “to return home.” I know it is hard for you to get through this cross you have to bear, but the love, companionship, and prayers of the children, friends, and family will help you; Through them all, it will be “a healing send from above” and ultimately a key to your peace and comfort.
    Much Love, through Jesus, Mary, Joseph & all the Saints;
    Diane (Dee) Campbell-Crayton.

  182. Fr Steve:

    Very sorry to hear about your cancer!!!

    I had bladder cancer surgery for a high grade non-invasive tumor 3 years ago so I understand what you are going through. I am happy to report I am cancer free at this date.

    My cancer was in addition to another illness I have been troubled with all my life, Sarcoidosis. You may be interested in reading my interview on Amy Proal’s web site, describing how I have been treating both these diseases, link below.

    Cancer can be defeated! Keep up your spirits and enjoy living every new day. God bless you and the children.

    Gene Johnson

  183. Dear Father Steve, As a former oncology nurse I recognize the challenges of dealing with cancer on so many levels. Hold on tight to your faith to see you through and have patience with the health care system because it’s not in very good shape. When you go to the various departments responsible for your care, try to identify a nurse, technician, secretary as “your” contact person. Ask if it is ok to ask specifically for them for questions. My prayers are with you and the children of the prairie. May your guardian angel keep you close. God bless, Hannah Thayer

  184. Father Steve,
    Your email has the right title…”cancer has come to visit”….Visitors do not stay…they leave, and so will this leave! The scriptures say to pray one for another that YOU may be healed! All those prayers you have prayed for others means that you are healed! May the Lord Bless You and Keep You, and know that your steps are ordered by God. Because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, you have authority of sickness and disease.
    In Christ, Nancy Salmon

  185. you are in my prayers everyday and with the help of gods blessing you will overcome this obstacle in life, thank you so very much for everything you have done and continue to do for the children and the school as i have been a supporter now for many years. god bless and and i look foward to reading your updates on your treatment

  186. Dear Father Steve,
    I was so saddened to hear that you have cancer! PLEASE know that you are in my prayers! I know some what of how you may be feeling, as I have had cancer myself. However, I am now blessedly well, and I pray that soon you will be also! I will always keep the precious children of St.Joseph’s Indian School in my prayers as well! May God bless you and I SINCERELY hope and pray you’ll be well soon!!!

  187. Dear Father Steve:
    May peace and grace be with you at all times during this journey you take. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the children at St. Joseph’s Indian School.

  188. Dear Fr. Steve,

    My family in PA, NY and VA are praying for you.
    I have a dear friend in TX whose wife had cancer and she bravely went through all the treatments and even performed in a musical while taking radiation treatments. She was the star of the show. Anyway she is better and back to work. I told her to eat well and remember my favorite verse~ Is 40:31. You are doing wonderful things for the children. I love to hear from them. Thank you for St. Joseph’s kindness. God Bless You and your staff.

    Your friends,
    Ann K. Van Dyke and family

  189. The faith of many is a strong weapon against disease. As I hold you up to Our Father in prayer, I will expect you to be healed in Jesus’ Name.

  190. Dear Fr. Steve,

    My husband David and I met you last year at the donor reception in New Jersey. At that time David was only 10 months out of treatment for Stage IV throat cancer, in fact he was just beginning to eat regular food and was thrilled that he could eat the delicious lunch you had provided for us! We are very grateful that we found wonderful doctors and he was able to endure the chemo and radiation as well as he did, with a sense of humour and a tremendous belief that he would survive this challenge. We are so very sorry that you too now have to face this journey. It will not be easy, as we know too well, but we hope you are strengthened and comforted by the prayers of so many, including ours. We send you love, hugs and much laughter…it truly is the best medicine. May God Bless you and give you strength.

    Christina and David Ward

  191. Father Steve, I pray that God will be with you and for his blessing be upon you during this trying time for you. You and the children are always in my prays and thoughts. God speed my friend Danny

  192. You have been added to our Sunday School prayer chain at Calvary Evangelical Church in CT.
    In HIS Grip

  193. So very sorry to hear about your recent cancer news. I too had a bout with the word “cancer” also’ in March of last year….soon to be almost a year. I went in for routine gall bladder surgery and they discovered my gallbladder was totally cancerous and in fact, had “seeped” into the gall bladder bed also. Lots of discussions later, I opted for complete trust and faith in Jesus for my healing. It’s been a trip of a life-time this past year; all kinds of comments by well ententionied Christians as well as friends and family. But my faith holds fast and I go for my regularly scheduled MRI’s and continue to serve and trust my Lord and Savior. My heart really resonates with your prayer request….you may count on our prayers for you daily. God has a much bigger plan than we, and only He knows how it must play out. Please keep the faith…during this time of your life and ministry, you will call on all you have ever believed, lived and taught. It’s “D Day” for those of us fighting this battle with cancer. A “Now or Never” mentality. We either stand on it all…or surrender to a thought process of defeat. I trust you will do the former. Love and Prayers,
    charlotte and victory wood

