Prayers and Missouri River flooding

Fr. Anthony and I sat down with calendars and began to map out our schedule of liturgical responsibilities for the semester. We have many times and types of prayer throughout the year and we want to make sure to be able not just to cover them, but have some time to prepare. As chaplain, Fr. Anthony oversees the majority of home prayer and when my duties don’t take me away from St. Joseph’s Indian School’s campus, we try to split up most of the rest.

But afterward, I was on the road again. Today my travels took me through Pierre and Fort Pierre, South Dakota. Those towns have suffered much from the flooding along the Missouri River, far more than Chamberlain has. (Watch this video of aerial footage of flooding along the Missouri River in Pierre and Ft. Pierre, South Dakota.) Several hundred people have been evacuated from their homes and the flood waters are still quite high and not expected to go down any time soon. Crews worked feverishly to construct earthen levees between the river and town, and sandbags and standing water are everywhere. Much of the country suffers from drought, and here we have the opposite problem.



Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

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2 thoughts on “Prayers and Missouri River flooding”

  1. It is such a shock
    to see the flooding in Pierre and Ft. Pierre – the people are in my prayers. I complain of the excessive heat when I should be thankful for all the blessings I have received.May God bless you and St. Joe’s and may He provide for all those devastated by the flood waters.

  2. Dear FAther Steve,
    Our family has been donating to Catholic Relief serv. and Keeping South Dakota and all the victims of flodds and storms here in Missouri and acrossthe nation in our prayers, Masses, roaries and Holy Hours. We pray that the people hurt by these natural disasters are bebinning to recouperate by now. Next week we will be able to send a donation to St Joseph’s. My god multiply our gift!
    sincerely, Th Northcutts
    DeSoto, MO

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