10″ of snow this weekend

The predicted snows did hit!

We got about 10 inches of powdery, blowing snow. Interstate 90 is closed for 150 miles going west in South Dakota. Our maintenance crew has been out plowing; keeping the roads on campus open to allow us to still get around. It was however, easier to travel on foot rather than in a vehicle. Our chapel had the usual crowd for mass, since all our students are here anyway, and just had to walk a block or two.

That’s part of being in community.

After church, I didn’t have any other scheduled activities and I climbed the snowy hill back home for a true day of rest. As the snows continued, you couldn’t go anywhere anyway.  I’ve always liked a good snow day, once everyone is safely where they need to go. I read, made some phone calls, exercised and prayed. I don’t often get bored, but try to make my most out of the time given. To be sociable I watched TV with Fr. Dominic  for a while. Hockey and golf were on, two sports I never watch on my own. But that’s part of being in community, trying to take interest in what other people are interested in, making small talk and enjoying the time together. When Fr. Anthony got back from a home prayer the three of us played some cards before calling it a night.