What were your track specialties?

Tasha runs her best at the local track meet.
Keep up the great work Braves!

After the weekend travels, today was mostly a catch up day in the office. I left early to cheer on our 6th– 8th graders as they competed in a track meet at the public high school track here in Chamberlain, South Dakota. We only have about a dozen kids out for track. Eighth graders Irene and Kyle are our two strongest athletes, competing for ribbons in most of their events. Many of the others, especially the sixth graders running for the first time, were mostly in the middle of the pack. Our relay times showed good teamwork, and improved their hand offs and their times. I noticed a couple of our shot putters running the 100 and 200 meter sprints, and finishing well in back of the leaders. But it helps build their endurance and improves health. I cheered loudly for them for the effort, even when they didn’t expect to win. Trying makes them winners and all the better for it.

My junior high events were 880 (yards) and, believe it or not, pole vault. What were your track specialties during your own school days?

Fun in the sun

The middle school ranks were mighty thin when I visited the school today. Today was the first track meet of the season, and the team bus left in the morning. The runners have been practicing a lot in cold damp weather, and had one meet canceled, so they were glad for a sunny day and a chance to compete.

Fr. Anthony lead a Mini Retreat for the students who will make their first communion on Sunday. They are excited that their families plan to be on campus and be witness to their special day. They’ve learned their prayers fine, but getting them into the right places at the right time showed that we need more practice. Key houseparents and teachers will help point them in the right direction.

After school, the staff in the Mentor Program gathered with their students at American Creek campground just down the road. There were plenty of games to get involved with, including volleyball, frisbee and kite flying. I ended up playing the washer toss (same principles as horseshoes, only with washers and a board with a hole in the center) with several of the kids. The two hours evaporated and in the blink of an eye it was time to get everyone home to start homework.