  194. Please visit Lorraine Day, M.D. website. She’s a Christian and discusses how there are natural and alternative therapies for all diseases including cancer. The Bible is true and the Lord does heal through
    prayer and then obedience.

  195. Fr. Steve,
    I send you my prayers and fond wishes for the Courage and Strength to continue on each day. I know how difficult this journey will be and I trust that God will help you through.
    As you know, my Husband, Jim, passed away in 2006. He had Brain Cancer. I don’t know if it will help, but one of his favorite things was the Carnation Instant Breakfasts when he just didn’t feel like eating anything else.
    God Bless you for all your years of doing God’s work. I know how loved you are at St. Joseph’s.
    I pray also for yur Drs. and their choices for your treatment.
    Sincerely with much Gratitude for your thoughtfulness,
    Mary Sands

  196. Dear Father Steve
    When you are diagnosed with cancer,in addition to treatment, your turning in trust to the Good Lord, and prayers and prayers and prayers,you need to hear as many good cancer (can cancer ever be good?????)stories as you can.
    Trust me….I know… a cancer survivor of two (count ’em) breast cancers and thyroid cancer. Though we all start by wishing it had never happened……treatments really are better and better. I am sure that you have already heard from many of us survivors already…….and there are gifts, believe it or not… you make your journey…..the most precious for me being the “precious present moment”….being in the now….indeed the sacred place where Yahweh always resides……what more blessed and safe place is there than this…..
    Many prayers….
    Mary Ann

    Mary Ann

  197. Dear Father Steve!
    You are in my prayers. I have just responded to you e-mail and it contains some information that I think you may find interesting/important. Please take a look at it and let me know if I can be of any assistence.

    Light and Love Maria, Sweden

  198. Fr. Steve,

    I am very sorry to hear about your diagnosis of cancer, and assure you of my thoughts and prayers. In spite if this news, we are trusting in the Healer of all our infirmities, Jesus Christ our Lord (Matt. 8:17, Jas. 5;15,16), and for your FULL recovery (Psa. 103:3).

    May our Lord give you strength, peace, hope and courage in the days to come, and that you will be able to continue your loving care of the children. God bless!

    Madge Alexander

  199. We have been blessed with people in prayer groups around the country. You will be remembered in California, Oregon, Virginia, Pennsylvannia, North Carolina, Ohio, and Iowa, and maybe more states. You have been such an inspiration to the Lakota and to so many people, God will reward you for your faithfulness to his Word. Tom and I feel blessed to have met you out here and in South Dakota because your spirit and energy are contagious. With Lent approaching the Lord has asked you to share in the burden of His cross. It won’t be easy, so we and the hundreds of people who have sent messages of encouragement will help you on this journey. God bless you and the doctors and nurses on their healing mission.

  200. Hi, Fr Steve!

    I am so sorry to hear of your recent illness. I have always kept you and the children in my prayers and will continue to do so, emphasising YOU! I attend Chapel every Friday for the Eucharistic Adoration. We have a Special Intention book there and I will be sure to put your name in it so that others may pray for you, too! May the Lord continue to keep you in His hands and give you the comfort and strength you will need in the upcoming treatments.

    God Be With You!!


  201. Father Steve, My family wanted to you let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. You are such an unbelieveable person. You enlighten me every time we visit. May God give you strength during this time, and know that you have a whole faith community behind you.


    Julie and family

  202. Dear Fr. Steve my prayers are with you; I am a breast ca. surviour and my daughter has just started chemo for her breast ca. and the prayers we are receiving are a great help and I hope our prayers help you as much.

  203. Father Stephen, You are in the thoughts and prayers of both my father and I, (Theresa and Marvin Andrews – Kansas City, Mo) and we will continue to keep you there daily. Throughout this country, and I’m sure other countries too, you and your St. Joseph family are so loved and respected. I know that you will need to keep busy during your treatment but please take it slowly. My father and I found it such an honor to meet you and your students when you visited Kansas City. We were so impressed by all. Chemo is tough and again, we will be praying for your strength, healing and oh yes…Patience through it. Your friends in Kansas City, Theresa and Marvin

  204. Dear Father Steve,

    Be assured that many hundreds of prayers are coming your way!!

