Colorful eggs, treats and a stuffed rabbit

American Indian girl with a stuffed bunny.
Happy Easter!

During Holy Week, I helped with services at several nearby parishes, and enjoyed reconnecting with people . Friday and Saturday were very quiet around St. Joseph’s Indian School’s campus and especially in the office, where I worked on some catch-up projects. I also took  time for  prayer and reflection during these days filled with such religious significance.

Fr. Anthony had Mass this morning for our break home students. When I got back to campus I walked over to the break home to join them for Easter dinner. As I got close to the home I saw some colored paper nestled in the bushes. I figured it was some trash that the wind had blown in, and I sauntered over to pick it up. Rather than trash, it was a brightly colored gift bag, hidden behind the bush, apparently by the Easter Bunny. It was filled with colorful eggs, treats and a stuffed rabbit.  After lunch the seven students in the break home searched the yard and found the hidden goody bags.