A good lesson about life

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our 8th grade girls hosted a four team basketball tournament and I stopped by the gym to watch some of the action. Our girls lost the first game, but came back in the 2nd for a third place finish. Towards the end of the early game, Erin had been hustling and playing very hard, but fouled out. She went to the bench in tears, feeling she had let her teammates and everyone down. Afterwards I pulled her aside, and told her that I know how bad it feels when you foul out. But I appreciated how much heart she showed by her intensity on the court. It’s better to foul out trying, than to stay in the game and not help your team by taking it easy. Probably a good lesson about life there too.

Three of our girls’ homes are taking part in tomorrow’s Dancing Dolls recital. Most parents can handle one or two hairdo’s, but since our houseparents have 10 or 12 to do in the morning, they asked if we could have a special mass tonight to give them more time to get ready. I like when we can pray with smaller groups, and we had about 30 staff and students together in the small chapel. The girls took all the readings, and helped serve and bring up the gifts.


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