    Your work with the Lakota children will continue.. Their love and respect for you is
    ever present!May you be Blessed by this new challenge in your Beautiful life..

    Peace and Joy!

    Rita Vigil

  205. Dear Fr. Steve,

    My prayers are with you, and I will bring your name up in prayer at our weekly Lasdies’ Bible study as well. I believe in miracles through Jesus Christ, in Whom all things are possible.

    God bless you richly, your friend, Winifred

  206. Thank you, Fr. Steve, for your continuing dedication to the children and staff of St. Joe’s. The love and healing you have given out MUST return to you now, it’s God’s Law. May your healing path be gentle and complete.

  207. Dear Father Steve:

    You are in my prayers, and I have said and will continue to say the prayer you asked be said for you. A few years ago one of our very beloved priests here in NY gave me a booklet of Spiritual Warfare prayers, with a smaller booklet of Companion Prayers. In the smaller booklet I found this prayer to St. Peregrine, patron saint of those suffering from cancer.
    It reads:
    Oh, God, in St. Peregrine you gave us an outstanding example of faith and patience. We humbly ask you that, by imitating him and by the help of his prayers, we may believe more fully in your healing help, bear the suffering of this life without wavering, and come with joy to the peace of heaven. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
    While of course we’ve never met I’ve followed St. Joseph’s for many years and through the mailings, newsletter and web site am familiar with the good work you and everyone else there does for the children. We need good people now more than ever, and so I will continue praying for your recovery both for your sake and for the sake of the children who need you.

  208. Fr. Steve,

    Your brothers from Devine Heart have linked together in a chain of prayer on your behalf. I was overwelmed with all of the wishes of good health on your site and on facebook. You are a wonderful priest and have always been a good friend to all. Take care my friend

    Joe Pope

  209. Dear Fr. Steve,

    I’m an eight-year cancer, “survivor,” myself. Often, I think that my, “Angelic Buddy,” Saint Raphael – the Archangel was getting, “overloaded,” with my prayer-requests. “He,” or, “She,” is my favorite Patron Saint for Healing. My Sister’s is Padre Pio.

    On occasion, I get to walk to the, “Arch Street Chapel,” [St. Anthony] after work. I often over-pay to light an electic candle for the people I pray for. As of this writing, you are included.

    In the past 42-plus years of our marriage, the Saint Joseph’s Indian School has always been included in our gifts. We started off in Rochester, N.Y. We moved nine times in six years.

    One of the Merit Badges that our Eagle Scout son earned was, “Indian Lore.”

    I hope that our Lord will comfort and guide you.

    “Missy,” Susan Pauline Bauer
    (Brockton, Massachusetts)
    (Missy is my nickname from work. It’s from, “Ms.” not from, “Melissa.”)

  210. I will remember you in my prayers Fr. Steve. I am always in awe of those who dedicate their lives to helping others. In Christ I am hopeful for you. There is no greater hope than the ever present Lord of Lords who is our intecessor and defender. I pray that our Lord will allow you to continue your work for a very long time.

  211. Fr. Steve, you are surrounded by the Love and Light of Creator…. the love and caring you have shown the children will come back to you 70 times over…. thank you for all you do!

  212. Fr. Steve,

    So sad to hear the news. I’ve cried and prayed, and cried and prayed some more. I’ll keep you in my daily prayers. May God bring you strength, courage, peace, and, most importantly, healing. We love you!

    Wakan Takan kici un!

  213. Fr.Steve I am very sorry to hear about your misfortune. I myself have had a thyroid tumor over ten years ago and I am still alive.I also was born with cerabal palsy at birth and do anything I want.I guess I have strong faith in GOD.Good luck in your cure.Thanks.

  214. Dear Fr. Steve,
    We were sad to hear of your diagnosis of cancer…just remember The Lord is bigger than any disease and will give you the strength day by day that you need to get through the treatments.
    Love and Prayers from Western N.C.

  215. Father,

    My name is Mike and I use a web site called Ivanhoes Web MD several times a week. Last week they had an article on destroying cancer tumors with microwaves. They insert a needle with a special tip on the end of it into the tumor and turn up the heat without cutting into the body. Totaly destroys the tumor without destroying normal tisue. Litterly cooks it to death. Check on this on your next doctors check-up. Hope this helps some. Keep up the good work. God Bless You.

