A gridiron victory for St. Joseph’s Braves!

St. Joseph’s seventh and eighth grade football team is working their way through the season and learning a lot!

Last week, they took on the Warriors from a school in Pierre, South Dakota. The team was looking forward to taking on the boys from Pierre and saw some familiar faces. Excited as they were, the opposing team seemed to triple ours in numbers AND size!

The boys played hard throughout the game and had no complaints about being tired or needing a break. We had an early injury, which kept a player out for much of the game. This led the young men to have to play “Iron Man Football” and have no breaks because we had no one left to substitute in.

St. Joseph’s Braves take a break between plays on the football field.
St. Joseph’s Braves got their first victory of the football season last week!

After the injury, the team’s spirits seemed to falter a little. However, the support of our fans in the St. Joseph’s Indian School crowd helped pep them back up! There were a couple of long drives plays by the Warriors that lead to scores that brought St. Joseph’s down by 14. Our Braves did not stop fighting, however, and came back to score the go ahead points in the middle of the 4th quarter!

All that was left was to stop the Warriors from scoring and run out the clock… However, the Warriors were marching down the field determined to score and take back the lead.

The Warriors had the ball at about the 15 yard line, looking to score, when Harold intercepted a pass to stop their drive! The boys then ran the final minutes off the clock to secure our first victory of the season.

The crowd went wild!

Both of us coaches are extremely proud of how well the boys played. That they did not let up on their efforts on the field in the face of adversity. It is as very good sign of things to come in the future.

Final Score = St. Joseph’s Braves 26 PILC  Warriors 20

You can watch some of the game here – St. Joseph’s Braves are wearing the yellow jerseys.

Thanks for your support of this great team!

Coaches Dave & Andrew

Guest Blogger: Dave B.


My name is David B. and I teach the sixth through eighth grade Social Sciences here at St. Joseph’s. In sixth grade, they are learning about world history. The students just finished learning about the Ancient Mesopotamians and the next chapter is Ancient Egypt.

The seventh grade is learning about the Five Themes of Geography, the Six Elements of Geography, and the 18 Standards of Geography.  Next the students will begin learning about the different hemispheres of the world starting with North America.

The eighth grade is learning about American History, starting with exploration of the world and ending the year with the Civil War. During the middle of the year, the eighth grade will be learning about the US Constitution and before the end of the year they will complete a research paper on an event or person in US History, which also includes an oral presentation.


In addition to the classroom, I also coach football here at St. Joseph’s.

This year our football games have been suspended because of lack of numbers in the male population of our seventh and eighth graders. With only 12 students participating, the safety factor for our players is our main concern. We are also in need of better safe equipment for our players, which our school will be addressing during this down year. Because of the nationwide concern for concussions, especially with our youth, the subject of safer equipment is a priority for St. Joseph’s.

Never fear, however! We are still having a modified season for the players. We will have two scrimmage games with the Chamberlain Cubs, which are scheduled for the last week in September and the second week in October. So the players are still practicing like normal to prepare for this modified season.

Go Braves!