Enthusiasm in teaching

 We SCJ’s received sad news today that one of our confreres, Fr. Charles Bisgrove, had a stroke and died at the young age of 58. When I was in Novitiate, he taught a class on the Documents of Vatican II, and also a course on Liturgy. He brought such enthusiasm to his teaching; it was contagious. I learned a lot from him. It reminds me how much impact a good teacher can have on their students, even many years down the road. May he rest in peace.

It reminds me how much impact a good teacher can have on their students, even many years down the road

I helped Fr. Anthony with the regular Sunday morning mass. I led a second one at 4:00 p.m. so our prom students could have a chance for a little shut-eye after post prom and actually be awake instead of struggling to stay awake in church. I enjoyed praying with a smaller, more focused congregation. I preach to high school students differently than when I’m trying to reach a first or second grader, and can talk from the heart about more serious subject matters. Like their relationship struggles and questions of self-identity that weigh heavy on their hearts and minds.

We also invited students from town who wanted to join us, and it’s nice when classmates from Chamberlain High School can feel welcome and take part in our campus activities. I also noticed that the students who volunteered to read the scriptures were more relaxed when there were fewer people around, and all did a good job.

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  1. THIS brings such BEAUTY to my heart…; I know that their teacher,PRAYER LEADER, will have a lasting effect of PRAYER, and teaching… many years down the road, as said of other things too.–I PRAY that GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU’-

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