    Mike Fejedelem

  216. Dearest Father Steve,

    May the Lord give you strength during this difficult period of chemotherapy in the same way that you have provided strength and encouragement to the Lakota children. I hope that our prayers will allow this cancer to be eliminated at best and at least placed in remission at worst. There are too few people in this world who have provided as much for others as you have provided at St. Joseph’s.

    May the Lord be with you during this
    journey. God Bless You.


  217. Dear Father,

    I will pray for you. I will also say prayers the next time I attend Inipi. It is good that you ask for what you need. The energy of prayers is always strong. The strongest energy is that of love, of which you are surrounded by. May you heal quickly.

  218. Dear Father Steve,

    I am not a believer but will pray for your healing anyway. I am an old foreigner. I love this Country and love what you are doing. Please think positively, the Lakota children need you. Hope you will be healthy pretty soon. Love you.


  219. Dear Father Steve,
    Many times have i ask GOD to make my faith at least as big as a musterd seed because i dont feel like its strong enough to help in trouble times.You know what Psalm 17:6 said and i pray GOD will bend down and hear all of the thousands of prayers to him to give you the strength to get through this,and you and i must never give up hope,i truly believe our Heavenly Father will get you through.By his stripes we are heald.

  220. Dear Father Steve;
    I am saddened to hear about your illness…I pray that the love you have for your Lakota children return to you one hundred-fold in the form of God’s healing grace, mercy and peace during this challenging time and always…
    You are in my prayers.


  221. My intention when i first heard of your school was to help when i could. since then i lost part of my left lung and shoulder and now i have issues w/ my colon. Lost my job etc. But i always felt lifted when i recieved your e-mails that your school was still there and you reached out to your children in guidance and inspiration. You will be in my prayers for all to hear. BLESS YOU MY FRIEND I WISH YOU WELL AND STRENGTH FOR THE FUTURE

  222. Commenter #260 says you’re now a regular in my prayers. I know cancer is a bummer, but I also know you will get a lot of extra grace(s) and that JESUS takes all our stuff inside Himself, as if it’s His own, when we love Him and then He gives us Himself. So you can’t have a bad day but JESUS is right there in it with you. He’s just invisible. I hope that helps. Thanks for all the stuff after Christmas. It really cheered me up.

  223. I am very sorry about your current condition. My Dad and my Grandmother both died of cancer. It’s a horrible dreaded disease, unwanted by anyone. I pray that our Father in Heaven will help you fight this and over come it. I pray that the medical personnel involved will have God’s guidance to do what’s right, and get you through this. My best wishes and prayers go with you.

  224. You’re a great man, Father Steve. Whatever happens, your place in Heaven .. is THERE, already. .. If the encroachments of cancer should take further tolls, then who would succeed you? .. Sorry for a pragmatic-type of question.

  225. Fr. Steve,
    I was saddened to learn of your latest challenge – cancer. It had to be daunting to receive this news. However, I have full confidence that with God’s healing hands and the mountain of prayers being shared for you, you will overcome his disease.

    You have meant so much to so many and have been a blessing for the Lakota children at St. Joe’s. Some of our church members have made trips to donate to the children and it was been joy to do so. We so enjoyed watching the children perform during the PowWow.

    I have sent a request for prayers for you to our church’s prayer chain. Many will be praying for you.

  226. Dear Father Steve,
    I am confident that the Great Spirit will watch over you since you have provided great services to the Lakota children for so long.
    May the Spirit in these difficult times be with you and keep you strong to overcome this illness with a positive result.
    I wish you always well.


  227. I pray that God gives you the strength and the courage to get through this. I know that you are a blessing to all those kids at the school.


  229. Dear Father Steve,
    I am so saddened to hear of your medical challenge. I say challenge, because I know you will emgerge from this, stronger. You are in my prayers daily. Remember always that you are loved so much by those in your care. You are loved and in the hands of the Holy Ones, who bless you, even during this time of discomfort and worry for you and them. May the children’s smiles remind you of God’s great love. Peace, a.b.

  230. Dear Fr. Steve,
    We have been supporters of St. Joseph’s Indian School for a few years. Jerome went through chemotherapy and radiation as he struggled through lung cancer in the summer of 2008. We asked for your prayers, at the time, and we are sure that your prayers and many others who prayed for Jerome’s recovery is why his cancer remains in remission. Please know that we will be praying for your recovery in body and spirit. Sincerely,
    Gwen & Jerome Olson
    Belle Plaine, Minnesota

  231. Father Steve,

    All Light to you in your journey of compassion for others, and now for yourself!

