Matter, adaptations and model volcanoes

As we enter the 4th quarter of the 2011-2012 school year, I reflect upon the objectives we have covered in my 6th-8th grade Science classes.  My students have done an outstanding job in the classroom and the Science lab; however we still have many more topics to cover in our last nine weeks.  There will be many more activities completed this quarter to conclude the school year.

My 6th graders will wrap-up their units on matter and energy and move into motion.  This should be a great unit involving lots of fun activities.  I am in need of stop watches for many of the lab activities as the students will be studying their own motion.  Hopefully, the weather cooperates and we can do most of these assignments outdoors.

The 7th grade continues with their exploration of Life Science, delving into natural selection and adaptations.  These lessons contain some exciting group work.  In one of the labs we will be demonstrating the importance of the opposable thumb by having the students tape their thumbs to their index fingers and attempting to perform daily tasks such as cutting a circle and writing their name.  The students will also be required to complete the tasks with their thumbs so we can have a good comparison of differences.  I will try to remember to take some pictures and post them on my next blog.

Eighth graders have started to look forward to their 8th grade graduation ceremony.  There are many great activities and opportunities during these last few weeks of school, not to mention we must continue our journey in the classroom.  The 8th graders continue on with their study of Earth Science, delving into volcanoes and earthquakes.  They are already looking forward to creating their own model volcanoes.  It should be fun and messy, but more importantly interesting and informative.

Thanks once again for all you do as donors to St. Joseph’s Indian School.  Your generosity is so very important to maintain the day to day status quo of this wonderful educational and residential facility. You are greatly appreciated.

Thank you – Sarah