Cancer-free at last checkup

My main complaint is pain in the nerves of my right foot. The doctors say that will take some months to heal.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tina, St. Joseph’s Receptionist, reminded me that periodically I need to give a ‘how are you feeling’ update on the blog. Apparently that’s what many people call to find out.

My main complaint is pain in the nerves of my right foot. The doctors say that will take some months to heal. In the meantime, it’s tiring to stand for more than about ten minutes … when I walk, it’s with a limp.

I’m not ready to sprint to first base anytime soon. The medicines I take make me sleepy during the day, and I don’t sleep a full night’s rest. But I’ve been cancer-free since my last checkup, and I’ll get checked over again in September.

Today I was back at the office after a full week of being away. On my bad days I dread the backlog of phone calls and mail. On my good days I see them as opportunities of grace since I’m in contact with many diverse people from all over the country. Instead of grumbling about the interruptions in what I had “planned” to do, I need to always humbly see all those connections as part of God’s plan for the day.

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7 thoughts on “Cancer-free at last checkup”

  1. Fr. Steve, I have meant to write you several times and finally am doing so. You might ask the Dr. if the pain in your foot might be like neuropathic pain, sortof like diabetics get. If so, try Neurontin (sp). I have spinal chord damage and take the neurontin. Also, the older we get the longer we take to heal. But you sound as though you know when to call the day quits and that is most important. God has blessed us both with wonderful folks who are learning how to deal with us-understanding us is most important. God bless you. You are on our prayer list at church-St. Athanasius Orthodox Church in DE & you are in my daily prayers.


  3. It seems to me that you may be rivaling the Movie Stars for popularity..!We’ll see you in the movies..?
    Don’t forget to talk to Father Junipero Serra…OR maybe you shouldn’t. He might want you to establish some missions..!
    So there’s your choice..pretty plain..Movies..or Missions. You will do fine in either one..Academy Award, even..!
    YES YOU CAN..!
    Stay well..
    Prayers and Hugs..
    Mia and Bob

  4. Dear Father Steve,

    I am glad you ae feeling better. I hope you will have many more “good days” and feel hopeful about your healing.
    Today I visited the Oratory in Rock Hill, SC where a member, Father David succumbed to cancer on May 21, two months ago. He did not reach his 63rd birthday. You were so kind to offer a mass for him which he appreciated all the more that you fought cancer yourself. When you have a free mass intention would you please rmember Fr David again. With prayers for your continued healing, Paula

  5. Fr. Steve, You over came obstacols that came your way through Jesus Christ. Jesus said by YOUR FAITH you shall be healed. Seek and it shall be given, and ask and shall be given unto you. Just so glad that your cancer is gone, so glad to here that you are a fighter for God’s work. Strengh within comes from the word of God. Pain thank God for Doctors who helps you. I beleve the Doctors are God’s gift to man. They did a wonderful job getting you back on your feet again.

  6. “OH MY GOSH!! DID I read that correctly?”
    Fr.Steve- I knew you would do it; I am so THANKFUL, to GOD, all that PRAYED,and to YOU for not giving up. GOD knows how much you are needed, and how much we LOVE YOU! I know that we continue to receive better reports, and am so THANKFUL for this one.–Please continue to get your rest too, I know you also PRAY when you are resting. Again-


  7. About those pills you take that make you sleepy during the day: Is there any way they could be taken later in the day so that their side effects could help you sleep better at night?

    I think you’re doing wonderfully and the news about your cancer is really fantastic.

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