Fourth Grade Hosts Science Fair

A fourth grade girl stands in front of her display board explaining her science project about tooth whitening.

Work for the fourth grade science fair began the second week of school – way back in August! Students started by learning the steps to the Scientific Method and deepening their understanding of them. These steps include: 

  • Make an observation
  • Ask a question
  • Form a hypothesis
  • Plan and conduct an experiment
  • Record and analyze results
  • Draw a conclusion

Every Friday they spent on their laptops, either researching ideas they were interested in or looking at science fair ideas.

In their notebooks, students wrote down ideas that interested them as they went along. By November, they had to have a top 10 list of possibilities. We discussed what makes a project doable, as well as some projects we would not be able to do in our circumstances. Before Christmas break, students had to submit their topic, along with the question they wanted to ask about that topic.

In January, students changed their topic into a hypothesis and did further research. In February, they had to turn in a materials list for their project. The materials were distributed to them, and students used their homework time to make and test their hypothesis. Projects had to be tested at least three times, as that is what scientists do as a minimum.

Fridays continued to be used for science fair. Students made display boards to go with their project. The boards had to contain the steps of the scientific method, pictures and data. We worked to make them colorful and unique.

A St. Joseph’s fourth grader gestures to her visitors during the science fair.
Mia explains her project that demonstrated your sense of smell helps you taste.

As the weeks marched on, firm deadlines appeared. Projects had a due date, as did the boards. A lot of work went into these projects, especially their boards. Students were judged on both their project and the boards. Judges had to make sure all necessary information was on the board.

Students presented their projects to their classmates. They had to reveal their hypothesis and the conclusion, as well as the procedure they used to get their data. Practicing hopefully helped them be less nervous when they shared at the science fair with students, staff and families who attended.

Finally, the day of the science fair arrived! Last minute touches were made to the projects and their boards.

Four judges looked at the projects. Students were rated on their boards, how their model worked and their presentation.

Joshua won 1st for bacteria

Mia won 2nd for jelly bean taste test

Kaylie and Kira won 3rd for gummy bear osmosis

It was a great learning experience and very rewarding to see what seven months of hard work got us! It was especially fun to show others what we accomplished!!

Peggy, Fourth Grade Teacher

Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

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  1. What a wonderful and fun learning project. It sounds like the students did a terrific job planning and executing their projects. Congratulations to all of you!

  2. Congratulations Joshua, Mia, Kaylie and Kira! You are so very deserving of the recognition you received. You dedicated lots of time and hard work on your fascinating projects. Thumbs up to the students, staff and families who supported you.

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