Guest Blogger: Julie H.

Hello friends!  I hope today finds you all doing well!  My name is Julie H. and I am a Family Service Counselor at St. Joseph’s Indian School.  Things here are St. Joseph’s are going well!

This week we celebrated Red Ribbon Week and the kids were able to take part in lots of fun activities!  There were activities such as inflatables, ice cream sundaes, relays and theme days.  The kids always enjoy celebrating Red Ribbon Week!

The next celebration we are looking forward to is Halloween.  The kids are all gearing up for the fun and planning their costumes.  The students are able to trick-or-treat on St. Joseph’s Indian School’s campus and then we have a Halloween costume contest.  The students always enjoy this time of year!

Our 6-8 grade boys just finished up their football season and the 6-8 grade girls just finished up volleyball.  Now, the girls are gearing up for basketball and have started their practices.  Their first game is November 5 and they are very excited.  The 4th and 5th grade girls have also started basketball practice.  Basketball season is a favorite time of the year for both our boys and girls.  They enjoy the sport immensely, work hard, and show great sportsmanship.  It will be fun to watch them play!

As the weather grows cooler, we are also starting to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  What a wonderful time of year for our Lakota students!  It is always a joy to be able to celebrate these holidays with the students!  The students get a nice break for both holidays so they can return home and spend time with their families.

Another great thing happening today is FAST (Families and Schools Together) graduation.  This program brings families to campus to spend quality time with their children.  The program consists of a meal, family oriented activities, a time for parents to meet together and talk, and time for parents to just have fun with their children.  We have graduated over 100 families from this program.  Tonight we graduate seven more families!  This is a great time for the families to come and spend time with their kids and for the staff who work with the students to get a chance to know families a little better as well.

As always, I thank you all for your generous donations of prayer and financial assistance!  Without your help, we could not do the great work we do!  May God’s blessings be poured out on each and every one of you!

Julie H.

It’s football season at St. Joseph’s Indian School

A group of about 15 staff spent the morning in a strategic planning session. We have done most of the discussion and prioritizing. Next it will go to the Board of Directors in a few weeks to get their input and possible approval. They may also see things we’ve missed, and ask for further work. It has been a good exercise in helping us identify areas we need to shore up and improve.

This afternoon we took bids for our Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center expansion and alumni building. The contractors all came very close to what we figured it would cost, and the two lowest bidders actually had the same base bid. It will come down to the three items we asked for options on, and even those figures are very close. We had the ceremonial ground breaking last week at powwow, and are hoping to start the real digging and initial construction in a couple of weeks.

St. Joseph's Indian School's football team won 44-0!
St. Joseph's Indian School's football team won 44-0!

Todd County School visited us for a 7th & 8th grade football game. We have a very athletic group of  8th grade boys who played solidly and won 44-0. Two of our students are already 6’ tall and almost a head above all the rest, with size and strength to match. Like some of our opponents, when I was 13 I was 4’11” and weighted 98 lbs. I can’t imagine trying to stop Dawson or Michael from blitzing! We don’t have many 7th graders on the team, so next year might be a rebuilding year and payback time.