Starbase comes to St. Joseph’s Indian School

Once powwow is over, most look to take it easy for a day or two, but St. Joseph’s fifth graders are off and running this week with Starbase!

St. Joseph’s fifth graders participate in the Eggbert experiment.
Space shuttles zip down the line with fragile cargo in the Eggbert experiment.

The program combines science, technology, engineering and math to deal with various problems and challenges.

Monday the students conducted the ‘Eggbert Launch.’ After devising ways to protect an egg strapped into the model space shuttles they were given, the shuttles were launched down a wire into a head-on collision.

The Lakota students came up with some unique ways to protect the eggs as they slid to their fate, but only one survived completely. Taps were played over four of them, two were deemed to have survived but needed a trip to the egg hospital.

Tomorrow, the class will make a trip to Rapid City, South Dakota to visit Air & Space Museum at Ellsworth Air Force Base, get hands-on with space food and view constellations in the dome from the Journey Center.

One egg survived the Eggbert experiment when St. Joseph’s fifth graders participated in Starbase.
Nateela, LaShawn and Barrett devised a way to keep their egg from cracking in a head-on collision as part of the Eggbert experiment!

Author: St. Joseph's Indian School

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  1. As a retired science teacher I just LOVE this!! I remember doing these activities with my students and they had such a great time. We also went to the Goddard Space Flight Center.. winners of a contest for an experiment that could be done aboard the Space Shuttle… Oh happy days.. Enjoy and God Bless!

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