Guest Blogger: Pam S

Healthy eating at St. Joseph's Indian School.
Healthy eating at St. Joseph’s Indian School.

In Personal Living Skills class, our Lakota students have been learning about nutrition and food labels. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students are discussing how people who lead very busy lives may not always eat a balanced diet.

Students are then examining their own eating habits and identifying situations in which they did not eat as well as they should have. They are learning that the choices they make now, affect their health and quality of life in the future.

We live in a super-sized world!

Our perception of an appropriate serving of food is distorted.  How much we eat threatens our health.  Students are learning to choose foods within the food pyramid guidelines and learning the appropriate serving sizes in food.  They are learning how to read food labels so that they are more conscious of what foods to choose and the nutritional value in those foods.

Guest blogger: Pam S

Three Native American girls working together as a team!
The two girls standing had to verbally guide their third teammate to get the lampshade on her head. Great job girls!

St Joseph’s Indian School pushed the 6th-8th graders to face their biggest fears!

On May 14th, students broke up into their class sections and participated in the first annual Fear Factor Challenge Day.

Classes started the day with a lot of spirit as they were dressed in their team colors and designed their class flags.

The contestants signed up for certain challenges but really had no clue on what they were signing up for!  Some of the challenges involved strength, speed, strategy, smarts and let’s not forget courage!  The gross food challenges made the day a hit!

Students proved that fear is not a factor for them.


Fear Factor at St. Joseph's Indian School.
The team that spelt out the most words, with the most letters won! Alphabet soup anyone?