There’s many things going on at St. Joseph’s!

Greetings from St. Joseph’s Indian School,


This past Sunday was a very grace-filled day for St. Joseph’s as 27 of our students, who had been studying since September, received the Sacraments. Nineteen students were fully initiated through Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion.  Two students, previously baptized in another Christian tradition, made a profession of faith in the Catholic Church, were confirmed and received First Communion. Six others who were baptized Catholic as infants, made their First Communion. Continue reading “There’s many things going on at St. Joseph’s!”

Preparing for the Sacraments

Greetings from Richard!

The Lakota students continue their journey toward making their Sacraments in April. We have 26 students scheduled to make their sacraments, ranging from second grade to high school.

On Saturday, February 25, St. Joseph’s Indian School will be hosting a day retreat for the students who are in the RCIC program and their families. In the past, many families have attended this event and it has always been meaningful to all who have participated. During the day, we discuss the various sacraments the students will be receiving and students and families work on different projects together.

Students and their families decorate the Baptismal stoles they will wear when they are baptized. We also do a guided meditation on the Last Supper and a game to help the students learn about the gifts of the Holy Spirit in celebration of their Confirmation. The families will also do individual banners in commemoration of the students’ First Holy Communion.

The day culminates with Mass, during which we hold the Rite of Election where the students sign their names in the book acknowledging their willingness to become Catholics. I ask you to remember the students and their families in your prayers on February 25.

The celebration of sacraments

Twenty St. Joseph’s Indian School kids were either baptized or confirmed over the weekend!
Twenty St. Joseph’s Indian School kids were either baptized or confirmed over the weekend!

May 1 is our special Feast Day – St. Joseph the Worker. Today was made extra special by the celebration of the sacraments of initiation (baptism, confirmation and Eucharist) for our students who have taken part in special preparations during the year. Twenty students in all participated. The girls looked lovely in their white dresses and our boys looked sharp dressed in suit and tie.

At the end of our liturgy, our “Chalk Hills Singers” drum group played a honor song to pay tribute to their fellow students and ask God’s blessing upon them. At times the lineup of family and friends with cameras flashing must have felt like paparazzi, but it was important to everyone to preserve the memories of the day’s excitement . Afterwards we moved over to the school dining hall where the staff prepared a tasty sit down meal, and decorative cakes to mark the day.

I value the opportunities we have to partner with students’ families.  Some of the families had to travel quite a distance to be here, so a few stayed the weekend. We have some places on campus to house visiting families, and after our remodeling projects are finished, we will have even more capacity to host and collaborate.