Developing healthier lifestyles

At yesterday’s Child Service Meeting, our Rec Center staff gave a presentation on  new programs they are  developing. Besides coordinating the team sports against other schools,  they have a vision about helping  staff and students develop healthier lifestyles.

Mark has become certified in Circular Strength Training, which involves a series of body movements that can be done gently and slowly, but over time provide a great workout. Instead of just telling us about it, he had  us get out of our chairs and walk through the activity with him. I admit  it did help me stay more alert during the meeting  than I normally would have  after just eating lunch.

Our High School Program director, Shana,  gave us an update on her  meetings with the public school administrators. They have been brainstorming on ways to improve the transition for our eighth grade graduates at St. Joseph’s Indian School when they enter Chamberlain High School.