    Please submit to Arc Angel Raphael, Our Lady of Lourdes, and St. Jude to bring you to the alter of God’s healing Light.

    Please note, I was a Radiologist Technologist for 44 years, and for some of the time, I worked in Radiation Therapy…so my understanding is with you in regards medical healing, but more importantly the healing of Spirit.



  232. Dear Father Steve,
    We also were saddened to hear of your difficult situation, but we here in Schenectady have great faith that the Lord will hear the prayers of many and help you through this part of your life’s journey. You are in our daily prayers, will be lifted in prayer at our weekly meeting of the Spirit in Love Prayer Community tonight, and have been added to our daily e-mail prayer line. May God’s peace be with you.

    Bob & Bev

  233. Fr. Steve, I’m thinking positive thoughts and praying the Rosary for you, With Our Mother’s assistance,anything is Possible.Jesus loves you, He Knows your needs….Try rice pudding occasionally,It’s not to sweet, higher in calories….easy to digest….love and mercy requested for you Fr.Steve….love you.

  234. Dear Father Steve

    You are in my prayers.
    Prayer to St. Peregrine
    What cancer cannot take from you.
    It cannot take away your Faith.
    or shatter your Hope or lessen your Love.
    It cannot destroy true friendship or invade the Soul or take away eternal life.
    It cannot conquer your Spirit.
    Charlotte H. Griffin

  235. Fr. Steve, You will be in my prayers. May good health be soon in coming. God Bless and keep you in his loving care. Love and Prayers !

  236. Fr. Steve,
    you and your Lakota family extended prayers and warm healing thoughts to us when Jim was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer three years ago. As you were there for us, we are here for you.
    Our loving God knows the good that you do and have done in your lifetime. Your generosity and good works do not go unnoticed by our loving God, nor, by those of us who know you.
    May God hold you in his loving arms as you go through this difficult time.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Jim and Linda

  237. Dear Fr. Steve:

    Sending you many blessings for your difficult journey right now. Know that all your love is being reflected back to you by the beings around you, and you’re held always in a healing light.

  238. May God look down on you and help you through this most difficult time. The road will be hard but with Gods help you will make it through.

  239. Father Steve,
    We are thinking of you and praying for you.
    We will continue to do so until you are healed.
    I (Sharon) am a 20 year survivor of colon
    cancer and had all the treatments–surgery,
    chemo and radiation. There were MANY good
    people who helped me and I know God put
    them there for me. HE is no doubt doing the same for you. God will be there with
    you every step of your journey – hold on to
    your Faith tightly. It is the blessing that
    helps you get through this. My nursing
    background and personal experience say:
    you must REST when you feel like it, as that
    is when your body heals itself.
    Keep a positive attitude.
    Your have lots of people praying for you.
    We will keep in touch.

    John and Sherry

  240. Hello Fr. Steve,
    I send light, love, and healing prayers your way today. May you feel the abundance of God’s provision upon your personal life. Never negate the love nor the power nor the deep healing compassion of others prayers. It is powerful.

    I am also sending you a site to explore regarding alternative healing. It may be something you’d like to ad to your healing program. You can check out the website at or call Robert from Two Feathers at 775-324-4889. He has a formula that is for internal cancers. I think you may enjoy learning his information and hopefully the formula he has will assist you in healing.

    The rivers of love and healing wash upon you.
    THe light of God penetrate and heal every cell in your body.

  241. Fr. Steve,
    I pray daily for you and all at St. Joseph’s. You are an inspiration ti us all who are aquainted with the school and your work. I consider it an honor to be able to lift your and all you do and care fore to the Lord in prayer.

    Sue Kleck

  242. Father Steve,
    You have been such a blessing to so many, I know that God can do miracles and we are praying for one for you. For now – if you can turn over some of your duties to others, so that you can rest when need. We love your students as our own and will continue to support you and as always keep you in our prayers.

    God Bless you and all that you do,

  243. Dear Father Steve,

    It is with sadness that I read of your diagnosis today. I pray for your healing; also for patience, strength and peace as you go through the months ahead.

    I remember my mother saying as she battled lung cancer: “The Lord must love me a lot to trust me with such a big problem. I will not let Him down.” And she didn’t. She was an inspiration to us children.

