Great caregivers

St. Joseph's Indian School's 5k walk/run, 10k bike participants.
Great job everyone!

Easter Break began at 2 p.m. Most of our Lakota students have left to spend the weekend with family. We do have one break home open for seven students, ranging in age from 7 to 16  who will be staying here on St. Joseph’s Indian School’s campus. Three boys in one family have a younger brother in kindergarten, and their social worker asked if he might be able to stay here for Easter as well. It’s a chance for the  children to all be together. It also gives their younger brother,  who will likely join us at St. Joseph next year, to get a taste of the campus . Two different sets of houseparents will supervise for two days, and have  planned fun  activities .

Our Wellness Committee thought it would be fun for staff to start the break with a 5k walk and run and 10k bike ride. Employee’s families were invited  to join in.  We had around a hundred participants. This “first annual” generated enough interest to become a regular event. Before the walk Patrick, one of our houseparents, and member of the committee, gave us a pep talk. He reminded us that if we want to be good caregivers for others, it starts with self care. Some folks like competition, and ran or walked to beat a personal time goal.  Others just enjoyed a nice stroll on a spring day, with  their coworkers, family or a friend. Everyone  received a t-shirt to remember the day, and our goal of living a good and healthy life.