Honoring loved ones

I concelebrated mass in Reliance this evening. I continue my “Recuperation Tour” of liturgies at the area parishes I was assigned to.

Saturday, July 31, 2010 Fr. Steve of St. Joseph's Indian School

I concelebrated mass in Reliance this evening.  I continued my “recuperation tour” of liturgies at the parishes I was assigned. I got another warm reception with lots of hugs.

People are glad to see me getting out and about and are very supportive. I also hear of difficulties and illnesses they are dealing with; and even as I feel so much comfort and prayer, my own prayer list for others grows.

A family I hadn’t met before stopped in to visit. They were friends of a friend who had arranged for a memorial brick for their adult daughter who had died. It took us a while in the very hot sun to find exactly where the brick was, but they effort was definitely worth it for them. Their entire trip together was something of a pilgrimage, and they placed flowers on the spot. They shed some tears, and told some stories. I felt privileged to share in that time with them.