    Your work at St. Joseph’s is amazing. My husband Norm and I met you at a luncheon in Minneapolis about 2 years ago. I love St. Joe’s and the postive impact you have on the lives of so many children. I’ve been a supporter for 10+ years & that will continue after I am gone.

    As a cancer survivor myself (19 years), the Lord gave me courage to reach out to others and make a difference. My life was saved for a purpose.

    My prayers are with you and with the children and staff at St Joseph’s as you walk this journey together. May the Lord guide, strengthen and encourage you as He heals and uplifts you.


  244. Fr. Steve,
    Being a Combat soldier you have a close and personal relationship with our Lord Almighty especially if he has saved your bacon once or twice. I have called upon my Friend and Saviour to guide you and help you in these troubled times. As often as he has saved me and my troops from harm I’m sure He will look after you. Fr Steve you are in my prayers. May GOD be your shepard and watch over you.
    GOD Bless you

  245. Hello, Fr. Steve:
    I just wanted to let you know we have been spreading the word for prayers for you. You may have the whole Columbus, Ohio corps of the Salvation Army praying for you. (I used to attend when I lived in Ohio).
    Also, after almost ten years in a wheelchair, I am back on my feet again with the help of God, first and my new braces. Without them, I still cannot walk; also my speech that had been gone for two years and then off again and on again for another year, has made it back to normal and I haven’t had a loss for many months. Another miracle!
    I’m still having troubles with the Fibromyalgia and the degenerative arthritis, but minor compare to what so many others are going through. My problems are the ones I can go to a doctor and get some relief. Thinking positive and praying have been a great help as well. I can’t let the trials of this life, weight my faith down — I won’t let Satan win!!!!!
    I am sending you a poem I have written: in fact, I have a whole book of poetry that I have written, and I have penned some short stories as well …nothing like what other non-christian person might write. Hope it helps in some way.



    I believe in miracles Fr. Steve; I’ve seem them time after time in my life and I am confident He will never falter, never fail, even through the darkest night —
    Keep on smiling!

  246. Father Steve,
    I just recently joined your children and you. I will be praying for you that God will heal you so you can continue your good work.

    Bless you.

    1. Sorry to hear you have cancer. You are in my prayers. I will keep coming back to check up on your process. God bless you. Your friend from Warren, Ohio

  247. Hi Father Steve
    Was so sadden to hear of your Cancer . Margaret and I will pray for you .Also the Men in my 2 weekly Bible studys will pray for you . We are so thankful for all your great work with the children . By reading some of their comments you can tell how they care for you . God will see you thru. this rough time in your life . God bless you and get well soon . Don

  248. I feel sad to know that you are experiencing health problems, because a person who has committed his life to serve with such love, protect and help their peers, especially children, deserve all my love and respect and should not be sick ever, but I think that a person of God as you are, a disease like this only make it stronger your great spirit, and the Lord God will heal you, I’m sure of it. Today I lit a candle and pray for your health, as every day I did and will do. My love and prayers are with you


  250. I did not realize. I don’t check my email that often so it came as a surprise and brought tears to my eyes. May the Lord Jesus Christ strengthen you into your inner man and perfect you in every way as He holds you in His merciful and compassionate hands during this time. We bow to His will whether He calls you home or allows us to keep you with us — as Paul said, he wanted to go, but it was more expedient that he stay — so either way we accept our Lord’s will. Hide in the covert of the precipice, brother.

  251. Father Steve, It was so strange that I recieved your email the night before my cancer surgery. It really made me feel like I was not alone. Some might say “Misery Loves Company” but I say there is “Strength in Numbers” God sent me that email that night and the reason I even found out about St. Joseph’s School was that I was researching my Native Ancestry. My Grandfather was the most devout Christian I have ever known. He was a Great Grandson of Moshulatubbee the last warring Choctaw Chief. Somehow I think there are no coincidences and finding you and your school has given me stength. Nomatter what the cancer does to us, we will all be together someday! God Bless,Lyn

  252. Fr.steve i was sadden by your illness but
    Iknow that you are a fighter and won,t let
    this win.All my prays go with you. and may
    God smile upon you

  253. We ask God to reward you for all the wonderful things you do, especially the marvelous sacrifices you have made for the Lakota people. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  254. Dear Concern,

    Please give me the details regarding the school chain in madhya pradesh as I wana enroll my child in your esteemed school .
    I will appreciate is i get the prompt reply.

    I request to give me the details regarding the school in Jhansi UP, Gwalior or near by the places.


    pplease feel free to call me at +91-9755303858

    Gajendra Singh

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