Mark your calendars: September 14-15, 2012

I do try to carefully listen to the voice of God, but the voice I heard from the heavens today didn’t quite fit into that category. Right in the middle of my homily at mass this morning, our wireless microphone system picked up something broadcast on a signal frequency close to ours, and over the loudspeaker we heard part of what sounded like a town hall meeting! We had a good laugh, they tried to get back to the business of praying and giving thanks for what was truly a blessed and wonderful weekend. Several of our visitors were able to stay for services today as well.

The rest of the day, my adrenaline from the weekend finally wore off, and I took a nap, read and did laundry. Next year’s powwow will again be the third weekend in September.

We’re already dreaming of September 14-15, 2012!