Easter Egg Hunt at St. Joseph’s Indian School

Native American students getting lined up for an Easter Egg Hunt.
All of the kids at St. Joseph's Indian School had a great time at the Easter Egg Hunt.

The homes reopened at noon, and our Native American students started arriving back on campus to finish up our last quarter. April and May seem to fly by so fast, filled with all the end of  year activities.

Our Easter Egg Hunt at 4:00 p.m. encouraged the students to get back before supper so they can have time to settle into their homes and be ready for school on Tuesday. A few students made it back just in the nick of time and  rushed to the field where the eggs were hidden even before stopping at their home to unpack. There’s been a lot of odd news stories about egg hunts gone awry because they are too competitive. We try to keep it orderly and still let the kids have some fun. Our staff hid enough colorful plastic eggs for each child to find a dozen. Once a student collected theirs, they could help classmates fill their baskets. Once everyone had their eggs, they returned to the Rec Center to open them. All the eggs contained small prizes or candy, and a few had slips of paper that allowed them to choose a larger prize, like a stuffed bunny or a game. As the kids get older, they aren’t quite as enthusiastic about the eggs as the younger students, but all seemed to have a good time.

I saw a few students, especially the younger ones, fighting back tears when their parents or grandparents drove away. Even when students know this is the best place for them to be, those transitions away from family are inevitably hard.

Their eyes wide with excitement

Our American Indian youngsters had such a blast at our annual Easter Egg Hunt!
Our Native American youngsters had such a blast at our annual Easter Egg Hunt!

The school was very quiet this morning, but once the homes opened at noon, the campus sprang to life as our American Indian students returned from Easter break. I took advantage of the morning quiet to work through a thick folder of strategic planning materials for next week. It has been four years since we developed our last plan. Reading through staff input on strengths we can  build on and weaknesses we need to address, gives a good overview of where to focus our efforts.

The residential coordinators spent the afternoon hiding colorful plastic eggs around our St. Joseph’s Indian School campus. At 4:00 all the children who were back, got to take part in our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Grades 6-8 gathered at the field outside the Fisher Home, and grades 1-5 lined up outside the office.

Once they accomplished that mission, they brought their findings back to the Rec Center where they opened them to see which ones contained prize slips in addition to the small treats. Many lucky winners got to choose from a variety of lovely toys, games and stuffed animals. $10 Walmart gift cards that someone had donated were the coveted grand prizes. The kids all seemed to enjoy the adventure and everyone walked away a winner.